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    The Beginning 13

    Tina couldn’t sleep, which was unusual for the blonde. She normally fell asleep long before Bette but tonight her brain was in overdrive and rest elusive. Swirling, whirling images danced in front of her eyes when she closed them and kept her mind busy as she turned her thoughts over and over, inside out.

    She had introduced Eric to Natalie and now his questions about her later took on a new meaning. The times he was late to meet her for dinner, the last minutes excuses, the averted eyes. And Natalie. The smugness, the arrogance, the coy looks. She vacillated between anger and sadness to apathy. Why should she care? She didn’t care! Fuck him, fuck her, fuck it all.

    She lay next to Bette for a long time, the minutes ticking away to become hours, the darkness heavy. She was too hot but kicking off the covers made her feel exposed and she didn’t want to lose contact with Bette’s body. She found some peace there, solace as she listened to the gentle breathing of her girlfriend, the warmth of her, the softness.

    She loved sleeping next to, with Bette. Loved the way she smelled, the way her hair felt against her face, the way her body folded into hers. The way Bette would reach for her even in her sleep.

    Bette was on her side, facing her, her curls spread out behind her on the pillow, her legs entwined with Tina’s. One hand rested on Tina’s arm, the other curled under the brunette’s chin. She was in a deep sleep, her mouth slightly open, her body utterly relaxed. Tina did not want to wake her.

    She carefully untangled their legs and Bette rolled more towards her back, making a whimpering sound as if on some level she understood Tina was leaving the bed, disconnecting. Tina froze to make sure Bette settled and when her breathing resumed it’s rhythm, she got up and put on one of the robes Bette kept by the bedroom door.

    She walked barefoot, silently down the hall toward the kitchen, restless. She poured herself a cool glass of water from the pitcher Bette kept in the fridge, leaning against the kitchen counter as she waited for the kettle to heat.

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    1. Dear, dear author, you posted – and I’m first ? Wow, what a way to begin my day !!
      I’ll savour it as slow as ever, for every chapter of yours (… now what I said ? Every page !) is a gourmet pleasure…

      I need your magic more than ever right now, I’m crossing a pretty bad period…
      But right now, discovering your name and this story I adore, it just brang a very, very large smile on my face and, I’m sure of that, a special light in my eyes :-)

      Thank you SO much for sharing your talent, your so obvious sensibility, your heart and mind with us, your faithful and delighted readers.
      I’m so grateful, it’s beyond words – as simple as that…

      • Dear dear Reader, I really treasure your comments. They always seem to pull from a well of deep appreciation for life, for love and for story telling . I hope whatever bad period you are crossing is short and over soon so that you can emerge on the other side ready to conquer the world. I am grateful for you and for your love of these stories. Thank you for your comments, truly!

    2. What a memory this dinner will make for both Bette and Tina.

      Amazing how things for these two always work out and how their decision to come out at this dinner is just so perfectly timed. Natalie made a wise choice to run as Tina advised her. She would have been in big trouble if she had not once it was revealed that Tina was soon to be one of the top executives of the studio.

      An amazing night for Tina and having Bette with her made it just that much more special.

      I believe they are ready to move in together. It just a matter of saying it outloud and stop dancing around something that the both want.

      I like this couple immensely. Their romance and progress in their relationship is growing. They are both into each other so much, that the “commitment” appears to be eminint.

      I love your description of emotions and thoughts, responses and actions. You are a terrific writer….

      Thank you for this chapter.. can not wait to read more.

      • Martha
        Natalie will need to remember this advice for Tina if she wants a successful career. Looks like Tina’s star is rising and Natalie chose the wrong horse to ride. I think they are ready to move in together too… clearly that is what their hearts want, but will their heads agree in the cool light of the day?
        Thank you for reading, for commenting and for loving this couple the way we all love TiBette. Endgame always

      • Thank you Billy! These can be dark days, nothing seems certain or solid right now does it? At least not to me…. which is one reason i started writing this as it is a small escape from the news and turmoil. Be well my friend!

      • Interesting idea Kenji. I will think about that, thank you. Not sure how long the legs on this story will be – there is so much to rewrite about their story, and your comment gives me food for thought. Thanks

    3. Wow BK!!!!

      What a mind blowing chapter, it is hard to tell everything that comes to my mind while reading it. For one i agree ???? with Martha’s comment!

      They are such a beautiful couple together and the grow they each make as person and as couple, amazing.

      I had a big smile when they talked about what it meant that Bette offered some empty drawers and ended with socks sharing a drawer. It was a funny but also a serious conversation about commitment and the first step to moving in.

      They complement each other and the love they have for each other, the connection to each other feelings, thoughts, it is of the chart, so strong, so powerful!

      I am going to use one of Martha’s lines because she said it so well: “I love your description of emotions and thoughts, responses and actions. You are a terrific writer….. It is a big compliment for you as author!!! The way you tell it and with the perfect mix of humor and little drama, not to mention the intimacy between them!

      Thank you for a the early Birthday present!!!! I enjoyed it so much!

      Take care my friend ????

      • I second all the comments thus far. BK u’re so good with the banter between Tibette. Gosh it’s fun to see them develop closeness with their sense of humor.

        We may be reading fiction but respect, kindness and giving of ones’ self is REAL life.

        Favor, grace and prosperity to you sweet lady 😍🌺

        “I don’t know what you are talking about. I was just trying to get you naked and somehow we ended up talking about socks…”🤣🤣🤣

        • Respect, kindess and giving of one’s self IS real life, thank you for those words. Well said my friend! I agree 100%
          Trust Bette to whine about a botched attempt to get Tina naked even if I think she enjoyed the conversation as much as we did.
          I will take the favor, grace and prosperity and wish you the same! Thanks

      • Thank you BiBi,
        A day earlier than your birthday but I wanted you to have something to read close to that day! Glad you liked the socks conversation, seems like that felt safer for both of them to talk about rather than the actual words…. “move in….” lol
        You know I appreciate your comments and love how you manage to pick the best parts of the chapter out to discuss them in your comments. Hope all is well, stay safe!

    4. My fellow author,

      What a fabulous chapter you have given us!!

      Touching, emotional, tender & oh so loving.

      With this story you have given us a blueprint of beginning of their tremendous relationship. The attention to detail & emotions is so meaningful & very special. Your awesome talent shows in every word, every chapter.
      Thank you, thank you!!

      I thought it was a very clever way to brooch the subject of Tina eventually moving in to Bette’s house & to make it their home by the sexy discussion of the ‘sock drawer. Sweet & endearing!

      And then the mention of the dress acting as a love letter – so tender.

      Bette advising Tina to `let out the fear, breath in the peace’. I wanted to cry.

      Then when Tina’s promotion was announced & she shed her inhibitions & kissed Bette with all that she had. Woohoo!!!

      Then back in the limo, Bette felt she was in a ‘cocoon of love being with Tina.
      My insides wanted to melt!!!

      Bravo my friend!!!!

      Another outstanding glimpse into their wonderful lives & giving them hope for their future.

      Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

      • Collins
        Always with a kind encouraging word! I appreciate that so much.
        I had a friend describe the breathing exercise that way once in a similar way – hers was to breathe in all the good things in the world and breathe out all the things that stress or worry you. I am not one for yoga or meditation or breathing routines but it does work when you really need it and someone is there to talk you through it.
        Glad you liked it! Now get to posting your next chapter, I think they need to end their drought asap, Thanks

    5. BK!
      Oh, I just fall more and more in love with these two as this story unfolds. You have such a beautiful way of having them express their vulnerabilities in such a sweet and funny, and truly endearing way. Ahhhh, the socks. So lovely. I mean, could Bette be any cuter? And then their ‘sexual stalking’ in a much different setting, and the magnetism pulling them around the room together with the constant catching of each other’s eyes. So special! And I love after Tina makes sweet sweet love to Bette how she tells her that she will remember this night for the rest of her life. I adore your Tina, for her courage and especially for her deep deep love for Bette. I love how delighted they both are to have found their person. It’s just tooooo sweet. So happy that you gave Tina a huge moment, this momentous occasion in her career on the night of her big coming out. God, who wouldn’t live that kind of coming out story? Thank you for such a wonderful chapter. And for the much more touching version of limo sex. Loved it so much!


      • RISKY! The socks the socks those funny socks. I am a fan of fluffy fuzzy socks myself. Personally I can not sleep with my feet bare, have to have socks on. Tina really does love Bette and this chapter is when she truly owned that she does. Took it and held it and owned it. They are fun to write. Looking forward to your Bette and Tina taking their relationship to Paris. Oh the possibilities!!

    6. BK, what a fantastic chapter! I loved it because it was focused on THEM, how their love makes them stronger…and then you dig deeper and show how each of them plays a role in making each other whole. Bette Porter is THE ONE for Tina…she protects Tina, inspires her, gives her confidence because she loves Tina. She ignites Tina’s fire in many ways…both physical and emotional. And Tina Kennard is THE ONE for Bette…she ignites Bette’s fire physically but also emotionally….the nurturing, comforting part of Bette. It’s really beautiful to see how you show all this in their interactions, how they balance each other. Your Bette and Tina are sexy, adorable and so fun to read. I had a smile on my face the whole time Bette was “helping” Tina with her sit ups…and how that conversation was both sexy and adorable and squee worthy. and meaningful as they are inching closer to moving in together. How Bette is ready for Tina to be with her always. And the Studio Dinner! What a couple! I wish this story was something that was airing on TV because the way you wrote it and described everything, I pictured it happening. So happy for Tina…and Tina and Bette because their love doesnt just have to be in the house but out in the world for all to see. I love this story. I cannot wait to see where you take them next! Thank you!

      • Hey Stirfry
        I really love your comments. You see them the way I do, each is the ONE for the other, a completed puzzle that balances and enhances each personality. You are spot on in your analysis and I love it because it aligns so well with my own, I loved Bette helping (distracting) Tina with her situps too, so funny. They are still in the newness of their relationship but ahhhh! That first recollection when you realize your person is your person. Nothing quite like it
        Thank you for commenting and giving me motivation to keep writing! All the best

    7. Sorry I’m late to comment. Life gets in the way. I’ll probably repeat some of what the others already said about this chapter but … BK, you gave me a lot of what I hope for would happen and so much more what I couldn’t even think of. So many emotions, so many sweet moments, words and gestures of pure and deep love.

      Right from the first paragraphs you connvey that those two simply belong. When Tina reflects how sleeping next to Bette makes her feel, I imagined the look of love in her eyes while she observes her girlfriend – maybe not only observe but how she beholds her girlfriend. Her eyes full of wonder, admiration, love, happiness, they would close when she carefully breathes in Bette’s scent. Her pupils would widen when she’d gently stroke her arm…. beautiful, intense, heartfelt emotions. Love it so much. I hope their talk in the wee hours did fullfill Tina’s need for “more than sex”. She has to tell Bette.

      And Bette’s feelings correspondent with hers. It’s so overwhelmingly honest how Bette expresses her love, admiration and devotion to Tina while cursing Eric. Sometimes you need to let the anger out first to be able to voice the love that is filling your heart.

      Thanks for telling of Tina’s past. I was curious about it ever since you dropped the first hints. Thinking of the show and how strongly Tina reacted to Bette’s cheating, your background story of her father’s cheating and lying is a very likely cause. Without those childhood expericences she might not have moved out immediately. Add to that her ingrained feeling of not being enough for her partner. Hmm, moot point. But you could remedy that if you’re thinking of some stories to write after “The Beginning” an “Remember who….” :-D

      The non-talk about moving in together? Priceless! I loved the sexual teasing and the multi-layered conversation. Best quote: “Give a girl a drawer and next thing you know… she’s rearranging the spice rack…”

      Tina’s outing was a blast. From the dressing (“That’s not a dress, Babe. That’s a love letter, a sunset, a candlelight dinner…”) to Tina’s growing confidence of being out, their connection throughout the night (love the homing beacon), Tina’s suave comment to Natalie and of course the promotion and the kiss at the most prominent moment possible. What an eventful night! I wished I was there to witness this beautiful couple and the energy humming around them.

      Can’t wait to read Granny’s reaction when Tina tells her about the event and her success. Nevertheless I’m anxious that something might happen that will shake up and challenge T + B.

      Your story once again lighted up my day and let me forget about those weird times we live in right now. Counting the days until your next post and hope to have time to read much sooner.

      Cheers, feel hugged in thanks, stay safe

    8. KP
      As usual your comments made my day. Thank you! Love how you break it down to highlight the moments you liked the best, we have the same moments that we liked. Hope all is well in your corner of the world, stay safe and happy

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