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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 42

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 42

    At a quarter after four, Bette and Tina were in the kitchen prepping snacks. Christmas music was playing in the background and Bette was pouring chips into a serving bowl.

    “I still don’t understand how you throw a party without cooking any food,” said Tina.

    Bette smiled. “T, you see that square-like contraption there?”

    Tina smiled at her. “You mean the oven and stovetop?”

    Bette nodded. “I do believe that’s what I’ve heard it called before.”

    “What about it?

    “It’s here for decoration and aesthetic completeness. I don’t cook. I don’t boil. I don’t even grill. I stay away from things that have flames or heating sources. I barely use my hair dryer and flat iron.”

    Tina shook her head. “And Sidney?”

    The brunette shrugged. “She doesn’t either. We ate at The Planet or would get some takeout.”

    “This kitchen is beautiful. What a waste.”

    Bette winked at her. “Make yourself at home. Mi kitchen es su kitchen.”

    “So, what are we going to eat? Besides chips, hot Cheetos, and popcorn?”

    “I have an order of food coming in an hour. We’ll have Chinese delivered. Those big catering sized dishes. And Kit and Dylan have been baking up a storm. Her mom is coming, too. So they are bringing sweets. Alice and Tasha are bringing sodas and drinks. Max insisted on bringing Christmas cookie dough to bake. I guess Dylan will do that with him.”

    Tina’s eyes lit up. “Can I bake too?”

    Bette chuckled. “Sure, T.”

    “Is that the guest list?” asked Tina.

    Bette nodded. “James and his girlfriend, and Maxwell might stop by. But otherwise, just the framily tonight.”


    Bette looked at her curiously. “Friends and Family. Well, friends that are really family. So…framily.”

    Tina nodded. “Framily.”

    Bette kissed her softly on the lips. “Welcome to the framily, Baby.”

    Tina smiled at her. “You think they will like me?”

    “You nervous?”

    Though she had met moguls all around the country, Tina was somewhat nervous about meeting her lover’s inner circle. “A bit.”

    “Come here,” said Bette, extending her arms for an embrace.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      Still think that Alice needs to mind her own business more, than Bette’s. And i think Tina needs to tell only Bette her plan first, and than with Bette to decide if Bette want about that know someone else, and that someone else include Alice.
      But party went still better than i expected.

    2. So you you talk like this with your mom ?. I k how shes ot Bettes mom but for now that’s all she has very close very sweet. Thank you nice chapter and liked the kitchen prep time.. lol.. and yeah I know what it means now..

    3. Wow, there’s a lot of pent up energy between those two. Writing those scenes wouldn’t be a stressreliver for me ;-)

      Thanks for a quite chilled party. Nice how feisty and protective of Bette Tina is in front of Alice. Feels a little like growling. “Beware of the dog!” Love it.
      Her reaction to Alice accusations are totally understandable. I’m with Zhenya though, Tina should tell Bette all the details first and then decide together what Alice should know.

      There is so much to tell. Bette needs to know the thing with the false text messages (I’d like to know as well), all about Darth Kennard’s evil doings, the threats, the surveillance, her bigoted mother, her sister’s piece of “good” advice and of course Tina’s plan of action. They have a lot to talk about. And I can’t wait.

      Maybe I re-read the last three chapters again, have a cold shower and try to have a good night’s sleep :-D

      As always, big thanks for sharing!

    4. I agree with you, I know Alice is trying to protect Bette, but she is risking Bette being very angry with her by trying to bully Tina into telling her things that are none of her business and that Bette should know first.

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