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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 40


    Tina could feel the wetness on her hand, Bette’s body was squirting onto her. The velvet walls closed tightly around the blonde’s fingers, spasming against her, slowing down her movement. Bette’s entire body tensed and jerked, her hips rose up off the bed and she clung tightly to the woman she loved.

    Her voice was high and soft, feminine, sexy, primal. “Ahhhhhhhh……T………Tina!”

    And then her body relaxed, and she fell back against the sheets.

    Tina bent her head down kissing Bette’s lips, tasting them with pleasure, moaning at the attraction between them. She was swollen and wet, the feel of Bette was intoxicating. She gingerly grazed Bette’s lips, teasing her with her tongue, planting kisses along her chin.

    Bette whispered, “Please hold me.”

    Tina moved down and grabbed her, holding her tightly.

    “I’ll never let you go, Babe. Never.”

    ////——-The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 40——–////

    “I’m having a party today,” Bette said softly.

    She was wrapped in Tina’s arms, her body coming down from the intensity of Tina’s touch.

    “Christmas party?” asked Tina.

    Bette nodded. “The tree. Trimming the tree.”

    “What time?”


    “Good. That gives me time to get clothes and come back.”

    Bette turned in her arms, meeting the hazel orbs. “You’re coming back? To be with me?”

    Tina nodded. “Of course. I’m never leaving you. I mean that.”

    “How can you be so sure? What about him?” asked Bette.

    Tina moved the stray strands of Bette’s dark hair from her face. “I’ve never been so sure about anything. I want you. I want to fall asleep with you. I want to wake up with you. I want your belly swollen with our babies. I want a life with you, Bette. Just you.”

    Tina kissed her forehead.

    “What will you do, T? You can’t avoid Henry forever.”

    Tina kissed her again. “Let me worry about that.”

    Bette stared at her. “You want me to have our babies?”

    Tina nodded. “I want it all. I never dreamed I could really have it all. I want everything with you, Bette.”

    “What is everything? What does that mean to you, Tina?”

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    1. “Bette shook her head, her eyes closed, her body beginning to sweat. “I’m hot, Tina.”” – so what happened with Bette? It’s because her addictions?

      Waiting for the next then!

    2. Beautiful. I guess for Bette it is not only a physical reassurance of her connection and love to Tina but – like she said herself – feeling like herself again.
      Tina also got the reassurence she needed to continue her separation from husband and father. I hope they get to talk more before she has to leave Bette once again. She can’t stay, I fear for surveillance from dad.

      Favorite quote: “Each one half of a broken heart, separated in space and time, realigned in this moment. ”

      Thank you for posting so many chapters in a short time.

    3. Ok for one I dont have the will power not to read at work. 2 It freaking gets intensified when I have to stop and you know do work lol then when a catch a minute back up and read what read easier in order to move on. This process goes on most of the day I started reading at like 7:30am and just now finished on my lunch lol. I texted my wife earlier for a little one on one after work lol.. I think she will pencil me in.. lol thank you and for the record I’m in no hurry for them to talk other than the way they were talking in this chapter lol.. please continue by all means.. ok I see another one let me go check it out..

      Thanks for calling me out like that… lol I had to ask a friend what NSFW was.. lol I was thinking more along the lines of Not Sufficiently Fuck Woman. Lol..

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