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    The Beginning 19

    “Dammit, Bette! So frustrating. Look at this. It’s been four months and there is no way to predict my ovulation. It’s all over the fucking place. Aren’t women supposed to get on the same schedule? You are like clockwork with your cycles…”

    Tina was standing at the bathroom sink with an ovulation stick in her hands. Her pants were undone, and she was just wearing a black bra. She always checked her ovulation in the morning before work. Bette came up behind her to peer at the stick over her shoulder, her hands snaking around to circle her waist, finding the soft skin on Tina’s flat stomach and she ran her hands over the silky terrain. She smiled softly at the reflection of her girlfriend in the mirror and spoke in Tina’s ear, her voice soothing.

    “Don’t worry, Baby. When we know it’s the right time for you… we can get the sperm. We can always check with Dr. Wilson if it will make you feel better, but I think it will all work out. Your body knows what to do, my Love.”

    “It’s just… I like to plan. You know how much I like to plan. To schedule. Especially with the traveling I have coming up. But my ovulation is all over the place…”

    “Your body is perfect. You don’t need to schedule or worry about a plan…”

    “…Bette, Honey. I have all these work trips coming up. I can’t schedule those if I can’t predict this.”

    “We will make it work. None of those trips are far away, it’s a short plane ride. I will come you, ok? Yes, I will. Don’t look at me like that. Have sperm, will travel…” Her arms wrapped around Tina, holding her tighter, her nose lowering to breathe in her girlfriend. So good.


    “Tina. Remember what Dr. Wilson said? Relax, Babe. Your body will know what to do when it is time. It will work, Tee…”

    “It’s just so annoying… I expected to mark off a week every month that we could focus on conception but there’s no pattern… Bette, what are you doing?”

    “There is nothing wrong with you, Baby. You’re so soft, you taste like heaven and you…fuck… Tee. You are already wet…you feel so fucking good…I want you…”

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    1. BK, another post? I’m really in awe how you manage to post new chapters to 3 (in words three!) stories this frequently. Thanks!!! It’s late and I’m too tired to read though… I’ll be back tomorrow.

    2. Life in the entertainment business or any other business. Higher ups going against what could be described as specialists in their industry. Tina will find balance but only by openly communicating. Bravo to Tina for her honesty and talking Bette off the proverbial cliff. Bravo, Bette for receiving the information fairly calm.

      I hope this doesn’t follow the OG with Bette cheating. I’d like to see how the couple battles through with the disappointments of conception.

      • Thank you Deanna! Hope you are doing well. Isn’t that the truth – higher ups going against the expert advice of the very people they hire to do the job in the field. Shiny new object and all of sudden experience and success gets put to the back burner. Glad you are along for the ride, more to come –
        Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    3. Nice post…. these two are so into each other.

      Tina’s boss is a prick…. good ole boy system. Not listening to what will make for a good film just backing the wrong horse because he’s a male. Making impossible assignments to those who threaten to be long term successes. The fact that the director failed to follow the producer’s direction and the movie was a box office flop should have gotten him a pink slip not an plumb assignment on another film which is completely out of his genre. Putting a square peg into a round hole….not going to work…

      I like this response by Tina to the handsy gym instructor. She immediately told Bette. Bette’s response was a little over the top. Taken literally, Tina could never have another medical breast exam. This is a cultural thing in America – nudity analogous to sexual enticement. In Europe nudity is not analogous to sexual enticement. Being nude in front of strangers or friends is not an invitation. Thus being on a nude beach is not big deal Trying on clothing in the alise at a department store is not big deal even if you get naked. Tina did nothing wrong – the trainer was wrong to touch her and make suggestions taking advantage of the fact that she was nude from the waist up. I do not blame Bette for being angry that Tina was touched inappropriately and changing gyms is a appropriate response. But the fact that she took a shower at a gym and may have been seen nude by others – well that is a bit over the top. She was not nude for the purpose of enticing others but to perform a ordinary normal activity – taking a shower. But she should not indicate Tina for did anything wrong nor insist that she change her behavior as a result.

      I love that Bette is so loving with Tina. I would like for Tina to be more aggressive with Bette… good chapter…
      Thank you…

      • Thanks Martha. I dont think Bette was saying/implying Tina could never have a breast exam or that Tina did anything wrong. I think she heard how awful Tina’s day was and reacted to the inappropriate touching viscerally and dramatically. I agree about the differences in cultural reactions to nudity. I have traveled extensively and lived overseas and Americans are very weird about female nudity and breasts in particular. Such a contrast.
        Hope you are doing well, Martha. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    4. And so it begins. We have reached the nexus between your story and the original series. Heart beating faster. This is a bob and weave and talk out loud chapter. Truly! Because we all know the story all too well. So I I sit with my mental please don’t go there check list. Number one on the check plus side is that the physical connection is there even though Tina is stressed out about her ovulation cycle. Bette is as horny and hot for her babe as ever thank God. No complaints from Tina or months without sex. Yes!!! Love this supportive “have sperm, will travel…” Bette. Thank you thank you. Another check plus – Tina recognizes that her friends are intruding into areas that should be private – good girl. This is huge. Share with Bette. Share with Bette. Say it with me, Tina. Okay – Bette still made the same tasteless jokes about Sean’s lackluster sperm but Tina wasn’t quite so upset. Yes I cringed a little at reliving this. The same pressure and tension is there. Hopefully there will be no discussion or even thinking about a threesome. Bette and Tina really need to be on the same page in all ways regarding the selection of a sperm donor. So far they seem pretty good about this. Nice the way you shifted the comments and events regarding the visit to the doctor’s office to Holly. Liked that. Another really super major plus- Tina came home from the gym and Bette was awake!!! They talked. Tina told Bette about the instructor come on fiasco. I loved Bette’s response that Tina’s breasts are for her eyes only. And I for one live for the feisty kick ass and take names Bette Porter. “Oh, I bet she did. A good stretch. That cunt. I bet she would like to help with your hip flexors. She will never teach another fucking class at that fucking gym by the time I am fucking done…” And they found a new gym. Excellent alliteration Bette! Dodging bullets ladies. Now keep it up.

      Concern: Tina’s work schedule. The demands have just increased big time. Boss is an ass. Shades of Aaron. Danger Will Robinson. This is going to be problematic. Now will Bette’s work schedule soon mirror hers? I think we all know there is no way you can fix everything and you are being true to the series. Bumpy road ahead I fear. But I love the shock absorbers you have already installed. This couple will be in no need of Foxworthy! Still, Tina is stressed and soon will be even more stressed. Not a good way to begin a pregnancy. Hopefully the lines of communication and physical connection remain open.

      My favorite scene? There are several but this one stands out: Tina is freaking out about her ovulation schedule. “It’s just… I like to plan. You know how much I like to plan. To schedule. Especially with the traveling I have coming up. But my ovulation is all over the place…” Bette pays attention but all she wants to do is make love. “I have a meeting… Babe… at the studio, in an hour…. Oh… Jesus… that feels good…” “You feel good. Let’s just get these off… there you go… you don’t need pants right now… yes, Tee. Yes, Honey…” This made me smile and feel so incredibly hopeful. I know I know if wishes were horses. As we all often repeat – these two loving each other has never been the problem. But a girl can dream and you are tackling the terrible series writing head on and fixing what you can where you can. Thanks BK. Excellent chapter! How you manage three stories at once is beyond me.

      • And so it begins Billy!
        In response to your mental check list, which matches my own so well – I never understood the lack of sex they alluded to so often. It didn’t vibe with the way they played the characters at all. The whole visit to the sex therapist was ridiculous and (AGAIN) such lazy writing! There are so many other realistic problems the writers could have injected into the show without adding that.
        The scene where Tina comes home from the gym and Bette is asleep and all she does is remove her glasses then they fade out to – them sitting at the pool, irritated with each other (why?) discussing the next appointment with Dan Foxworthy (cringe) which Tina has already scheduled and not told Bette. She continues to leave Bette out of her decisions. .
        I can promise this – NO Dan Foxworthy with his super unethical sessions with them individually and as a couple and his tiny hands and staring eyes that is supposed to convey he is reading them. In case you can’t tell, not a fan.
        Your highlighted the concerns – work at the top of the list. Hopefully they continue to walk through the minefield together, communicating and trusting each other.
        Appreciate your comments. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    5. BK,

      I love how you have reimagined bette & tina season 1. I can see the scenes in my head as I am reading this story, this chapter but the way you frame the scene and the background is pretty amazing, creative. as great as season 1 was, they gave bette and tina a minefield of issues that sometimes they really didnt successfully overcome or address. but the difference im seeing in your story of their origin is that they communicate. nothing festers. like that instructor that pretty much feels up tina on the show and tina doesnt tell bette or that isn’t even brought up but you use that scene to show tina realizing what she has at home with bette. THANK YOU for giving tina’s actions (on the show) reasons (in this story). in my opinion, the show never dived in deep with tina and her feelings and her story so im glad we get some of that here.

      so looking forward to more! thanks BK!

      • AGREE 100% Stir Fry. The show seemed determined to place one barrier after another in the way of their relationship for no good reason. We all wish for more. Looks like S2 is about to start filming in December so I hope the writers and Showtime had enough feedback from their audience to reverse course. If not they are idiots.
        Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    6. I could actually see Bette saying, “Her cunty eyes.” The Bette character definitely had some great cuss word expressions. Enjoying your story and how you fill in the blanks the L word writers left us with in season 1.

    7. Thank you for changing the scene with Tina walking out on Bette that evening. I never understood her need to go to the gym at this hour when she had time to do so the whole day. Your explanation with stress at work, a shitty boss, worrying about being somewhere away from home when her body would be ready to conveive and her need to plan things through (where is her Excel-Sheet? ;-)) is much more realistic than the same scene in the show.

      It’s so good to read Tina’s thoughts while away from home, reflecting on her storming out of the house and her realisation that she needs to share her trouble, her anger, her doubts and fears with Bette. Sweet how Bette pulls her closer in her sleep. You are showing us a couple that is still very much connected and hot for each other. Love it!

      Like Billy I hope that in your version of season 1 Tibette will make the decision for a sperm donor together or maybe even Tina suggests an african-american donor. All that strange drama about Tina finding out about Marcus, his bitchy girlfriend, Bette having to return from NYC to a hysteric Tina.

      And a big yes to please do not share every private details with your friends, T + B! Support by friends is one thing, being nosy and judgmental a total different thing. Mostly Alice but even Holly got a little bit too much information for my liking.

      Love this quote: “Don’t fall asleep on the pot again, Honey…” Bette teased, kissing the top of the blonde’s head.
      Then this: “Bette looked so peaceful. Bette looked like home…..then curl up as close to Bette as possible….their legs tangling. Bette was warm and sleepy and delicious. …..And the warm hand on her cheek, the soft lips on her own, the smell and taste of Bette loosened something in Tina’s chest and she was able to breathe, her stress melting away like ice on a hot day.”
      This feels like their chemistry of your early chapters. The charged air, the magnetism, their visit at the market never losing the connection, their eyes searching and everytime finding each other even with a distance and other people between them.

      BK, you’re doing a great job with staying close to the original script but still tweaking it in a way that makes my Tibette heart sing. This chapter made me happy.

      Stay safe and have a great week. Treat yourself to something you thoroughly enjoy, you deserve it.

      • KP
        You know I love your comments. So on point and you notice the little things in each chapter that complete the bigger picture.
        The drama surrounding the sperm donor and Marcus was really weird. His girlfriend goes ballistic, forcing Bette to fly home (how amazing was that) but then we hear nothing else about the gf? So weird. And Tina can’t stand up for herself? As much as I love all the friends coming home to be with her, it was a strange plot twist that lacked imagination.
        I am spending a lot of time this week with my own friends. Lots of socially distanced, outside, wine on the porch moments. We are so fatigued by the election, the virus, the isolation that it is nice to sit outside by a firepit or with heaters and just talk it out. Planning a Friendsgiving for early December too. Stay safe KP, be well!

    8. Hi BK,

      It’s really great how you managed to apply fragments of the OG in this story.

      The bathroom scene where Tina was grumbling about her ovulation rhythm and why she doesn’t have it compared to Bette and how she needs it to be regular because she has to plan with her work schedule. That she has to plan because she always does and needs to plan ahead, that reminds me of Bette and her need to have everything planned. Bette was really fantastic in the bathroom relaxing Tina and seducing Tina at the same time to the point that Tina forgot she was talking about the ovulation test.

      Fortunately, their sex drive hasn’t dipped to the point that they only make love when Tina is ovulating. That they still lust after each other and fortunately not months have passed that they did not make love to each other.

      And then the scene with Jean Paul and in Dr. Wilson’s office, they remain a classic. Tina was still annoyed with Bette when she told their friends and in response she decided to exercise instead of chilling out with Bette. The moment Tina came home and Bette was sleeping with her glasses on and how she lovingly removed them and how she looked at Bette, it still moves me. The reaction from Bette about the gym teacher was really great, I really had to laugh about how she expressed her displeasure at that cunt.

      “Oh, I bet she did. A good stretch. That cunt. I bet she would like to help with your hip flexors. She will never teach another fucking class at that fucking gym by the time I am fucking done…”.
      “I fucking bet she is. And you comprise the entire list. Such bullshit. A private session of stretching hip flexors and definition. What the fuck. I hate that she saw you, Baby. Saw your breasts. They are for my eyes only.”

      Bette’s voice was husky, quiet. “Take off your tank, Baby… I need to erase any impression her cunty eyes made on your skin…”. Just amazing!!!!

      You also put this in that scene about the cunt but it was when they had that failed threesome: “ Were you turned on by her?” Bette asked suddenly, quietly, almost shyly.

      “No…” Tina responded, her eyes on the brunette. She went up on her knees and took one of Bette’s hands in her own. She guided Bette’s hand under the waistband of her boxers, past the small patch of pubic hairs and then lower, deeper into the wetness below. “This is you…” Tina said, and it was.

      Despite the fact that Bette herself had suggested inviting the guy in hopes of getting Tina pregnant, she was so shy and a little insecure afterward. I think Tina’s reaction to that is so incredibly sweet, holding Bette’s hand and sliding together to her most intimate place and then saying to Bette “This is you”. A very intimate scene between the two of them. I loved that scene!

      I can say so much more, but then I will probably repeat myself. The only thing I hope you don’t end up letting Bette or Tina cheat on with someone else. Fortunately, you are not fully following the story of the series so far, so I express my confidence in you!

      Stay save and healthy my friend!

      • BiBi – yes, great catch. I didn’t think this Bette and Tina would entertain a three some but I so loved the moment between them after he left that I wanted to add it to this story. It seemed to fit in the conversation with Tina coming home from the gym. Glad you liked it! BE safe, BiBi, have a great weekend.

    9. Hey Pal,

      Great chapter & soooooo very thankful that you took this route with Tibette & didn’t follow the storyline of OG. That would have been brutal to relive again. Once was definitely enough!!

      As Bibi said, loved that you included some of the OG scenes & put your own positive twist on them. You are the best!!!! Thank you for that.

      I am in the process of re-watching OG & yesterday watched the gym room scene & I soooooo wanted to punch that trainer out cold for touching Tina. So weird & unwanted & unnecessary – the trainer knew Tina was in a relationship. And I think that was a major element for IC – I think she portrayed so many negative aspects of lesbian life – that lesbians are all just fuck-ups & skirt chasing cheaters. Just terrible.

      But I digress – your TB is not like that & thanks again for that fact.

      Their connection is still so strong & they are still deeply in love with each other. NICE!!!!!

      Thanks so much for this awesome glimpse into their lives that live in your head!!!!

      Until next time my friend.

      All the best.


      • Thank you Collins. I have been speed watching TLW – skipping through any scene that does not involve them so that I can see what makes sense to add to the couple I am writing about and how it differs from how the show portrayed them. Looks like we are all in agreement that the low sex drive made zero sense. On Pants, LeH and KM had an expert of women’s health on who said Lesbian Death Bed is a myth so there’s that.
        Have wonderful Thanksgiving, Looking forward to your next story.

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