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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 32

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 32

    The anti-anxiety medication seemed to be helping. Bette had felt calmer and surer of herself as the week progressed. She’d had a lunch appointment with her sponsor, a gay man named Victor. He was very kind and had shared part of his dark past with her. He had been clean for 8 years and she promised him that she would call him if she needed.

    His warm brown eyes had crinkled when he said, “Hell, you can call, text, or send a smoke signal. As long as you get ahold of me. I’ll be there for you.”

    Bette had laughed and they’d parted ways with smiles on their faces.

    She’d even made amends with Max, showing up to The Planet bearing a toy wrecking ball truck, card, and a chocolate chip cookie bouquet. The inside of the card had said, “I’m sorry for wrecking your place. Your favorite customer, Bette Porter.”

    Max had smiled at her, his blue eyes twinkling like gems. “I could never stay mad at you,” he’d said.

    They had sat together in his office and Bette had filled him on just why she’d lost her cool. She promised that I wouldn’t happen again. Max told her that Shane had refused to talk to the police and had insisted that nothing happened. It hadn’t mattered that her face looked like she’d run into a brick wall, her lips were sealed.

    And while Bette had been making progress and slowly mending a few broken fences, she’d continued to build that wall between Tina and herself. She’d been distant and standoffish, doing her best to push Tina away. It had all been so simple in her old life. Now she was so unsure of herself and the way her body and mind responded to the world around her. She didn’t trust herself not to destroy things with Tina.

    After a few days of Bette dodging all forms of communication with her, Tina made her way to the gallery at around 10am on a Friday morning. The front desk clerk, Maxwell, had been happy to see her. He gave her a big hug and thanked her for providing lunch for everyone before the show.

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    1. Wow ok.. there has to be a way out of the marriage and I dont see how he can take every thing.. and there this thing with international banking.. lol.. and I’m sure he has fooled around on her. This whole thing seems to be dragging with them both. Cant keep putting Tina off and expect her to just be there. And Tina needs to make a move. Lol ok great chapter thank you..

    2. Oh I like Chris Anderson! Yes, baby, show ’em what you are capable of! ;-)
      Just great, MTS. Pivotal moment for Tina, I’d say.
      Good for both of them that Tina stood her ground and told Bette outright that she was avoiding her. Bette is still so shaken up :( She probably needs Tina to lead their relationship.

      Thanks for reminding us: “Her 19 year old self was not prepared to……” Exactly.

      Looking forwad to the next chapter.

    3. Oh what a tangle web we weave, when first we plan to deceive!

      A simple command by Tina’s Dad to send Henry to pay a visit to Bette, and the trusts Bette extends to Tina/Chris Anderson is blown sky high in a million pieces.

    4. Has Tina decided that she really wants Bette? Bette has been very consistent. She has always wanted to be with Tina. The problem is this attack. Until Bette get the proper therapy, I do not see that she can be intimate with Tina. Tina even though she knows Bette’s problem is being rather slow to make her her mind what is important for her future. Tina needs to get advice and a plan. Even if things do no work out with Bette, she knows that at some point she will be wanting the company of a woman. So she must free herself of Henry and her family in order to have any potential of living a happy life.

      Bette is going to be crushed when she finds out that Tina has been lying. It will be most difficult to build trust when she has withheld so much information about herself. And if she finds out in some other way than from Tina herself, it will be more devastating than the attack from Sidney.

      Bette should not visit Sidney while she is in the treatment. Consult with her doctors and send a letter of encouragement to work hard at her treatments but with a clear message that the relationship is over. Bette needs to have more therapy more so for her trauma than for her addictions. If she can get this trauma situation under control, it will perhaps reduce the desire to drink or use drugs.

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