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    ‘Wait, did you say “golf”?’

    ‘Wait, did you say “golf”?’

    Angie’s face at the breakfast table was a perfect mix of confusion and amusement.

    ‘Mhmm,’ Bette replied, as lightly as she could.

    Golf ?’ Angie now wrinkled her nose. ‘Like with the visors and the plaid pants and the sweaters with all the triangles and—’

    ‘Argyle,’ Bette said evenly. ‘Those sweaters are called Argyle and it’s a design with a long and very distinguished history in Europe.’

    Angie stared for a moment, then curled her lip. ‘Golf, though.’

    ‘Yes, golf, Angelica,’ Bette said, putting her coffee cup down a little too noisily. ‘Didn’t you see it on the group chat?’

    Angie shrugged. ‘I don’t look at that so much.’

    ‘Well, you should, it was created for you,’ Bette told her. ‘Carrie invited Pippa and me to make a foursome with her and Mama T, and Pippa thought it would be a good idea, so that’s what’s happening.’

    Angie gave a look like okay, chill, dude, and went back to looking at her phone.

    Bette exhaled slowly and felt her stomach tighten. She knew her tone had come off way too defensive, but wasn’t sure why. It was two weeks since Tina had turned up on her doorstep and told her that she and Carrie had decided to postpone their wedding (good) and go into couples’ counselling (bad). Tina had apologised for her part in the ‘shitshow’ at Alice’s party, and for the question she’d asked Bette at the hospital, which was ‘completely inappropriate and unhelpful’. Bette had been – what? Well, mainly in a hurry to get to the CAC, so she’d just said fine, thank you, maybe we could talk about this another time? And then . . . they hadn’t. And then Carrie popped up on the family WhatsApp (Tina had added her, so Bette had added Pippa) with this fucking golf thing. Probably the therapist’s idea, exactly the kind of crap those people came up with . . .

    At the table, Angie laughed at something on her phone. Bette watched her, and then tried to shake her mood into something else. It’s just a fucking game, Porter. A game she had to play with fucking Carrie. And Tina, her inner voice added softly. Yeah. Okay. Well, let’s get it over with, huh?

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    1. Hey Largo,

      I saw that tweet and I am glad you wrote this little story!

      It was funny but also heartbreaking. Why did Tina allow C…. Bitch to call her Tee, i was just like Bette sad and teary eyed.

      I am not looking forward to GQ, still have nightmares from the heartbreak moment from season one when Tina told Bette she said yes to C…. Marriage proposal. I really don’t know why Jennifer and Laurel went with this co-parenting storyline. It almost feels as a betrayal of the fans who support them wholeheartedly. We will see what happens in season three.

      Hope to see you back soon! Take care!

      • Hiya Bibi! Thanks so much for reading this wee story. :-)

        Sorry for the heartbreak! I didn’t want to write anything long, and it had to have C in it because of the original idea, and I kept writing the word ‘tee’ so it became kind of inevitable … But I did enjoy it so I may well write a bit more and you know with me that our girls will always find their way back to each other.

        See you on Twitter! It’s such fun there atm

    2. “Bette found herself looking back at Tina and feeling more hopeful, more at peace, than she had in a long time“

      Hope – I’m hoping GENQ s3 is full of hope . Resolution , forgiveness( if needed) , space ( lol) , closeness , family time , and just so much more .

      I’m going to continue abbreviating “c” as bibi did .. I hope “c” is there for for the comedy writers . And not by Tina’s side . I honestly feel I don’t even have the right to call Tee as bet does . It’s only for her . “c” definitely doesn’t lol .

      • Hi Ashley! Thank you for reading my little story… :-)

        I feel hopeful about S3. I like what we’re hearing about how much fun people are having. I hope MLR has got some of her boxes ticked now and can concentrate on making it a good show. Like you, what I want more than anything is to see the PK family together, some domestic scenes. That would make me soooooo happy!

        Sorry about C using ‘Tee’. Blame the golf theme for that one, lol

        Many thanks!

    3. Largo,
      How U be “chuckles:?!! I chuckled to myself that golf was the theme of this little ditty. Being the intense person that I am, found my self burned out on doing all I could to learn and enjoy the actual playing of the game.

      After probably 7 years hiatus, decided to swing a club only to have the grips “disintegrate” in my hands!! Lordy!! Talking about laughing our loud!

      Was embarrassed to drop them off at the nearest golf shop, but after choosing new grips, still was giggling to myself on the way out.

      Anyway, understand Bette’s having to stop counting strokes . . . For her own sake. Ohhh it was heart-breaking for her to hear Carrie calling Tina, “Tee”. Bette is really into treasuring, as sacred, the little touches of exclusivity she had with Tina.

      Will see what next adventure u have in store for the ladies

      • Hi Dumplin! How are you doing?? Thanks for reading this wee story. I’ve not been reading or writing ff for months, but this suggestion made me think ‘hmmm, that could be funny’, lol

        I can’t play golf at all, so kudos to you. It sounds like you’re back in the swing, as it were? I know the rules a bit from watching it on tv when I was a kid (I loved all sports when I was wee) but I don’t know technique beyond what I could google for the story.

        I might carry on with this but thank you for checking in and commenting. Hope you’re well.

        • Feel like I’m maybe 5 or 6 weeks from hitting the driving range being involved in the “reduction” phase of a lifestyle nutrition overhaul. Body has adjusted well to an al-out-attack on removing as much SUGAR as possible and learning to use as many spices as possible in replacing excess salt.

          So far, so good. Finding that it’s all I can do to eat two meals day at this point.

          • Oh I hope it’s going well? Sugar and salt are definitely something to watch, I think. I know some people who’ve cut out sugar and are thriving. I hope you get on the driving range soon and don’t tear your hair out with the inaccuracies in this story, lol

            Take care, Dumplin my friend

    4. Hey L,

      Great to see that you posted this little, short story.

      It was funny in a few places like you probably planned. But I just can’t tolerate C & PP in any form. Thank you for only mentioning PP & not having to have us endure her too.

      Yes, it was painful that C used TK’s nickname & I definitely felt Bette’s pain in hearing it. Tina has got to wake up & open her eyes & see that this is a disaster of the highest degree with C.

      Hope that you do add another chapter or two to this treat & get our girls back together where they belong.

      As for GQ 3 – I’m waiting for a teaser or trailer before I get my hopes up too much. I DO hope & pray that they are reunited. Please, please, please!!!

      We will definitely NEED your take on the upcoming season thru the eyes of the Real Tibette & their awesome family.

      You could have more sports fun with the bowling episode!!! Ha!!!!!

      Thanks again & get these 2 knuckleheads back together ASAP!!!

      • Well, first of all a huge THANK YOU for overcoming your deep aversion to C and P and reading this!! That is above and beyond, my friend, and so much appreciated, lol

        I hope we will get a GQ trailer soon – a proper one, not the warmed-over gruel they served up this week. (I do wonder sometimes if there’s a bet somewhere about how bad they can be at tv and not get fired?? Hard to explain otherwise.)

        I do hope to write Real Tibette stories for S3. There’s a lot of planning in those, so I need to make time for that. It feels like something I should do, though, even if just for myself. They were great therapy and a place to vent when the show was driving me nuts!

        I am still reading DOH and will comment soon…. Well done on keeping up that story. Look after yourself, my friend, and thank you again for the prompt that got me writing again. :-)


    5. Largo my friend I will read anything you post. This is gold. I love it. Only complaint is that it is not long enough! I need to read what happens next… please don’t leave us on an angst filled Bette. So nice to see your name pop up here, missed your stories…

      • Hello BK, my friend! How lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for reading this wee story. :-)

        As I said in my note, I am continually aware that I don’t read enough of others’ stories. I blame my job, which is literally reading for money (I’m a proofreader and copy editor – I think you know that already?) So it’s unusual for me to turn to reading for relaxation.

        I see you’ve not posted for a couple of months, but hope you are just lying fallow?? Your writing is rightfully incredibly beloved and popular on here.

        Stay safe and thanks again for the encouragement,

        • Largo – I did know you are proofreader so I can empathize with not wanting to read all the time. All that screen time lol. I write assessments for a living so sometimes I get tired of being on the computer and have a little carpal tunnel creeping into my fingers as well.
          BUT I do have a Black Bette chapter almost ready so there’s that. Hopefully that will get everyone back on board so to speak :)
          Keep writing, we need yoU!

          • yay, glad to hear you’re almost ready to post again!

            I hope that carpal tunnel can be kept at bay. I got given some yoga exercises to help with a shoulder problem and one of them is simply getting down on all fours but, man, does it hurt my right wrist… I’ve now figured out that the trackpad on my MacBook is slowing turning my right hand into a kind of mild claw shape. So I’m trying to gently persuade it to stretch back a bit.

            I’m on Twitter a lot these days and the fandom is doing okay there atm. And there’ll be a bounce when GQ comes back (for good or ill).

            Thanks for the chat, pal, and take care

    6. Oh my gosh largo you’re incredible I say this about all your fics but every single one is incredible I’ve now just started this one and the angst is so but yet you know they are still so in love it’s just all there. I’m so happy a friend told me about this fic and i can’t wait to read more of it and all your other fics again I truly hope you never delete them because they get me through hiatus and just when I need a good read

      • Hey Madison, my friend! *waves* Nice to hear from you. :-) I have no intention to delete my fics. They will be on Lesfan as long as Lesfan exists!

        Thanks for trying this story. It’s a twisty old ride but you can trust in my Tibetter heart, as ever,

        Have a good week!

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