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    The Beginning 5

    The rest of the week went by fast, Tina super busy and Bette unexpectedly so. She expected to have a slow week, there was always a lull after a show but with the magazine cover out, Bette had a steady stream of interest and phone calls regarding upcoming shows.

    She would not have to hunt for an artist for the next opening, she realized… in fact, she could be selective. It was exhilarating. Even still, there were periods of time where she could sit and focus on other, very important things. Like looking at beach houses, which is what she was currently doing. She hoped to find one that was available for a long weekend next week.

    She would need to ask Tina, of course. But it wouldn’t hurt to put a deposit down and figure out the dates later, she decided. She could ask her when she saw her today.

    James would be back next week and he could wrap up the invoices and payments to vendors who catered the show. It would the perfect time for her to be gone. She wanted the house to be beach front but tucked away from the more touristy spots so she and Tina could enjoy the sand and water without a crowd. She willing to pay for it. The more private, the better.

    She paused for a long minute. Tina in a bikini. Oh, wow. Fuck. That alone would be worth the cost of the trip. Every shiny penny.

    I bet she looks fantastic in a bathing suit.

    I bet she looks even better out of one.

    She remembered a small town that a colleague always recommended she check out near Rosarito Beach. Looking over the website, it looked perfect with a thriving artist colony, tiny galleries, bookstores and a morning farmers market. She fell in love with the cobblestone paths and flower boxes in the windows, the white sands. It was a three-hour drive from LA but well within the reach for a four-day weekend.

    There were no hotels, only quirky bed and breakfast type inns with varying degrees of comfort and amenities. It was expensive but she was able to book a room in what appeared to be the best B&B in town, judging by the price, ratings and location right on the beach.

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    1. Only on page 3 but had to say a big YASSS that your Tina is one that didn’t break for the restaurant door in tears mad at Bette seeing Wendy at the table. THANK You that Tina is gonna pour on the charm & the fuck off to the UNinvited intruder Wendy!! Whoop!Whoop!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Go get her Tina 😄

      Gotta Go! . . . . . . . read the rest of this chapter

    2. BK…Have I told you how much I LOVE your writing? You are definitely on my favorites list….if not, currently #1!!! You make me sad, then you make me glad…all in the same story. The only thing I have some frustration with, is the snail’s pace of this fantastic relationship. It seems they are approaching the limits of their resolve… especially poor Bette! Even so, I still enjoy your take on this (my) favorite of all L-Word couples, origin. To say nothing about the craziness of Alice, the loyalty and wisdom of Shane, and the protectiveness of one Peggy Peabody (another personal favorite!). Oh, wait….that might be another story. Anyway, can’t wait for the next chapter! Please keep giving us the immense pleasure of reading your entertaining stories. Thank you.

      • Thank you so much Dr A! That is a huge compliment. It is at a snails pace isn’t? Such a huge decision for straight girl Tina to make, and so much fun to draw it out. Won’t be much longer I promise…
        No Peggy in this story, unfortunately… this is pre-season one….
        Thank you for your kind words, they mean alot…

    3. Ok.
      I’ve read the chpt twice as is my custom, and it’s delightful how much Tibette is discovering/observing about one another even before the actual “1st time” happens.

      Tina sees that Bette is very tactile, but she also uses her eyes to “touch” and that alone has almost sent Tina over the clift. On the other hand, Bette is really cognizant that Tina needs to be reminded of her value in hearing words that builds her up. She’s right in that Tina will be her best lover….by far!!

      They’re getting a big ‘ol dose of “intimacy” that apparently neither one has experienced. They will soon discover that what seems like little touches, looks, smiles, in their developing relationship will make a huge impact in the intensity and trust they’ll have for one another.

      I’ll be curious to see what a challenge it’s gonna be for Tina to keep her hands off of Bette as she tries to drive them to their get-away weekend. Especially after Tina’s solo business trip!!

      Finally, Tina is gonna have sooooo much fun slapping (whether figuratively or literally) the “fuck me eyes looks” off of anybody that dares to test her 😛!!! And she knows she’s up to the task of dispatching the “ClingOns”. YUP! She has already marked Bette as HER woman😋😝

      • DT
        YES yes yes to the little touches and looks and smiles and innuendos. All add up to a foundation of love and trust that allows Tina to take the next step. And she will def have to deal with more of Bette’s past in the upcoming chapters. Love your comments, as always…

    4. Loved it, thank you. Thank you, also for 20 pages.

      Bette is lovely, Tina is adorable and together they make a delightful couple.

      Look forward to more soon as I stay home and wash my hands!

    5. I love these two characters. I love the deliberateness of Bette to make Tina’s new experiences maximize pleasure. She is slow with purpose and she is achieving her goal even if she have doubts. Her goal is to proceed as Tina is comfortable. Personally, I love the pace. It seems like what they would do if they were real live people with each other. Tina’s comfort is Bette’s top priority.

      Thank you for this chapter…. I am totally immersed in this story. Love Tina’s ability to claim her women. And I loved that Bette allowed her. Bette’s silence while Tina played her act was a far larger message than Tina’s. Bette’s message was – yes, this is I am allowing to take possession of me and chase away all “KlingOns” . Silence indicates agreement. Bette’s reputation has been that she is never with anyone she doesn’t want to be and Bette is always in control. So when she relinquishes control, then that definitely signals to the world, that things have changed in the world of Bette Porter. And Tina Kennard is the choosen one.

      Love the long chapters. Write when you can….

      • Martha
        I had not considered the unspoken message Bette was sending by allowing Tina to handle Wendy, you are 100% correct! Thank you for that insight. It is a really powerful message to the table of catty women watching and wishing Bette and Tina to not make it. Thank yoU!

    6. Amazing chapter BK!

      Big applaud for Tina 👏👏👏 for claiming Bette like that in front of Wendy and it was just fantastic how stayed silent and let Tina claim her.

      They are a beautiful couple and i love how they move forward in a slow pace!!!

      Fantastic story! Thank you!

    7. Wow, BK, this chapter seemed to flow nicely. Did you wear down your keys? Thanks for over 8000 words!
      I really love how Bette is always rushing things in her mind, planing ahead how to seduce Tina, like she usually would and then – hold your horses! Too much, too fast – she stops herself, tries to look at every step from Tina’s point of view and avoids to put pressure on her new girlfriend. Gotta love Bette for it.

      I totally enjoy T + B’s thoughts you include in italic. Especially Bette’s are full of wonder about Tina. It’s like Bette’s inmost being is talking to her, telling her “She’s breaking through your walls! Look how amazing it feels to let her in and to give up some of the control.”
      Love this: “No one’s ever called me Baby in that tone of voice before, I like it.”

      Tina with Wendy was so smooth. After her not so subtle eyebrow-action towards Bette’s fanclub at the gallery this was the next stage of saying “I’m here now, get lost!”

      And then those jeans! Rendering Tina speechless and so wonderfully distracted. It’s a wonder that she was attentive enough to hear Alice while it was getting hot and heavy with Bette.
      Like the scene of Tina’s first kiss with a woman this moment of intimacy was breathtakingly beautiful. Your use of so many descritpive words bathes this scene in subtle erotic lights. Whispers… delighting…intimacy.. unraveling… her neck offered…exquisite. L o v e it.

      But you really cracked me up with Tina and the dishwasher. You know how I love your drunken Tina. Hilarious. And Tina whistling at Bette? Oh, BK, that was too much, I’m still chuckling.

      Great chapter, anxiously waiting for more.
      Enjoy your weekend, be good to yourself and give yourself a treat


      • KP
        I did wear down the keyboard, I may be developing carpel tunnel for all this typing LOL.
        Bette is not used to having to slow down is she? Or seduce, woo, entice. She is so funny to write as she tries to reign in her usual warp speed, get what she wants, when she want kind of mode.
        I love a drunken Tina too, she is sweet and cuddly and tries to be helpful. I can just picture Bette not quite knowing what to do with the scene unfolding in her kitchen.
        Enjoy your weekend too, we had hail yesterday because its 2020.
        Peace !

    8. Wonderful! I was holding my breath when Tina was sitting on Bette’s lap. Sizzling writing, my friend. I love how your Tina has that blend of vulnerable/adventurous/kittenish that is just irresistible to Bette. This is how I always see them in the early days. You captured it perfectly.

      ‘Bette? Where are you?’ is a beautiful moment.

      Putting her in her pocket to hold next to her heart is also a lovely image, blending possession (in a good way) with care.

      Ah, I love a good origin story, before all the trauma, lol. Thank you, BK x

      • Largo
        Before all the trauma, amen! How did they fall apart so spectacularly! Hopefully this story can end before all the ugliness started, I dont think I could write about all that unless it was to REWRITE all of that. BTW, I am waiting anxiously for your next chapter. Hint hint. :)

    9. getting cloooosssssseerrrrr. I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!
      we have a tina that more assertive but still with tons of fear under the surface. she knows what/who she wants but she’s not 100% how to go about it but she is feeling so much that she may just need to not overthink. it’s starting to happen, where she’s just going with what she is feeling. I love that…the scene in the living room was so beautiful, so sexy….but so full of meaning. and for bette, she’s learning a whole new way to get close to someone…to this one particular one…intimacy and touch and curbing her past behavior with others (not just sex right away but…intimacy). tina is not like the rest. bette knows it and so while she is falling hard, she is also a bit…panicked? which is very bette. she doesn’t want to screw it up, she doesnt want to lose tina, but she just wants to give her everything and protect her. and it’s so very romantic. so very bette. I love the “bette thoughts” in italics!

      I cannot wait for the next chapter. thank you, BK!

      • Thank you BTHofSF
        Inch by inch you are correct we are moving closer each chapter. So glad you see them as I do and that the story is coming across the way I hoped it would. I appreciate your comments, thanks!

    10. BK

      Wow! I love the way you are slowly unfolding Tina’s awakening. And how Bette is so patient and tender with her, encouraging her desire to bloom.

      Your prose are…

      Enjoying throughly.


      • SUperK
        Thank you, I love your stories as well. So much good stuff on this site that it is hard to keep up with it all. I like how you phrased that “encouraging her desire to bloom” such a beautiful way to describe what Tina is going through thanks!

      • HAHA Collins
        You can only read it again if it doesn’t detract from you writing your own next chapter, I am waiting for to see what happens in your story too my friend! Thanks

        • You made me laugh on that one my friend.

          Yes, I have time to reread & comment!!!

          Actually the next chapter of my story is just about ready to post – it will be a slightly shorter one this week – but oooooooh so worth it!!!!!!!!!

          Remember Tina is going to find her ‘sexy tiger’ in her bed again!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I might need a cold shower!!!!!!!!


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