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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 44

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 44

    Henry had been out touring London when he received the first odd text message from his wife.

    Tina: Hey. Are you busy?

    Henry: Yes and no. Just walking around Piccadilly Circus. Hanging out. Why?

    Tina: I need to apologize to you. It’s easier to do it this way. By text. I hope that’s okay.

    Henry: …

    Henry: …

    Henry: Apologize? For what?

    Tina: Being a bitch.

    Henry smiled as he watched his screen.

    Henry: I don’t know how to respond to that without coming off as a chauvinist.

    Tina: You don’t have to know how to respond. Just listen….

    Tina: You have been very patient with me. I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted. I know I told you that I wasn’t happy. I was acting like a child. Marriage takes two people. I know I’m not perfect. But I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of us both being miserable.

    Henry: okay

    Tina: I need us to move out of this stasis. Either we move forward and re-engage as a married couple or we get divorced. Plain and simple. I’d rather we move forward. I’m open to counseling if you are.

    Henry: …

    Henry: …

    Tina: If you don’t want to move forward, if you want to get divorced…that’s your choice. Don’t feel bad about it. I wouldn’t if I were you. I haven’t been a good partner or wife. I pretty much checked out from the first week we were married.

    Henry: …

    Henry: It’s a lot to think about, Chris.

    Tina: I know. No rush. Take your time. I just wanted to apologize and let you know where I stand.

    Henry: I am kinda speechless here.

    Tina: How about this. How is your day?

    Henry smiled at the screen again.

    Henry: Great. I spent the morning with Peggy, her local financial analyst and accountant, and her daughter, Helena. She’s the executor of her mother’s affairs here in London.

    Tina: How did it go?

    Henry: You know, it was really good. They were impressed with the year-on-year growth of their US and Chinese account portfolios. Her daughter seemed like a total airhead, but she’s definitely sharper than I gave her credit for.

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    1. Oh my, what…? Major setback. Didn’t quite expect such an extreme reaction. I guess that was 19-year-old Bette, still only able to see things in black and white. Life’s not that simple.
      But this is probably one reason why it was the right decision for Tina not to tell her earlier. Nevertheless I hope that Bette stops herself from consuming or fu**ing around just to get even with Tina somehow.

      As for Tina, please let her stay true to her plan. It has to be done, whatever is on her mind for Henry.
      It’s a long, hard journey. How long has it been going on since they met in 2019? As much as I like T + B together, better sooner than later, Tina’s plan needs some realistic time to work – even in shortened fanfic reality.

      Sigh. Not a very positive start of the week. Real storm outside the window and an emotional inside my heart. But you wrote a great chapter, MTS, drama queen of the week.

      Please post again soon.

    2. I feel like Tina went too far this time. Her actions seem a bit contradictory. If she’s been moving her assets then why does she need to be intimate with Henry. She could perhaps just say she’s busy or say she is willing to talk. When I look from Bette’s POV I see Tina telling her the truth in bits and pieces. Just when Bette gets comfortable with the truth bam she is told that’s actually not the whole truth. So I understand where Bette is coming from. I don’t know how the story will unfold further..seems difficult. Maybe Bette will wake up in her earlier reality again? Thanks MTS!

    3. Omg she slept with him.. ………. wow ok. I think she could have left him with out that he seemed to be ok with divorcing with out all this extra show shes putting on. She moved her money I dont see why she would do that to Bette in front of all her family… not sure I know this Tina either.

    4. WTF…? Tina couldn’t really believe that Bette would be ok with her sleeping with Henry. And then to tell Bette in front of Alice and Tasha – I am with Bette I also do not know this Tina and what the hell she is playing at.

      I really do understand Bette’s reaction to this revelation of Tina. Not sure how you are going to fix this because whatever Tina’s reasons I can’t think of anything that could justify her betrayal of their relationship. Not sure how you are going to fix this. Because at the moment I don’t want Bette to be together with Tina.

      And I also don’t understand Alice’s reaction either, she just should have waited for Bette’s decision and then she should have supported Bette, instead of taking Tina’s side and letting Bette storm out of her own home.

      Hopefully Bette’s not going to seek comfort in drugs and alcohol but instead choses to reach out to Kit or even Patricia.

      Looking forward to your next post.

    5. I love the mix of comments. Some think Bette overreacted. Others think Tina is just completely wrong. I struggled with both sides of this when I was writing it. I kept asking myself, what’s realistic? What would Tina do? How would Bette respond?

      What’s at stake?

      This is a lot of stress for both of them. Fortunately for me, I do know how it turns out. LOL. More to come.

    6. I’ve loved the initial plot of this story, and 🙂 at the intrigue of Bette having been thrust into the future. Loved Bette’s humorous realization and her coming to terms with the 34-yr old Bette!

      But suffering sachatash, gee golly bums, Tina and her lies have got my knickers in a big wad!!! Don’t care what her plan is, her “ACTIONS” toward Bette have been a crock of shit! 🤬. She had to sleep with Henry and convince him that she wanted to re-ignite their love??? What the F kind of images did she think was planted in Bette’s soul having to visualize that?!!! Cruel plan.

      Tina has been lying and sleeping round the whole time she’s been married to Henry!! They have an “open” marriage and we know that was Tina’s idea, right?

      Bette has sold out to getting better emotionally, physically and in a sense, spiriualy and thankfully Kit & her son have been a saving grace for her. Totally with Bette, whether she’s “immature” or not, how is she suppose to BELIEVE anything Tina “says”???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. Damn! Bette may as well have stayed with Sidney.

      Far’s I’m concerned, whatever Bette does, she does🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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