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    Uncharted Territory 3

    Chapter 3


    Tina’s POV 


    Absentmindedly I park the car on the parking in front of the hospital. Everything seems too much at the moment. I would love to hide in my apartment with a good book and a glass of wine.  At night in bed I can’t find rest, I keep on thinking about how all could turn out like this, how Bette and I turned into strangers that can barely stand to be in the same room together. She looks the same, she’s still drop dead gorgeous, her voice is the same well… minus the loving tone, her scent so familiar. But yet, everything is different. There is no kiss when we see each other, no holding hands, no silent subtle conversation, we don’t live in the same house, we don’t sleep in the same bed. At this moment it’s hard to imagine we once shared a life together, not to mention that we were in love, we loved each other, we got married, we made love. All this seems so far away, another lifetime. I can’t help be to wonder what if Renee didn’t get sick? Would we have ever seen each other again? I didn’t seem to have the guts to reach out to her, Bette didn’t seem to feel the need to see me again.  With a deep sigh I release the seat belt and exit the car. While picking up my bag and the book that I brought to read to Renee I hear footsteps on the pavement approaching me. When I look up I see it’s Bette. Slowly I close the car door and lean against it, watching her approaching me. The knee-long black winter coat providing an entailing allure, her beautiful dark curls waving with the wind, the blue pumps that she’s wearing under her jeans, adding a few inches extra to her length. Her eyes scan the Mercedes sports car that I bought for myself when I received my bonus, hoping it would cheer me up a bit, without any success.

    ‘Do you want to have a coffee?’


    Before she follows me to the hospital cafeteria her eyes scan the car one more time, if I am not mistaken there is a hint of disapproval clouding her stunning features, but maybe it’s just my imagination, she did ask me for a coffee after all.

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