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    The Confessions

    Bette perused Tina’s backside as she allowed the tiny blonde to lead her from the bedroom. They had walked this same path numerous times before. After sex. On their way out. Just because. They didn’t need a reason, really. Tina always found Bette’s hand and Bette loved it. Tina would inevitably look over her shoulder and blink at Bette because she didn’t know how to wink. Bette would always smile. Alice and Shane teased Bette at the beginning because she had never been a fan of public displays of affection until Tina. There was just…something…about…Tina. Bette couldn’t get enough of her.

    Bette contemplated Tina and even after everything…she would still follow her anywhere. Everyone knew it. She wondered if Tina knew it too.

    She looked at the back of Tina’s neck and the spot behind her right ear where she liked to be kissed. Bette licked her lips. She watched Tina’s back muscles ripple with each step. She was glad Tina didn’t put the tank top back on. She looked amazing in the backless, emerald green swimsuit and shorts. Bette had never seen this swimsuit before. The brunette wondered what other new things Tina had in her life. 

    Six months was a long time to be away from someone. She also wondered if they could find their way back to them again because she truly missed them. 

    Bette took a deep breath and exhaled quietly. She felt herself about to shut down when Tina squeezed her hand. Bette’s eyes flew up to meet Tina’s eyes looking back at her. Tina scrunched her nose and blinked because she didn’t know how to wink. Bette’s soul instantly relaxed. She smirked. 

    Tina turned back around and Bette refocused on Tina’s muscles. She was the fittest Bette had ever known her to be. She assumed it was from all the running. Bette wanted to reach out and run her fingers over them. If she was being honest, she wanted to run her tongue over each muscle…slowly. Then she wanted to kiss her in the middle of her back as her hands snaked up Tina’s front to firmly grab both of her breasts. And she wanted to knead them until she heard Tina moan.

    Bette wanted to feel Tina lean back into her. She wanted to massage her breasts until Tina’s nipples hardened and Tina melted into Bette exposing her neck. Bette wanted to lick Tina’s neck and pull her earlobe into her mouth. She wanted Tina to reach back and grab the back of her head and pull her in closer. It had been way too long since they made love to each other.

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    1. Now, all the cards have been laid upon the table. Bette is caught up with the who did what to get her and Tina back together… But Bette needs to realize that unless someone did something like this, that there would be very little chance that she would have Tina in her life again. In the end, getting them together did not put them together, it only gave them an opportunity to take that path forward. Both Tina and Bette could choose a different path… but I certainly hope they don’t. They have a long journey ahead and many obstacles to negotiate. But if they can get out or their own way and think about them as a couple, they can be very happy and very successful..

      Wonderful chapter… thanks you..

    2. Love the way this chapter came together too!

      Finally, Bette knows the truth and boy was she angry but she didn’t blew up like i was afraid for to happen, because no matter what happens Tina is the one who calms her by a smile, a simple little touch.

      Poor James, Bette firing him and Tina standing up for him like the others, but he is safe and can look up Bette’s schedule for therapy.

      I really felt Tina’s declaration that she saw Bette, that she took her for granted, that she only wants Bette to be happy, without or with her. And that Bette is willing to go to therapy with her. A good first date, i agree with Tina and and Bette’s explanation about not calling either baby or Tee, they have a long road to go but I have absolutely faith that they will come out on the right side, back together in a even better way than before Tina ran away.

      It’s an incredible story, well written, love the inside in their thoughts and feelings!

      • Thank you! Yes, it was important for Bette to hear about all of their shenanigans. I’m glad she didn’t explode. She was on the verge to but I think having Tina back in LA and in their home shifted things a little for Bette. They have a lot to work through. This was the first step.

    3. I love your writing. This is an all time favorite. There is so much to unpack here. Why does Tina run? Why does Bette wall off? I think one of the changes in the family dynamics is everyone stood their ground and really challenged Bette during the retelling of the escapade to Forgiveness!! Bette and Tina’s walk down the hallway reminded both of them they were safe in each others arms. I thought Bette would flip out during the family “True Confessions” but it appeared when she went into attack mode someone looked her in the eyes so she could see the truth! Tina also kept her within touch, and it calmed her. It was a great family intervention with each taking ownership of their part. I think my favorite part is Bette telling everyone to get out…and they shot her down on that. So she stomps off and slams the door….Tina shot that down and oh I could just picture that stink eye she gave Bette. The walk was a classy ending. Can’t wait for next post!!!

    4. The Tina character in your story has really grown. I loved that she told Bette she wanted her to be happy and the reason for not calling her Baby for now. I am also looking forward to more dates.

    5. WOW, what a chapter….I’m so glad all is out in the open. Thank goodness for their ‘family’, all rallying round concocting such a clever plan. All to get their favourite couple back together again.
      What a pair Tina always running and Bette shutting down.
      Poor old James although we all know she will never fire him!
      And … good old Kit always ready with the celebratory meal to fill their stomachs and hearts !
      I absolutely love this story and can’t wait to read more …. Thank you !

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