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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 29


    Bette stepped closer to her. “There was no window, Carmen. Tina just…she just broke the door down.”

    “Tina, huh?”

    Bette nodded. “Yes. That’s her name. We are taking a break for the moment.”

    “A break?”

    “Yes. I need to settle some things with Sidney. I’ll fill you in later. Do you have time to talk tonight?” asked Bette.

    “I do. But I’m leaving first thing in the morning. I just flew in for your show.”

    Bette’s brow furrowed. “You flew in for one day? Just to see the show?”

    Carmen paused, studying the dark eyes before her. “To see you and the show.”


    Thanksgiving at the Kennard House

    Steven sat his fork down and folded his hands under his chin. “Well, I feel like the straight white male in America is under persecution. Immigrants and minorities steal all the jobs, liberals have clogged the media, traditional values are under attack. And if we say anything about it, we’re deemed racists.”

    “Couldn’t have said it better,” Tracy replied.

    “Traditional values? The president of the united states of America cheated on every wife he had. He’s on camera telling a man that he can grab women by the pussy.”

    Kaitlyn glared at her and nodded her head toward her boys. “Hey! Watch your language.”

    “Watch my language? It’s on national television. This is real. This is American reality,” said Tina.

    Tracy Kennard continued, “Besides. That was locker room talk. It was never meant for anyone to hear it.”

    “Mom! That’s the point!” Tina said.


    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 29

    Bette thought it would be inappropriate for her to be alone in her house with Carmen. So they spent the night together in the main gallery, just talking. They sat side-by-side, against one of the walls. Bette was nibbling on a black and white mousse. Carmen was drinking an entire bottle of champagne by herself, refilling her glass when it got low.

    She pulled a rainbow-colored bullet from her purse and offered it to Bette.

    The gallery owner shook her head. “No thanks. I’m trying to quit,” she said. Though her words were firm, she’d felt her heart speed up and had clenched her teeth, resisting the urge to snort the white powder. The pull of coke was greater than the draw of alcohol.

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    1. Wow! I’m speechless. I hereby bestow the title of this week’s drama queen upon you.

      What an a**hole. Poor Tina, this is too much pressure. She has to talk to someone. But who? Of course Bette but will she be strong enough to ease Tina’s fears? An attorney. Someone who definitely has no ties with her father’s clan. Would be time for Joyce, maybe there is a hole in the pre-nup.

      I’m…. running out of words.

    2. And i think it’s Bette who has a biggest problem.

      How can you choose outsider over her own daughter – i don’t understand. Prick. I’m hoping that this Tina’s dad business in future will be ruined.

    3. I think I would see a good lawyer….Good ole Henry maybe out getting himself some on the side especially if Tina has not been putting out for him. So what happens if Henry cheats? And can Tina just lie about cheating until the divorce is done. This pause maybe a good thing. She has been buying all those gifts for Bette – lunches, dress, shoes glamour bridge? All on her credit card. All of that can be traced to Tina’s relationship with Bette. She’s not going to be able to take care of Bette now.

      What mess…what mess.

      Great story….looks like mom and dad know Tina’s secret. That’s a surprise……

    4. Wow that was a twist I knew something was going to happen to put a kink in things.. but damn her dad only loves himself and his image. I would be broke but I would have love so yeah wouldn’t be a hard decision for me. Long as Bette didnt get hurt. Thank you great chapter..

    5. Is Tina working for her father ? I know loosing a family is really hard but it’s her life after all ! Can we

      really compromise our lives for our family’s reputation ? My god those conservatives are so

      loathsome and so hypocrites !

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