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    Side Effects Chapter 4 – OLD DAYS AND NEW THREATS

    Worcester, Ma, Thursday 8:00 pm 


    The Bachelorette party

    All the lights of the big house at Bullard Dr. are on; a bunch of cars are parked outside, and  inside the house an enthusiastic group of people is celebrating the bachelorette party of the two girls who will marry next day; Helena made a very good choice buying this house years ago, is as big as Alice’s and Dana’s, but it is even closer to the building where the journal of Life Science is edited and printed; today is a relaxing time from all the bad news that had come this last week; still, Dana is emotionally shocked by yesterday events; it happened in the lawn tennis court where her colleagues athletes and other friends had a small celebration for her after practice; it was then, when she received the unwanted visit of her father, the old man asked to talk to her, and she conceded; the private conversation was excruciating, her father demanded her to stop the wedding, which of course she refused, leading to a loud verbal confrontation, the man accused Dana of the gayness of her brother, for her being a bad influence, he also claimed she was responsible for breaking of their family and now, with the wedding, for destroying his honor and his name, he promised give her his forgiveness if she desists of the wedding and leaves the homosexual world in which she is living; Dana was completely annoyed, accusing him of being cruel and retrograde for his homophobic and misogynist behavior, for trying to rule her life according with his interests, she disowned him and asked him to stay away of her life and never come back again, unless he changes his mind and heart, and respect her sexual orientation and love interest, the man responded that she will regret those last words because he will make her change; finally when her father left she felt emotionally drained and ashamed, most of her teammates had heard the fight; later, when she arrived home, she told Alice about the nasty encounter; the reporter consoled her, but in her heart, Alice sensed many problems in the near future.

    Tina is in her way to Helena’s house, the week has been hell for her, after Jane received the report of the victims over the weekend, on which is now called the case of the ‘injected shoulder’, for being the common characteristic of all the attacks, a mark on the shoulders of the victims and the recount of them about feeling the pinch on their shoulders; Jane commissioned sergeant detective Tasha Williams to interrogate the scientist. To find a lawyer for her, wasn’t as difficult as Tina thought; Maura came to her one day before of the interrogatory and told her that a very well-known and experienced attorney was available to defend her, indeed the counselor, mysteriously, came to Maura offering her service to help Tina, but before going to the police station, they have to meet and fill the advocate in the details of the case; the lawyer was Joyce Wischnia, from the LGBT attorneys bar committee of the east coast, who met Tina and the rest of her friends at Alice’s party more than a month ago; the blonde started explaining to the lawyer, the details and origin of her work, indicating that at the time she was studying her doctorate in MIT some scientists had discovered that many types of diseases are been produced when the genes are blocked or activated in response of an external or environmental change; at that time her advisor and Dr. Palmer were working together and were interested on that type of research, both scholars appointed  their best students to do the job, which was very convenient because those students were a couple; Tina and Bette, worked together during their research times and discovered the effects of some substances on certain genes, achieving good results and funding for their advisors’ research and for the university; even before their graduation, Bette and Tina decided to use the skills and knowledge acquired on their discoveries in their own future research activities; Tina wanted to prepare new substances that could be used to cure cancer and other diseases; Bette wanted to use it to explain evolution and give alternatives for human survival in the current conditions of our planet; after being appointed as researcher by Genetics Lab, Tina started working with her research aides to prepare drugs observing their effect in activating or blocking genetic activity related with some diseases; she has discovered some drugs that could cure different types of cancers, she is right now in the step of looking for the possible side effects, finding appalling outcomes; as is the case of the drugs’ version for the mice, which produced alteration in sexual behavior, making same-sex mating in rats, though the effect is transmitted through generations, she also discovered that those effects can be reversed; unfortunately,  the drug that was originally going to be used to cure different types of cancers, has caught the interest of her uncle Don Kennard a poisonous, homophobic and corrupted owner of Imhotep laboratory, who wanted to use the discovery as source of economic and politic power. Tina was involved with Imhotep, because around four years ago he, her uncle, menaced her, on hurting her family and friends to make her work for him; she finally accepted on the condition of sharing her work time with the Genetics State laboratory in Cambridge, although Tina has prepared, in secret, a drug for humans which is in process of study and test, she didn’t inform him of her discovery, knowing his rotten intentions; however, her uncle used spies to steal one set of her experiments, which indeed were the wrong ones, because it was made for monkeys, not for humans, though, those apes are the closest related to humans form the biological and evolutionary point, the bonobos and chimpanzees; apparently the drug was replicated and tested by the thieves but, as it should be, the effects are random and in some cases lethal, though, eventually effective; Joyce took notes of every word her client said without amazement or incredulity, as if she had already been warned, but that detail didn’t unease Tina or Maura, they just need the best lawyer and that was Joyce. Next day, Tina, Maura, and Joyce went to the police station for Tina’s interrogation; besides Joyce, Maura asked also to be present in the debriefing, petition that was accepted by the station. Though the questions were exhaustive, Tasha acted in a cordial and kind way with Tina, who was in a visible distressing state; at the point that, Maura was not only amazed but suspicious at the way detective Williams did the  interrogation, the director of Genetics knew by the words of her own wife, Jane, that the detectives in the station were usually a little rude in cases like this, where the person of interest is or has the possible source of fault play, and of course that was the reason why Lieutenant Rizzoli refused to do the interrogation, herself, to avoid ulterior confrontations with her beloved Maura, who also noticed a strange familiarity between Tasha and Joyce, but she attributed it to a professional relationship; Tina, Joyce, and Maura were also informed, that the number of victims of inoculation, increased, from the initial five attacks, reported in East Boston, to one other woman and three additional men; they were not wounded, but they were found in hysteric or almost catatonic state, the woman reported that she and her girlfriend were attacked by hooded masked people, sedated, kidnaped and taken to a warehouse, where they were subject to a series of shots on their shoulders and after two days, she was released while the other girl kept retained, and since then, nobody has seen her again; two of the three men reported similar experiences than the woman, the third man told the police he was also kidnapped but after being treated with those injections, he, who was gay, started feeling attracted to women, and his captors made him have sexual intercourse with a girl, after which, he enter in state of acute depression and anxiety, trying to kill himself, almost succeeding, he was given up for dead and abandoned in an alley where the police found him. Tina was asked if she had any idea if any of her reported robbed samples were used in those crimes; though Tina knew it was strongly possible, Joyce and Maura objected the question, Tina didn’t answer and Tasha didn’t insist; after the questioning in the station, the police let her go without any charge. Though Tina felt, not only very depressed but with a huge guilt and almost suicidal feeling, she was consoled by Maura and taken to a psychologist, friend of Joyce, for some medication; she was given the week free at the institute.

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    1. Hi proteonomics,

      I was about to tell you i forgave you fot taking so long to update and then you left with us with that cliffhanger, how dear you 😮😃.

      Finally the lovers are back together and working together to work on a solution.

      I hope they find Dana and Harrison on time or are able to produce a anti-drugs that will cure them.

      What is up with Joyce and Tasha? Have to wait patiently for the disclosure of that.

      Great chapter and i hope for a chapter soon to follow.

      Thank you!

      • Hi Bibi:

        Happy to read your comments; it was so hard for me to write with only one hand available, but now I have both okay.

        Well, this is going to be a roller coaster for the next chapters (ups and downs).

        There is something going on with Joyce, Tasha, the redhead, perhaps Dan Foxworthy.

        There are lots going on also in case of Louise, and how does she know what is happening in Imhotep, but this is part of the plot in the story; I really hope the ‘memories’ sweeten the story, and didn’t get you confused.

        Thanks so much Bibi for reading and write your comments.

        BTW, when did you say it was your birthday?


        • The memories does sweeten the story, i really love those.

          I look forward to the roller coaster in the next chapters!

          Glad that both your hands are fine, it must be very difficult when you can only use one.

          My birthday is 20 august, the year you may guess 😉

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