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    Seven Months Later

    Seven Months Later…

    The Bette Porter Gallery…

    Tina has her purse hanging from her forearm as she steps inside. She removes her sunglasses and gives James a small wave as he wraps up helping a customer. A few beats later, the customer leaves, and James smiles as he walks over to Tina.

    ”Hey, sorry about that…” James says.

    Tina smiles and waves off his comment. ”Don’t worry about it…. how are you?”

    James nods. ”I’m good…pretty busy as usual, but ya know…” He then looks away and chuckles.

    Tina smirks and shakes her head. ”I’ve been in here well over a dozen times since I’ve been back, and you’re still not used to it?”

    James laughs and shrugs. ”I’m sorry, but seeing you brings me back to the old days. I can’t help it….”

    Tina smiles and rubs James’ arm fondly. ”I know, it’s fine. I think it’s adorable…” She says with a wink.

    James blushes as she slides his hands into his pockets.

    Tina nods down the hall. ”Is she in?”

    James nods. ”Yeah, come on…”

    Tina follows James down the hall and watches as he knocks on Bette’s open door.

    ”Hey, boss… Tina’s here to see you…”

    James steps aside and allows Tina to walk into the office. 

    ”Thanks, James…” Tina says with a smile before she turns and looks at Bette for the first time. 

    Bette stands up from her office chair, and Tina’s smile wavers when she sees her ex-wife wearing black slacks, suspenders, and a white V-neck blouse, with her perfectly curled hair hanging confidently past her shoulders.

    ”Hey……this is a surprise….” Bette smiles.

    Tina gulps and recovers with a smile. ”H… hey um…I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

    Bette shakes her head as she walks around her desk. ”No, you have perfect timing, actually. I just ended a meeting…. have a seat…” she says as she motions toward one of the seats in front of her desk.

    Tina smiles and sits down. ”So, I have news that is too exciting for me to wait to share this evening….”

    Bette leans against her desk and folds her arms. ”I’m all ears…” She says with a smile.

    Tina smiles and reaches into her purse, pulls out a manila envelope, and holds it up.

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    1. Wow… looks like there hasn’t been a whole lot of communication between Dani and Tina for the past seven months… From their conversation, I would say that there is more to Dani’s decision than what came out of that conversation. Dani makes it sound like a recent decision and has told Tina whatever she had to inorder to get a face to face meeting. She gives Tina a choice – move back to Florida or they are over… And she got her expected response. And to me, Dani simply was not committed to Tina or this would never be her method of breaking up. If she really wanted Tina and Angie, should would have made an honest attempt to make a life in LA. But if this is how she really feels, then this is as effective and the least painful method of breakup they could do.

      Thanks for the additional chapter for the day…

    2. I’m loving these chapters and want more faster.. How wonderful it would be if you could write as fast as I devour the words and plot lines!!! I guess it would be positive for me but painful for you.

      Thanks for your work!!

    3. 2 updates!!!! Woop woop!! I like this breakup better compared to the 1st one. I kinda understand Dani, Bette and Tina together in a room will really give different vibes. Hihihi!

      I looooove this story!!! Can’t say it enough!

    4. I don’t understand how Tina could stay so long and make plans for a future together with someone who is so self-conscious and selfish, and it doesn’t seem like Tina has been in love with her. Seven months with Dani’s attitude like that it’s a long time, I think the separation is very logical. It seems to me that Dani knew Tina’s story very well and yet had misconceptions not only about Tina’s feelings of guilt, but also about the need to normalize the life of a girl who need to live arround her other mother and brother too. Maybe dDani didn’t understand Tina’s deep connection to the people of her past and how that connection has endured through it all. Tina’s priority is her daughter’s well-being.

      Thank you for the chapter, looking forward for the nexts ❤️❤️❤️

    5. That Damn INSECURE Dani…Gurl BYE!!!!! She was an Azzhole from the up, her LOVE comes with all kinds of conditions. How SELFISH to not want what is BEST for Angie.

      So glad that Bette and Tina are doing so good Co-Parenting Angie. And that Bette has legally adopted her. Michelle will probably flip out when she finds out about Tina being Single now.

      Bette and Tina Connection must be palpable!!!! I remember Michelle told Bette the same thing Dani said to Tina in the first version.

      Thanks for the quick updates.

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