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    The Beginning 25

    They waited three months before telling anyone, wanting to be sure, wanting to absorb the news and make sure the fetus would make it through the first trimester. While the intent was not to keep their close friends from the excitement, they felt strongly that keeping this part of the journey private was best, especially given how devastating the earlier miscarriage was.

    There was also a concerted commitment from both women to the relationship itself, wanting to maintain the stability they had worked so hard to achieve. Their time together in Vancouver was embedded in their very fibers, their DNA, their pulse. They had come dangerously close to a serious fracturing of their relationship and neither wanted anything like that to ever happen again.

    Tina’s lab work was stellar, and her hormone levels gave every indication that their baby was thriving. And she felt it in every part of her body, from her emotions to the physical changes she saw daily. Maybe it was the great place she was in with Bette, maybe it was hopeless optimism but this time it felt different. It felt like their dream of a family was finally going to become a reality.

    If Tina had been sick before, that was a walk in the park compared to this pregnancy. Violently ill in the mornings, the nausea would stay with her most of the day, making it difficult for her to eat or keep anything down. She actually lost weight, sending Bette into a flurry of research and ordering of cookbooks, she hovered, she pampered, she worried, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Equally weepy and elated at the same time she was there every time Tina needed her. Warm washcloths, small plates of crackers, smoothies and back rubs. Doctor’s appointments and middle of the night cuddles. She was there.

    It wasn’t easy but say one thing about Bette Porter, say she never shied away from a challenge. It started with a subtle shift really, almost every smell making Tina nauseous, so Bette found every recipe and trick available online and in book stores. She started in the kitchen with soups and broths and blended juices. She googled and researched and shopped for ingredients, always managing to somehow come up with something Tina could eat and keep down.

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      • Thank you Cathy. You have been a consistent, encouraging reader and I appreciate that so much. Sometimes it is nerve wracking to post a story or chapter and these comments help!

    1. I can’t wait to read this! I am still working, so I have to wait – now I won’t be able to concentrate on work, lol.

      I haven’t read this yet, but I already know how I feel – please write The Middle!

    2. I think your entire story concept is brilliant. Marja is working overtime to destroy our couple. Literally they may be over. That just cannot be. And lucky for us in your writing they will never be parted. Here you are following right behind with your exceptional writing systematically fixing the mistakes. Your rewrites and do overs are heartwarming. You are offering much needed relief at a time when we are so unsure and weary and nervous about what lies ahead. It is comforting to know you are out there willing to consider taking on even more of their story. I for one would love it and think the timing is perfect. You have written our couple so totally unbreakable. So entirely connected. Bette’s troubles at work do not invade their private space. Each has their priorities exactly right:

      “There was also a concerted commitment from both women to the relationship itself, wanting to maintain the stability they had worked so hard to achieve. Their time together in Vancouver was embedded in their very fibers, their DNA, their pulse. They had come dangerously close to a serious fracturing of their relationship and neither wanted anything like that to ever happen again.”

      I love that they have their close friends but realize that there are some things that need to remain within the walls of their home. As it should be. Bette’s search for recipes to help with Tina’s nausea and morning sickness: “Kale, bananas, blueberries… peanut butter and oatmeal smoothies… homemade granola and no bake energy bars. Banana bread, bran muffins. She baked, she grilled, she roasted and toasted. When it didn’t work, she tried again.” Bette’s committed to being there every step of the way and walking the walk. Grocery shopping much to Tina’s delight. Admittedly with a list. And their lovemaking? Sizzling. Bette certainly did remind Tina that she is all woman. Each very demonstrative in their love. The tender and sweet and telling bath scene. Tina asking about Bette’s day and Bette telling Tina her day began when she saw her. “Sssshhh, let’s not talk about work, Baby. My day just started. And it’s fantastic.” And oh yes, there are the flowers.

      Lots of little quiet moments. Checking in. This is why they are so solid nothing or no one can touch them. Certainly it needs to be mentioned that this Tina is not only a sensual, sexual, beautiful woman but she is also a smart, professional woman able to juggle her career along with the pregnancy. No hanging out at the Planet spilling it to Alice and Dana and Shane. As much as I love each of those characters thank you for writing a Bette and Tina who truly have their minds right. True partners and equals in every way. And did I mention, there are the flowers?

      Going on into the next phase? Righting more wrongs. One would assume no Henry. No return to men. No way. No midnight massacre by Helena bulldozing directly into their lives and literally trying to destroy Bette only to be instantly welcomed as part of the group. It does seem like Bette is unhappy in her job. Perhaps this Bette can be the captain of her fate. Ideas. Ideas. So many ideas. How to even introduce Helena? And one of the absolute biggest wrongs to right? Dana’s death.

      Thank you for taking on this project. For extending it longer than you planned and for considering taking it even further.

      • Billy
        You know I wanted to right some wrongs with this story. In my head I had a list of things that the writers of TLW got wrong or felt off kilter – and there this story was born.
        Marja does seem to be working overtime to destroy this couple. I think we will get TiBette this season. I am hopelessly positive and hopeful – I think Marja and IC don’t like Tina Showtime has stepped in and said, “Not today Marja, not today. FIX IT” Money talks and TiBette is the cash cow. I could be wrong.
        I agree that they need things that are inside between them and not for the rest of the group. Having Alice in the middle of everything makes for good TV (i guess) but I did not want that for my story, mainly because I like Alice!
        And I LOVE LOVE LOVE little quiet check ins, little moments that add to bigger connections. Makes the world go around – dont we all want a person we can check in with everyday? So great.
        The next phase is tricky – how to write the middle of this story?
        How to introduce Helena when Franklin is not an issue?
        How to introduce Henry? Honestly, I don’ think Henry is an issue in this story. Buh-Bye.
        Thank you for following and commenting. I love how your brain works and how your comments make me think. More to come =

    3. I always enjoy your stories. I am excited when they show up. I would love to see the middle but would equally enjoy a continuation of how there family comes together. What ever you write I will read.

    4. I think this is a very sweet ending to The Beginning. This Bette and Tina are such stronger characters than the one presented in the series. The journey from being single to being a strong and committed couple with a baby on the way is one roller coaster rider. I like that these two had real problems which many everyday couples go through in their every day live. This Bette and Tina have figured out a way to resolve their issues and remain close, committed an involved with their relationship. They have learned that this relationship is their highest priority and that career, and others are for the benefit of this relationship.

      The ability of these two to work through their fears and comfort each other when things go bad is a true testament of their love and commitment to each other.

      Would I like to see more? Oh, absolutely…. but I would find that a daunting task. There are many, many more situations which occur in The L World ” in the next segment of their life which simply would not fit with this Bette and Tina story. But as a fan fiction writer, you could simple pick and choose to includes and what to simply ignore. This story is now on a glide path of its own. I would love to see more stories and I love your writing. And I appreciate the fact that you are willing to attempt such. Thankyou

      Thank for this story….. I love the plot line and I love your characters of Bette and Tina. You have a talent for writing descriptive stories. And your plot lines for the most part are logical and consistent. Whatever you wish to publish, I am willing to read…

      Thank you…

      • Wonderful comment Martha, thank you. I wanted to portray a Tina and Bette that was strong and able to withstand all the troubles and temptations that come their way. So glad you see that. I agree that there are many more situations in the upcoming episodes of TLW that do not fit with this couple. It will take some tweaking and rewriting. Daunting? Sure. I will have to really think through each interaction – last thing I want to do is pull a Marja and write something out of character for these two!
        Thanks Martha, more to come

    5. I would love to read “The middle” or anything you write for that matter !

      As Billy rightly said, GenQ is doing everything possible to destroy our favorite couple. Needless to say, we are fortunate to have writers like you (and a few others) to keep them alive … and I am very grateful to you for that.

      So thank you very much for your stories and the next ones to come.

    6. A middle would lovely anything you write is lovely! You my dear are a terrific story teller. Show Time is missing out not having you as a part of their team. That said whatever you write I am always excited to read. Thanks for the current update.

        • Anyone with a brain could write better for Showtime. I don’t think this group of writers even watched TLW and took time to understand each character. Its like they hired people with no concept of where TiBette was at the end of S6

      • Sharon, can you imagine if Showtime actually hired capable, progressive writers who could write characters that grow and learn and move forward with maturity? Such a novel concept. LOL
        Appreciate you taking the time. Stay tuned!

    7. Hey BK,

      Such a beautiful end to this incredible journey you wrote about Bette & Tina, but i wish and hope for a middle story! I can’t get enough of the way you write about our couple!

      And how i wished for you to be the writer for GQ, it is really devastating how Marja destroyed our couple and i am not so sure they will be reunited in the second season. I will try to keep some tiny hope because i trust that JB and LH will show us that they believe in Bette and Tina like they did in the OG when they fought so hard to give them a happy ending. Like izzy already said we are fortunate to have you and other writers that keep them alive!

      Billy and Martha said all what i think too, so i am not going to repeat them, they have both a gift to comment so beautiful like you are so gifted as a writer!

      Please never stop writing about Bette and Tina!

      Oh, is it a coincedence you mentioned a hot Texas summer? Texas, the state Laurel moved too, where a few members of this site lives too?!

      BK, i really hope you will continue to write for a long time! I wish you all the best and happiness! Stay safe and healthy!

    8. Thank you for this wonderful ending to The Beginning.

      Please, please write a Middle, I really cannot get enough of your writing of TiBette!

      I agree with Comments above as I have indicated to each of them. Happy to join your Fan Club

      Stay safe my friend.

    9. BK,

      A perfect last chapter to The Beginning. I love how you included all the special things –

      This made me laugh – “She actually lost weight sending Bette into a flurry of research and ordering of cookbooks she hovered she pampered she worried she couldn’t contain her excitement” because I could just picture Bette like this

      And how they love each other – “I love you Tee I always have”, “I love you too Sugar I always will”

      The super hot lovemaking. Tina touching Bette like she owned her, Tina seeing colors and Bette taking Tina from behind. Good stuff.

      Life isn’t perfect, but this Bette & Tina will make time for “dancing… running… cooking… naked swimming… morning chair cuddles…”

      I really liked how they didn’t share the news just yet with the gang. Reading the chapter I felt a part of something so intimate. For me the intimacy they share together is a big part of what makes them so special.

      The last page. “her eyes landing on a small pink rose in a tiny vase on the vanity shelf above the sink Bette knew a bigger one was on her desk in her office Reminding her of one of the many ways Tina made their house a home One of many” (Made me think of a couple chapters ago where you wrote how Tina put flowers by Bette’s computer)

      From that point on I could not help crying. Just a perfect ending. The last words – that’s what Bette & Tina are all about. I love your Bette & Tina. I love this story. I miss it, but am elated that it exists so I can re-read it any time.

      Excellent, beautiful writing. Thank you for this story. For sure I’ll read anything you write, but Please write The Middle

    10. Very enjoyable ending to The Beginning. I won’t rehash because everyone has stated so perfectly that the way you portray our favorite couple is awesome. I’m a fan of your writing and look forward to whatever you decide to bring us.

    11. Well, I finally did it – I finished The Beginning! I didn’t want to, because then it would be finished, but then the lure of reading your writing won out, lol

      This is a lovely way to round off this story. You are literally leaving it pregnant, which means you HAVE to write more. I’d love to read a Middle. The questions you set yourself are so interesting, and the point you make about Alice is, I think, at the crux of a lot of what we do on this site: the TV show needs drama; drama comes from conflict; if everyone is nice/rational, there’s no conflict. For Tibette fans, however, we have been starved of scenes that show something other than conflict and heartache and disaster, so this is where there’s an unusual amount of scope. And you write peaceful, rational, loving Tibette so, so beautifully.

      Thank you, BK! I share your optimism about GenQ giving us Tibette eventually. My biggest concern is ex machina, as it were – that LH will not return for an S3 – but I think that, if they have JB and LH on board, our girls are gonna get there in the end! Thank you again.

      Take care,

      • You did it ! You did it!
        I found myself in a weird position of having two pregnancy stories – this one and RWYA. I never meant for The Beginning to go beyond the announcement of their pregnancy and so here we are. I wanted to fix Candace and their communication issues and keep them from the road that is Helena and Henry and Josh. Shudder.
        And dear Largo, all you have to do is believe – believe in Jennifer and Laurel, they are the biggest Tibette fans there are. Until the last credit on the last episode I will hang on to that belief like a life preserver in a turbulent ocean. God help us all if it doesn’t happen.
        Keep writing my friend! I so enjoy your story ….

        • I love your faith, BK! I’m very excited but nervous about GenQ coming back. Excited for the new images of B&T, nervous for the storyline, and yet…… I think I agree with you. I keep holding on to the fact that JB *loves* keeping secrets, heh heh…..

          Oh please let us be right! But we have Les Fan too. <3

          Thank you so much for your wonderful writing. x

          • Thank you Largo. I agree with the secret of GQ. I think we are missing something big – they are consistently keeping Tina’s story quiet and the social media posts as well. I could be wrong but I think they want us to think one way and the show will deliver. Keep the faith, keep writing!

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