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    The Beginning 4

    For the first time in over two months, Tina did not pick up the phone when Bette called the next morning. Bette let it go to voice mail but couldn’t bring herself to leave a message. There was too much she wanted to say. Like…. when can I see you again? Are you ok? And the biggest question of all… are we ok?

    Bette sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the blank screen. This was not how she envisioned her morning call playing out, given where they had been less than seven hours ago.

    She tried to think how Tina must be feeling and decided that Tina was probably scared. She understood completely but it jarred with her own feelings of… exhilaration, excitement, hope.

    After what they had shared the night before, having Tina not answer her phone hit her unexpectedly. Bette wanted to cry. She wanted to rush over to Tina’s apartment and bang on the door. She wanted to kiss her again, tell her it would all be ok.

    Instead, she flopped back on the bed. “Fuck”.

    Last night was… how to even put it into words. All evening during the Art show, she wanted to talk to Tina, tell her that something was happening, that being friends was becoming difficult, that she was developing feelings for the sexy blonde. But the opportunity did not present itself, and then in her office… Tina had walked up to her and just… wow…that kiss.

    At first, Bette froze, she couldn’t believe what was happening. And having Tina so close to her made her head spin. No one had ever kissed her like that before, that much Bette knew. She had kissed many women, been kissed by many women and none had made her feel that way.


    Her body had instantly responded to Tina and it took a great deal of self-control for Bette not to take her then and there. On the desk or on the couch or against the wall. Or all of those places… but especially on the desk. Any other woman would have been bent naked over her desk immediately.

    She had felt passion before, of course. Lust, often. But Tina’s kiss was layered, meaningful, weaved into a fabric of friendship and mutual respect that enhanced the kiss. She wanted more.

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    1. This story makes my heart melt. Thanks BK.
      I don’t know how long Tina’s going to be able to resist Bette’s charm. I sure couldn’t. And Holly’s going to figure out the roses if they keep coming every day. Yikes!

      • Stay safe SG.
        On a side note, I have made a huge push to get outside every day at some point. Today, a walk along a small stream. Despite the small children who seemed determined to get underfoot it was really nice to get away and just…. be.
        I hope you have a restful weekend. Peace.

    2. Bette is being really good. The temptation to go for a little more must be excruciating. Tina is not far behind. I think that they may be moving slowly but there will be a tipping point which not allow either of them to resist. And when it happens, it will be like nothing they have ever experienced before or subsequent.

      I love this story. I love that Tina is so curious but so unsure as to what the next step is. I love that Tina trust Bette enough to tell her of fear. I love that Bette understands and is being as patient and she can be. This will only strengthen their relationship.

      This is somewhat how I imagined it would go. They would become friends long before they become lovers. I think that it will allow them to have a long lasting and enduring relationship.

      Thanks for this story…… Love it…. love to see more….

      • I agree. 100%. Bette has been amazing. Trust is, as you pointed out, essential.
        Friendship is everything right now and will make for a great next step…
        Thanks, Martha. Your comments mean the world.

    3. Amazing, BK. Where to start? The picture of a totally confused and stunned Bette, probably recalling the kiss over and over again. Love that scene.

      And then Tina remembering the kiss. The description of kissing a woman compared to kiss a man is simply beautiful. “They didn’t linger, savor, delight in the small touches… the way a tongue can feel moving over another tongue. The way lips can be more sensitive when pulled on, teased. ” The shared kiss.
      Wow. That’s exactly how great kissing should be. Phenomenal how you captured this moment with your words. Feel hugged and thanked for that paragraph alone. Flashback moment for me. Reminded me of the myriad of sensations of my first kiss with a woman.
      Much the same as her thoughts on telling people that she’s with a woman. Just great.

      Some beautiful quotes. “This, Bette thought. Just… this.” “…. the passion kept corralled… though it prowled and crouched on the perimeter, waiting. ”

      Loved the note under the pillow. Well, I love your story, BK. Thanks for sharing this gem with us.

      Still have to get back to “remember who..”. Didn’t hit send this morning before shutting down my computer.

      Enjoy your weekend!


      • KP
        You hit on ALL my favorite moments. The difference between kissing a man and a woman, I think, is a key part in all of this. Tina needed to see the change immediately. Love that you picked up on it.
        The note on the pillow was added after the chapter was written. I thought Tina needed a way to tell Bette without having to TELL her (face to face) how important the new relationship; is.
        LOVE your comments, thanks

    4. BK,
      Your writing brings joy . . . . Laughter . . . .anticipation. It makes just “reading” fun because our imaginations are easily swept up and engaged.

      U’re sweet, but that little stunt with Alice . . .acting like she was talking about Bee&Tee was devilment at best. Though it made me laugh out loud. 😃. Poor Tina was dissolving into a puddle, only to raise her head to hear that “Shane” was the subject matter😉

      I hope Tibette don’t accidentally devour each other knowing that the passion they have “kept corralled . . . though it’s prowling and crouched on the perimeter waiting” Is released. How’d U come up with that???

      I feel like Bette knows passion to some degree, but Tina is ready to run thru a wall to experience it!!

      I’m trying to figure out where their first time will happen? Hmmmmm a weekend get-away in the mountains perhaps?😧😍😍

    5. DT
      ALICE kills me. She had B/T wanting to crawl under a rock thinking their secret was out. LOL
      And, to answer your question about the corralled passion – it just stuck. And wine, wine helps when I write. Not a lot of wine, just a glass. It eliminates my hesitation and need to over analyze. The sentence was there and I went with it. Glad you liked it, it was a fav of mine too.
      First time…. the beach? the mountains? Either way, it’s happening FO SHO.


    6. Great chapter BK!

      I am not sure i have something to add to what already has been said in the previous comments.

      From friendship to a relationship in a slow pace. Bette is so good and understanding of Tina’s feelings and fear. And Tina loves to tease her with all those kisses, if they go on like this they both can’t resist each other very soon.

      And Alice, i really thought she was talking about Bette and Tina, she is a tease and i think she did it on purpose, trying them to confess about their next stage of friendship.

      I love both your stories!

    7. hi BK!

      what a fantastic chapter! with as hot and heavy as it got with the kiss in chapter 3, there is still that fear of the unknown for tina. but what is certain (and I love that you fixed that right away…we know bette and tina sometimes have communication issues) is that they are falling for each other hard. im glad that there is no question of that from either of them and you had that wonderful text message and then their lunch at the planet. it is so refreshing that you are building their love story but character growth as well as any issue they would have is really within themselves…and once they overcome that, they will be stronger as individuals and as a couple. I love the build though! how the kiss meant so much but…that missed call threw them both off. and each knew they had to fix it and talk to each other. I love the romance that is happening so beautifully. tina’s curiosity and not really being able to resist bette. and bette knowing she wants tina but doesnt want to scare her away…that fear in her of losing tina. ugh. so good. so on point but when they are together? it’s like all is right in the world. why is it that they always put these rules in place for each other (im looking at you ‘let’s take it slow tina’ ;-)) only to just break them because they cannot stay away from each other? part of their charm.

      I cannot wait for bette’s idea of ‘the next level’ to come to life in your story. I cannot wait for the next chapter (s)!! thank you for this beautiful love story. p.s. that note…ugh. my bette and tina heart.


      • BTHoSF
        I wanted to fix the communication issues from the start so glad you agreed with that. I want this story to be close to how I envision the characters from the show but also, maybe… dare I say it… a better version then the show showed us. Maybe a more self aware Tina and Bette rather then the mess they became by the end of season one.
        And haha about “lets take it slow” Tina, she will quickly lose that resolve in the next chapter as you will see. So glad you are along for the journey, and thanks for commenting…

    8. Hey BK,

      Well, I read the chapter twice because it was SOOOOOOO good & I wanted to savor many of the details along the way.

      Agreed with what everyone else has said about the chapter just excellent.

      Also liked where ‘Bette didn’t know what to do with her hands’ & when Bette realizes Tina is bra less – ‘Oh sweet Jesus, she isn’t wearing a bra’ – what a dilemma for our Bette!!

      So glad that you are taking the time to explore their early relationship before all the drama/trama of OG season 1.

      Thanks so much & happy writing the next chapters!!

      • Thank you Collins. This story has been fun to write, glad you are enjoying it. Don’t spend too much time away from writing your own story – looking forward to the next chapter my friend!

        • Glad you are enjoying this awesome beginning for our Fav Couple.

          They deserve a nice and loving story – just the two of them.

          Working on my own story at the moment. Will post soon.

          Thanks too my friend!!

    9. BK

      So sweet. Reminded me of my… ooops sharing to much.

      love how Bette is holding on, she must feels something really special. Which you have captured beautifully.


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