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    sometime soon

    “Okay, but we still don’t have much time.” Tina’s desire for her ex-wife had her contemplating changing her flight.

    “We will be quick, don’t you think?” Bette winked back at Tina before their smiling lips joined again as they stumbled into her room.

    Surprisingly, with her attention refocusing on Carrie, Bette’s balance didn’t waver with a cool sweat blistering across her chest, multiple emotions seeming to intersect there between her mind and body.

    Bette was confused as to how to best answer Carrie’s question.

    She didn’t want Angie to get too close to Carrie if her and Tina were indeed going to break up.

    “It’s ok if you want to hang out.” Bette heard herself say.

    “Great, thanks. I’ll be in touch. Got to get back to the office or else I’d join you for lunch.” Carrie winked as she started to leave, but turned back to wave to Alice and Shane. “Bye ladies!”

    A long exhale centered Bette. That simple five minute conversation took her from elation to tribulation and back again, but now marked with a hint of guilt. She regained her composure before walking over to where her friends were sitting.

    “What was that about?” Alice asked with Bette still halfway across the room.

    “Oh she just wanted to hang out with Angie.”

    “You look weird.”

    Bette quirked her eyebrow at Alice.

    “I’m starving, can we please eat?” Bette picked up her menu to avoid the leers from across the table.

    Shane stared at Bette. “So did Tina leave today?”

    A silent nod as Bette bit the inside of her cheek. “Yes. Carrie said she had texted her that her flight was just leaving.”

    Bette could feel their eyes boring into her.

    “What?” Bette finally looked up.

    “Don’t you think it’s a little weird that she hunted you down here to ask you about Angie?”

    “Alice, ‘hunted down’ is a bit dramatic, don’t you think?” Bette reached for her friend’s hand and pat it. “Please stop. It’s fine.”

    “Have you talked to Tina?” Shane asked.

    “Um, have you? Talked to Tina?” Alice was again intrigued.

    “Not really.” Bette searched through her bag for something, anything to distract them from this line of questioning. It was a slippery slope and one she was not prepared for. A few more questions and her inability to disguise her current state of bliss would give her away. “Oh! Alice, I owe you a check for the fundraiser.”

    As she rummaged for her checkbook and pen, she saw a note tucked into the inside pocket of her purse. The handwritten flourishes like a lasso to her heart.

    Sometime soon, I promise. xx

    Bette felt the knot in her gut give way and a lightness enter her body again. Her chakra was realigning as her soul got reacquainted with its mate. She was getting the love of her life back. Maybe not now, but soon. Definitely sometime soon.


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