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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 49

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 49

    They left the rehab facility and drove to Bette’s house, dropping off her blue coupe before catching an Uber to the airport. It was two days after the Christmas party and their reconciliation. Though Tina had a few items at Bette’s home, she needed a lot more, especially real winter attire. They decided they’d shop together in Toronto, avoiding Tina having to risk running into Henry. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve. Tina had spoken with Joyce Wischnia who had agreed to serve Henry with divorce paperwork later on in the day.

    Tina had refused to give up the security team while they were in LA. She had given instructions for them to follow her and Bette to the airport and to be present upon their return. She felt they’d be safe in Toronto. When she was on set for filming, she’d usually be on the north-western side of Canada, in Vancouver. This visit would be unexpected by her family.

    And though they could track their whereabouts, she knew she’d been somewhat successful in throwing them off her trail. And with Joyce and her PI lined up to deliver incriminating ultimatums, she was comfortable that she and Bette would be safe while abroad.

    Bette was brimming with happiness. While she had often longed for her time spent with Tina in 2005, there was most definitely a huge benefit to their partnering in 2019. While Tina had been extremely closeted and hesitant to display affection publicly in her old reality, 2019 Tina had none of that heterosexist pretense. She had reached for Bette’s hand the moment they stepped away from the car, heading into the terminal.

    As Bette stood in line waiting to check the one bag they shared, Tina stood behind her, her hands on Bette’s hips. After making it past security, they relaxed in the airline’s lounge. Tina sat on a white, pleather couch while Bette got them snacks and drinks. She returned to her girlfriend, handing Tina a vodka cranberry, a sprite in her opposite hand.

    Tina looked at her, question marks in her eyes.

    Bette sat beside her. “Vodka cran for you. Sprite for me.”

    “Is this okay?” asked Tina.

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    1. Thank you for their heart-to-heart talk in the previous chapter and this much-needed escape/break from all the drama but I can’t help but feel this is the calm before another raging storm. Yep, I’m bracing myself for more heart-wrenching twists and turns. You know, I love thrilling, stomach-churning rollercoaster rides and reading this story–with all its highs and lows, twists, turns and inversions–is like an emotional The Incredible Hulk ride.
      Your talent, creativity and generosity in sharing this story is much appreciated, MTS. Thanks a lot for this chapter and this story, MTS!!!

    2. This appears to be a lovely way to spend Christmas!!! Bette and Tina will now get to know one another in their 2019 personas. Fun in the snow…. Shopping for winter clothes on Christmas Eve? wow…Hope they purchased a 2nd suitcase for their purchases.

      The conversation almost got to that first breakfast they had where Bette knew exactly what to order for Tina in their first meeting. I wonder how Bette will explain that one.

      Things are too quiet on the family front. That can only mean trouble is brewing. I’m sure they are drawing up the battle plans in preparation for the pending divorce. But if there is real trouble, they will hear from Joyce Wishinia. Hopefully they will get through Christmas before the battle starts.

      Thanks for this lovely chapter. I am glad to see Bette and Tina get some time to do some real bonding.

      I am always ready for more… are a great writer…post when you can.

    3. Thanks for posting. It seems like a much needed time-out for Tina and Bette.

      Most unsettling quote of the chapter: “What if it doesn’t work? The plan I’ve been working on. I’m just worried.”
      Yes, I’m very worried too! Was it too early to file the divorce? Does Team Tina have enough stuff on Henry to have the divorce go through?

      “What if I forgot to consider some major loophole?” Oh my, I hope not! It is too silent on the Young-Kennard front. I just hope that Tina’s PI and Joyce have everything under control. They have to prevail over the evil Empire K. Would be very satisfying if Dad K. started a counterattack that would go so wrong that his empire ends up severely damaged.

      But yeah, I’m with SG, it’s a calm-before-the-storm feeling, as if the drama is about to begin again.

      Waiting with bated breath for the next chapter, MTS.

      • Oh, we do trust you! But we can’t help but notice your talent and your occasional proclivity to intersperse some unexpected drama into your chapters. ;-)

        Keep ’em coming, we’re prepared.

    4. Bette doesn’t 100% trust Tina but you want us to trust you.. lol ok we are in this deep no turning back now no matter the ride thank you. I still see not touchy touchy… lol you know work is tomorrow… lol

    5. This is all going too well. I don’t like the purchases they made. Credit card activity is the easiest way to track someone. I know Bette loves Tina but I don’t quite trust her. You say we have to trust you to keep our girls together. Ok, but the Detective in me, senses drama! Thanks for posting!

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