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    It was late afternoon on board the yacht ”My Surprise” when we’d both agreed, it’d been too long since we’d had a date together.  Dancing close,  our hands played and imagined with lover’s signals the many hidden places we’d felt content to stir and dream of finding later.

    ”I feel very lucky you were free tonight,” I say to my beautiful date, Tina.

    ”Your sister couldn’t wait for us to leave.”

    ”She was anxious.”

    ”We do have a very cute baby.”

    ”We do.”  I kiss Tina’s lips.  ”Are you missing her already?”

    ”A little, aren’t you?”

    ”Yes, but I’m glad you’re here.  Alone.”

    ”Alone…?”  Tina repeats, as if trying to remember its very meaning.

    ”Hmm…they’ve been times.”

    Tina dances closer to whisper.

    Smiling at her suggestion, I whisper back,  ”I do like you that way.”

    She sighs and we dance.  ”We’ll miss you if you take this job.”

    ”Should I turn it down?” I look into her eyes and then, past her.  Where the ocean beats relentlessly against the channel walls.

    Before she can answer, Barry, our party’s host and owner of the yacht, ”My Surprise”  appears at my elbow. ”Bette, they’re calling for us to come below.  Tina included.”

    ”I’d love to, of course.”  Tina smiles back.

    Barry, Tina and I weave through a boat deck of drinkers and dancers to take the four steps down into the yacht’s stateroom.  Waiting on us are three other couples,  the marriage equality campaign’s ring leaders.

    Introductions are made and Tina and I meet Nancy and Isabelle, Laban and Todd and Barry’s partner, Carey.  All of whom, after introducing themselves, added the long official names of their elite law firms.

    Sangria in sweating pitches of deep red wait for us. Everyone pours a drink.  Everyone is smiling.  It’s a beautiful day and Laban says, ”Bette, we’re ready to make you an offer, but we have a few questions.”

    ”I’m ready when you are.”  Relaxing, with my arm around Tina, I lean back in my chair taking in the well appointed stateroom around me.

    Laban continues, ”We’re very interested in the fundraising work you’ve done.  It’s put you at the top of our list.”

    Folding my hands on the table I lean in.  ”Everything you sent me I read carefully.  Your polling numbers weren’t as high, as I know you would’ve liked them to be heading into Election Day,  but the relentless negative media campaign from your opposition killed your growth.”

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    1. Were you considering jumping overboard? I saw a crazy look in your eye.”

      ”I really did. Wrapping the anchor around me, too.”

      Gotta love these two as always another great chapter!

      • That was the same quote i picked out SkunkPU80!

        It made me ????, Bette is hilarious and she did mean it serious at that moment.

        Tina is one step further at her wish to get a ring at her finger. The proposal could be more romantic, but it fits in right along the story.

        It was a fantastic update! Thank you!

        • Bibi,

          Thanks so much for your comment! Tornadoes everywhere yesterday along the route I was to travel kept me home and this story popped out.

          I have a few romantic surprises for them both so, while the scene you referenced was certainly not typical of a solution, it felt right in the high-strung state of mind Bette had twisted into. I know you got that.

          We’ve got some landscape ahead to enjoy what else may occur for Tina. For me, I don’t see these two as doing much of anything in a way we might expect.

          Bye for now,

      • Skunk,
        One day we should collaborate on a story with amusing dialogue. You’re very skilled at humor writing. I appreciate that you found Bette’s emotional high wire act amusing!

        I’d hope to write her onboard decompensation with a balance of humor and the deep angst she was feeling. The part that got me was her intense awareness of being erased. The vacancy that abuse had left. Once severely as a child, when her mother had disappeared, and later, when the love of her life was erased again and again in front of her, as she remained frozen.

        Then wham! Up soars the phoenix.

    2. Hi Bb:

      This is a very nice chapter, very energizing, very funny though, especially Bette in this chapter, and very nice outcome from the lawyers.
      Thanks for your wonderful chapter, waiting eagerly for your update, pps


    3. Great chapter. I must go back to the beginning and read some of them to get updated on the story. Bette in this chapter was in a way very funny, with her thought of going overboard and with the anchor, then gripping the rail. Glad Tina saw that “wild look” in her eye. Happy she said Yes to the proposal. Thanks for posting.

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