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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 50

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 50

    Monday, December 23, 2019
    4:30pm PST – Orange County, California (7:30 pm in Toronto, Canada)
    Steven & Tracy Kennard Residence

    When the courier delivered his divorce papers on Monday afternoon, Henry had been very surprised. He read through the paperwork and felt his stomach churn. Steven Kennard would not be happy. And while Henry had no desire to be divorced, he dreaded the older man’s disapproval more than he did the dissolution of his marriage.

    With the papers in his hand, Henry had driven over to his in-laws’ and shared the news with Steven. They’d sat together in his father-in-law’s office.

    Steven had been furious. He’d explained that Tina’s detective work had crippled their ability to force her away from Bette Porter.

    With his eyes narrowed and hard as coals, he said “I thought you said you she was on track?”

    Henry sipped from the glass of scotch that had been poured for him. “They were. We were getting back together. She said she wanted to start a family.”

    Steven looked at his son-in-law as though he was a child believing in Santa Claus. “And you believed her?”

    “Didn’t you?” asked Henry. He chose not to tell the old man about waking up to his wife fucking him. At this point, it would only be for shock value and he didn’t have it in him.

    Steven smiled bitterly. While he had wanted to believe the words his daughter had spoken when she’d last visited him, he was not a man to be convinced without proof. “What do I always tell you, Henry? Trust, but verify. I did everything I could to make sure her story checked out. I followed her emails, texts, phone calls. I had my guys follow her.”

    Henry shook his head, glad that he wasn’t the only one who had been duped. “Then it sounds like she’s smarter than you. How did you lose her?”

    Steven struggled to maintain a façade of calm while fury danced beneath his skin. “I don’t know yet. But trust me, I’ll find out.”

    “Maybe she thought you were just bluffing,” said Henry.

    Steven shook his head. “No. She didn’t. Her accounts have been cleared out. Money funneled from account to account. I can’t even fucking trace it!”

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    1. MTS, you’re really testing my endurance on your rollercoaster ride. And I really don’t like those things at all, I’d prefer a bungy jump on any day over the madness of a few minutes on a rollercoaster.
      Please let Tina be prepared for whatever Darth Kennard has up his sleeve. I hardly can’t be more appalled of this man than I am by now. He should be stripped of all rights he has – prison seems too lame for him.

      Didn’t Tina say that she laid a false trail to hide their whereabouts? I hope Mr K followed the wrong track and mistakes some doubles or whoever for T + B.

      Thanks for posting, you definitely can’t do boring, can you? ;) Well, I’m off for the night, probably dreaming of horror rollercoaster rides.


        • Humm thanks for the warning.. I just read this one and i shall hold the next for tomorrow… I know you won’t disappoint and how fitting it being hump day tomorrow and all. Thank you for the ride with this one. Sorry to say Henry and Tina’s father were not my favorite ride but I’m sure the ride tomorrow will be more to my liking. Thank you. For everything ;)

    2. I missed this chapter for some reason…but I have now read it…. So Stephen knows that Tina is with Bette. However, I am sure he does not know exactly where they are. I bet he assumes that they are at Bette’s home. So what on earth is he planning that would get her to drop the divorce and go home to Henry permanently? Publish something that would embarrass Bette business or personal life? Publish something personal or business wise on Tina? Threaten the life of Bette? That might work with a weak minded person, but it will end up with Steven and possibly Henry in jail. Surely Wishnia and Tina have thought of every angle possible, or they wouldn’t have security guards present. Tina has been working on this for weeks now. Stephen has only had a couple of days. All the assets have already been moved. Maybe Stephen thinks he can disinherit her and that would be enough to change her mind? What ever this is, I hope its been considered in Tina’s plan. I hope she and Bette are ready.

      Great Chapter……waiting for more in this saga. I hope that Stephen and Henry are forced to tell Tracy why her lovely daughter Tina is not present for Christmas dinner.

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