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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 39

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 39

    As Tina raced toward Bette’s WeHo craftsman in her SUV, only one thought sounded in her mind: “I can’t lose her”. It seemed like she hit every red light on the way and was relieved when she saw Bette’s car in the drive. She pulled her keys from her purse and raced up the front stairs. When no one answered the doorbell, she let herself inside.

    Bette had to listen to her. Tina had indeed been busy. She really had been out of town. She’d been moving funds to offshore accounts and flying abroad to set up safe deposit boxes and biometric account access. But her father had summoned her home for Peggy Peabody’s annual Christmas party extravaganza. She hadn’t wanted to upset him. Tina needed to take them by surprise if she was going to pull off her plan to keep her assets and Bette.

    Bette was the reason behind every move she’d made. And now Bette was slipping through her fingers. That couldn’t happen. She couldn’t lose her.

    Tina closed and locked the front door behind her. She smelled the evergreen of the Christmas tree and looked around the house. She called for her girlfriend, surprised when she didn’t find her at all. The house was empty. But Tina refused to leave. There was no way she would leave without Bette hearing her out. And though she wasn’t quite sure what she would say, Tina knew she had to try.

    She kicked off her shoes and curled up on what had become her side of Bette’s bed. She pulled Bette’s pillow to her, smelling her scent, willing her home. She awoke to sunlight streaming into the room and Bette’s angry timber, sounding from the doorway.

    “What are you doing here?” asked Bette.

    Tina blinked rapidly, working to orient herself to her surroundings. “Bette?”

    The brunette repeated herself, this time with staccato. “What…are…you…doing here?”

    “I needed to see you. I needed to apologize.”

    Bette shook her head. “You can’t apologize for this. I meant what I said. Forget you fucking met me. I never want to see you again.”

    Tina frowned and stood up, racing to Bette. “You don’t mean that. Can we talk? Please.”

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    1. Thank you for the new update!

      First – great, we now know answer on my question about Tina’s wedding ring!

      Second – also good part, they make up, well, sorta. Because despite how sex is good, they can’t solve all problems only with it. I think Tina still needs to explain about her plan, and Bette – this even more complicated. She obviously needs something to do with alcohol dependency. She can’t after every upset moment call her sponsor and fight for sobriety. I really don’t know much about this kind of addiction, but like i understand, even after rehabilitation she never can have one beer or one wine glass? Because she simply can’t stop after it? It’s sucks.

      Third – i’m impress that Bette went to home alone. I was sure she would be with Carmen.

      • Yes, her addiction and dependency are, unfortunately, life-long problems. She will need to grow up in a sense. She has to learn coping skills to use instead of running to drugs/alcohol. I believe she will get there. It’s going to take time. For now, her sponsor and support network are like safety nets. Sometimes, people that have been clean for years slip up. And then they start the process all over again. Though she’s not as deeply affected as Sidney, she still must be careful.

    2. I’m very glad that they take first step to reconnection. And by the way it was very hot step:) and very good Bette can take this step-i thonk it was good sign she starting recover after the rape.
      Waiting the next!

    3. Ok maybe I should have waited till I was home to read that.. lol. Damn. Beautifully written thank you Tina has a lot to fill Bette in on which I’m sure she will just as soon as the come up for air. I’m glad Bette listened. But if it’s the next morning will they be in bed all day and where did Bette sleep?

    4. Thanks for this chapter. It fueld my hopes for my favourite couple again. Big crises averted. Phew!
      Okay, first step: make sure the connection is still there, even if there are some discords. Check! Interlude: reaffirm the physical attraction and compatibility – double, no triple check. Second step: after the post-orgasmic bliss rebuild the missing trust by taking about it all.

      I hope Tina finally opens up to Bette and tells her everything she already organized and what she still has to do to free herself of the clutches of Dark Lord Kennard.

      If you want to keep us in the dark and guessing about Tina’s plans for now, Mts, just use a fade-out scence and then start the next paragraph with something like:
      “Bette was staring at Tina with tearful-eyes. She was stunned, angry, happy, yes even elated all at once. Could it be? Was telling Tina the truth? Her last words resonating in her ears. ‘Bette, will you help me to finish my plans?'” ;-)

      Bette should tell Tina about Carmen as well. However I’m happy she’s starting to heal from her trauma. Hopefully her near relapse into drugs and alcohol in Carmen’s limo was a low point and she’s getting stronger.

      Still hooked on your story!


      • LOL….girl….I’m waiting on you to post this fan fic:

        ““Bette was staring at Tina with tearful-eyes. She was stunned, angry, happy, yes even elated all at once. Could it be? Was telling Tina the truth? Her last words resonating in her ears. ‘Bette, will you help me to finish my plans?’”

        That was beautiful. Ahem….waiting.

        And you are so right, Tina needs to tell the rest of her plans, but Bette needs to be honest as well.

    5. Nice chapter….hope that Tina lets Bette in on everything, because I would like to known also.

      Did Bette spend the night in the limo with Carmen? Or maybe her hotel room?

      I am breathing easier. They still have a ways to go to get to a normal day to day life…Divorces to be finalized. Living arrangements to be made and lots of explanations of what the hell is going on….But I am more relaxed.

      Look forward to more.

      • Yay! I’m glad you hung in there and are breathing easier. They do still have lots of things to settle between them and unfortunately, life doesn’t just fix itself because you snap your fingers or have great sex.

        More to come

    6. Thank you for this post answering much but still leaving us wondering about much!

      I need you to post again as soon as possible and start to answer the outstanding issues!

      Bette needs to know Tina’s plans, please

    7. MTS, so many years have gone by and I STILL am too embarrassed to read NC17 scenes!!!! I love this conundrum you have created of someone with the life experience of a 19-year old trying to function in a world where she is in her thirties. But a Bette with the experience of a woman in her thirties might not have allowed Tina back so quickly. It’s lots of fun to think about that when reading.

      • Spu….I think I have to take away some of your OG points for this one. I mean, it’s been…x number of years. Yes that was a pun, but also, I’m not trying to date us old heads.

        You are so right on all accounts. If Bette’s mental age were older, she would have more life experiences that would make her less accepting of Tina. Her love for Tina is pure and innocent.

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