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    The Chief and the intern – Chapter 25


    “I don’t think I can bare to say goodbye to you. This way it’ll be just like, see you later kind of thing.” Bette says as she gets tears in her eyes.
    “Babe, I want to come with you, I want the extra time with you.” Tina says also getting tears in her eyes.
    “If you come with me, you´ll be all alone on the trainride back to Oslo, I don´t want you to…” Bette says.
    “I don´t care about that. All I care about is you and to be with you as long as I can.” Tina says. “Please baby, let me come.” Tina pleads.
    They look at each other for a few moments in silence.
    “How can I say no to you? Come here.” Bette says and pulls Tina into a big hug and then a passionate kiss.
    A while later their taxi is outside waiting. They exit the apartment for the last time.
    “Are we taking a taxi all the way to the airport?” Tina asks.
    “Yeah, I thought so. I´ll put it on the Embassy tab.” Bette says and grins.
    “You can´t do that?” Tina says in a curious way.
    “Watch me. It´s the least they can do after kicking me out of my home with two day notice.” Bette says and gets into the taxi. The taxi driver puts the luggage in the back.
    45 minutes later, the taxi stopped at the drop-off area at Gardermoen Airport outside Oslo. And Bette did as she said, she told the taxidriver to send the bill to the American Embassy in Oslo and to the name Mr. Connor.
    Tina goes through the security check with Bette, but through to the gate, she can’t go without a ticket. But there are cafè’s there that they can stop by before Bette goes through to the gate. They had another hour before Bette had to go. So they decided to take a seat in a cafe and get a cup of coffee.
    Bette went to order while Tina sat down and watched Bette’s hand luggage. Tina couldn’t help it, but tears started to fall down her face. She tried to wipe them away, but they kept coming. Bette came back with two coffee’s and got a worried look on her face when she saw the tears on Tina’s face.
    “Baby, please don’t cry. We’ll see each other soon again.” She said as she took Tina’s hand in hers and softly caressed it.
    “I know, but still, I can’t help it. To be away from you for four months. I hate it.” Tina says as she wipes her tears away again.
    “I know. But I promise that I’ll come visit in a month or two. Just have to get settled in LA and start my new job. But I will come back soon for a long weekend. Okay? And we’ll talk everyday on phone or skype.” Bette says. “I love you.” Bette says with a loving smile.
    “I love you too, more than I can say.” Tina replies, leaning in for a kiss.
    Bette looked at her watch and saw that it’s time to go to the gate. Tina noticed it and instantly tears started to fall. Bette reached over to wipe them away. Bette stood up, grabbed her bag and reached out her hand to help Tina up. They walked hand in hand towards the entry to the gate.
    Bette stopped and moved a little to the side and brought Tina into her arms. She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Tina’s lips. Their foreheads together and they linked their hands together.
    “Will you call when you land, so I know you made it safely?” Tina asks through her tears.
    “Yeah, I will..” Bette replies.
    “Don’t think about the time. Call me no matter what.” Tina adds.
    “I will. I promise.” Bette whispers. She pulls Tina into a warm hug. “I love you so much.” Bette adds in a whisper as she kisses Tina’s forehead. “I have to go.” She says as finally tears fall down Bette’s face too.
    “I love you. “ Tina adds softly.
    The passengers are called to the gate.
    “I love you, I love you. have a good flight and call when you touch ground in LA.” Tina says.
    “I will, it will take a lot of hours. I’m first landing in New York.” Bette says.
    “Call then too.” Tina says with a small smile.
    “Okay, then I will. I have to go. I love you and see you soon.” Bette says and leans in for a last kiss. It lasts a minute.
    Tears fall as Bette lets go of Tina and walks towards the gate. Tina watches until Bette is out of sight. She then turns around and walks towards the exits.
    She jumps on the first train towards Oslo. An hour later she’s at home in her apartment. It’s the evening and she doesn’t feel like making any food, so she calls for takeout.
    That night she didn’t get any sleep at all. And around 4 in the morning her cell phone sounded. She picks it up on the second ring.
    “Baby?” Tina answers without looking at the caller-id.
    “Yes baby, it’s me.” Bette replies with a small chuckle. “You picked up quickly.” Bette adds.
    “Yeah, I haven’t slept. I’ve been waiting for you call.” Tina admits.
    “Sweetie, you have to sleep.” Bette says, she feels sorry for keeping Tina up all night. She wish she was still there.
    “I know, but I miss you. So you’re in New York now?” Tina asks, changing the subject.
    “Yeah, I’m waiting for my luggage now.” Bette says.
    “I wish I was there with you.” Tina adds softly.
    “Me too Tina, but soon. Only a few months.” Bette says. “Why don’t you try and get some sleep and I’ll call again when I land in New york in about 5 hours or so. You can sleep in since you don’t have school tomorrow.” Bette says.
    “I will try and get some sleep, but I can’t promise anything, at least not tonight.” Tina says smiling.” Tina replies.
    “Okay, just as long as you sleep tomorrow night and all the nights after that.” Bette says.
    “I will, as long as you call me every night.” Tina says making Bette chuckle.
    “I will. Listen baby, I have my luggage and are on my way to the next gate.” Bette says.
    “Okay, travel safely on the last journey.” Tina says.
    “I will. I’ll call you later. I love you.” Bette says as she walks towards the gate for her final plane home.
    “I love you too.” Tina says.
    “Sleep tight.” Bette says before they hang up.
    After the phonecall from Bette, Tina managed to sleep until the phone rang again 5 hours later and Bette told her that she had safely arrived in LA and was on her way over to Alice and Dana who would take Bette over to her new apartment.


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