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    The End of One Journey is the Beginning of the next Chapter 28 and Epilogue

    Two Months Later

    Bette watched as James tried to help maneuver a couple of large crated paintings into the Gallery floor. Two men were backing up through the hall with the paintings on a dolly.

    ”Watch the corners.” James directed, ”Don’t hit the doorframe.” James looked at Bette and sighed, ”I’m never using these guys again.”

    The men settled the paintings on the ground next to the wall and headed back to their truck for more with James quickly following. Bette rolled her eyes and followed James. She was here to discuss this years charity event and did not expect James to be so involved with the delivery of the Holloman pieces that would be showing next week. The men started down the ramp with James giving directions that were clearly ignored. The lead man backing up and stumbled when his foot slipped on the curb that was still wet from the earlier rain. Trying to correct himself and not drop the painting he collided with a woman who had been walking by. Bette and James watched helplessly as the woman fell into the planter sitting in front of the Gallery. Bette’s phone buzzed and then rang just as her and James moved to the woman’s aid. Bette stopped short seeing a dog, but James didn’t and tripped over the dog that had been sitting next to the woman patiently.

    ”Jack, are you ok boy,” the woman said has she reached out and the dog met her hand.

    Bette’s eyes went wide and her hands went to her mouth, ”Oh my God, you’re blind.”

    James gave the dog a once over while the woman ran her hands over the dog. ”He’s wagging his tail, I think he is okay.”

    Bette looked over at the woman and notice blood coming from her forehead, ”James,” she said pointing to the woman’s forehead as she shut her eyes. ”Shit,” she said quietly to herself.

    Bette pulled out a Kleenex from her bag handing it to James. She then reached back in to grab her phone, seeing a notice for a text from Tina and a call from Peggy. ”I’m gonna call 911,” Bette said.

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    1. What a beautiful ending to your story. The epilogue in particular is exquisite and filled with so much quiet emotion. TiBetters everywhere are wiping the tears to be sure. Having just begun year 31 with the love of my life it is so incredibly heartwarming to read fanfiction that depicts women in long term relationships. This is one area where GQ totally missed the boat – assuming that there is no audience for successful, loving partnerships – so very wrong. So very touching.

      Love the way you focused on Bette and Tina in the final chapter. Both at the top of their game and trying to balance their high powered careers with a relationship they both want so very much. What you wrote about it being hard work and sometimes a struggle is so very true. They reached a place where they were truly committed to each other while still having to navigate the day to day challenges of how to stay in track. Ultimately equals in every way -forever.

    2. Wow….what an ending and what an epilogue…. Very emotional for me. I still wonder why Maxine left. Its lovely that she kept up with Bette over the years and that she approved of Tina. Its wonderful she cronicalled Bette’s life in her paintings and sketchings. But why did she not make contact?

      The story had me worried to start with in that both Bette and Tina could not reconcile their careers with their relationship. My fear was they would both choose their career efforts over and above their personal relationship. I guess my life is of the philosophy that you are much happier if you work to live rather than living to work. Work can be satisfying and ego building but a good relationship will be with you long after the work life is over. Life is limited and spending long hours in your professional life can destroy your happiness. In this story, Bette and Tina do not have to make a choice between career and relationship but choose to communicate and stay together in spite of their career lives. And it works for them.

      I love the epilogue, but I am disappointed that Bette continues to dye her hair. I’m one who believes that she would be just as elegant and beautiful in grey hair as she is as a brunette. I love that they have grandchildren and Bette and Tina are forever….

      Thank You for the lovely story and reconciliation. And thank you for having Bette find her mother and her art work. I really enjoyed this one…. please write some more stories…..

      • Martha

        I think the story had a lot of people worried at the beginning. Our girls were on opposite sides of a valley with no bridge in site. I have rewritten the first three chapters that smooth it out a bit, but to do the reconciliation justice it had to be a difficult and long journey. This story moves through almost three years from the time Tina left till they get back together. You said early on the reconciliation would take time and so it did.

        You are so right about the importance of balance. I read a lot on power couples and it is a challenge for sure with two big careers.

        Bette and her mother is such an interesting story as it has had such an impact on who Bette became as an adult. Ripe for more exploration for sure.

        Glad you took this trek with me.

    3. Congratulations. This is such a lovely story. The epilogue is written with so much quiet eloquence. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of Bette and Tina 20 years into the future. I am just beginning year 31 with the love of my life and one of the areas GQ really missed the boat was making the assumption that there is no audience for happy long term relationships. That is so very wrong. I feel confident in saying that sharing a moment with Bette and Tina 20 years from now caused many a TiBetter to shed a tear.

      I was happy to see the final chapter primarily focused on Bette and Tina. Both highly successful and powerful women committed to being together in an equal and loving partnership. Both respecting the other and acknowledging the challenge in balancing work and career with a positive relationship and both totally willing to work towards being together – forever. Bette and Tina are driven to succeed and forging a forever path forward together in which each acknowledges the other as being their absolute equal was essential. There are so many standout passages. Too many to single out in this post but here is one that hit home:

      “Tina, now, more then ever, realized how fortunate she had been, in so many ways. Somehow they had managed to find each other again, pulled together like magnets, and fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Everything had fallen into place and all the issue that pulled them apart were now managed with open communication. There was enough time together and enough time apart. They were a Power Couple, both successful in their own careers in their own right. Their professional and personal lives were deeply intertwined but they had found their equilibrium and were putting their relationship first.  They were more careful with their time to make sure they connected with one another and enjoy the things that defined and gave meaning to their relationship with each other and the rest of their family.” Equilibrium is an excellent word to describe what they are trying to achieve. So well written with a nice touch of humor as well courtesy of Bette and James. Enjoy that pairing.

      I would be remiss if I did not point out that your Peggy Peabody is one of my favorites. I love that she told Tina to get to Bette and be there for her. No arguing with mama Peabody. How ironic and lovely that Bette’s adopted mother ultimately is the one who located Bette’s biological mother and helped Bette close that chapter in her life. Peggy loves Bette so much and vice versa. The only down side to the epilogue taking place in the future is that Peggy is gone and Angie has her own life – probably in Maxine’s house? And grandchildren as well. Seems like there just might be another story to tell? Also love the pictures on the wall. A life well lived and well loved. And more to come.

      Well done!!!

      • Congrats on starting year 31 with your Beloved. I admire people who have long-term lives. I admire their courage to keep going.

        And on the other hand, admire those who aren’t in a hurry to be rid of the single times in life. In other words:
        Be CONTENT where you’re at!!!

      • Billy Billy Billy

        Didn’t it just come together in the end. I whole heartedly agree that GQ missed the boat about long term relations. These two never lost their connection, and that was what eventually brought them back together. The quote you identified came together so easily once Tina was home.

        Peggy was such an important character in this story. She made an appearance at all the right moments to provide the necessary guidance. It is too bad TLW nor GQ ever flushed out this relationship. It is so ripe for development.

        And of course there were grandchildren. That is their legacy..
        Glad you took this journey with me.

    4. SuperK must be short for “SuperKool” 😎
      Gosh what a joy to share in fiction that really seemed to have a spirit and life as we followed the story that love so often displays.

      Sweet stuff, hiliarious stuff, 💔 and in the case of your novel, the continuance of UNconditional love. Two souls that knew they were interconnected.

      I found it interesting when mention Angie, long after having left home for her own soulmate, it wasn’t obvious whether “Jean” was the name of a woman or a Frenchman who often have that name. I like how it DOESN’t matter 🥰🥰!!

      Finally, for sure the Writers of TLWGenQ need to come across this, and so many other masterpieces her in FanFiction that will open up the possibility of scenes that include the tenatiousness of the Tibette relationship.

      Looking forward to future touch-love, sensual life adventures that you create with our Tibette babes!!

      I wish you love, peace and soul

      • D

        It was a true love story for sure. I am every bit a hopeless romantic and seeing them broken apart broke my heart.

        There were so many gems in this final chapter that just seemed to come together on their own.

        Glad you enjoyed it.


    5. Yeah, thank you for this story!

      It was hard tell, especially on the beginning but you still might to give them way to back together.
      My favorite moment from this part would be the part when Bette and Tina first time to see pictures, painted by Bette’s mother. It was beautiful. And they still together and live in 20 years in the future!

      So, maybe another Tibette story in the future, hmm? :)

      • Z

        You by far were the biggest critic. So glad you hung in there for the full story arch. It was not easy bringing them back together with my choice of following the show so closely.

        The three picture idea came to me from an old movie. When I introduced Maxine’s painting it just seemed to fit. Tina going to the box and finding the pic of the three was one of my favorite parts. It was a close second to the letter which took forever to compose.

        I am so glad you liked what I did with the reconciliation.
        Спасибо за ваш комментарий


    6. Thank you so much for this great ending to a wonderful story!

      I echo all the comments from my fellow readers above and admit that I had tears falling on a number of occassions.

      So pleased you had both Bette and Tina alive in the Epilogue and do wonder if there is not another Story to cover the 20 years between ending and epilogue? Give it some thought!


    7. SupeSupe
      Please keep writing. I could read anything you write. This was a beautiful novel and you are right – you did it! So proud of you for picking up the laptop again and spending the time to deliver us this gift. As my own mother says when she signs off on a text – MUAH! all the best, BK

    8. Thank you for this wonderful story.
      My favorite part of this chapter was the Holloman art pieces reference. I believe that is a first in fanfiction story telling.

      I hope to see another story from you.

    9. In the words of Shirley Temple Oh My Goodness! what a wonderful story. You have found closure to so many issues of the Tibette story that the original creators simply could’nt cover in 50 some minutes each week. You’ve tied up so many lose ends in a beautiful way. Thank you for this offering and keep telling stories. there’s nothing I love more than an intelligent read!!!

      • Sharon

        Thank you for your kind words…intelligent read, yes most definitely but our girls deserve nothing less to explain why they do what they do. This was a difficult subject as divorce is so layered in it cause.

        But in the end our smart ladies figured it out and are on their way to a more happy and fulfilled life. At least in my world lol


    10. SuperK!!!!

      I was so emotional after reading the ending to your beautiful story and that sweet epilogue. My gosh, I totally agree with what so many have already said. It was such a fitting ending to such an emotional and loving story. You really tied it up so well and delivered so many moments between these two that were just so powerful. I had to read it twice just to be able to relive them. I am very excited to see what you come up with next for these two, our beloved Tibette. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful story.


      • Risky

        Wow, it seems the ending really did capture people’s hearts. So glad as that is what I was trying to do. Thank you for kind words about writing racy scenes. I don’t know if I will every fully get comfortable do it, but I understand the need in the context of the story.

        Looking forward to reading more of you story.


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