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    The Idea of Space

    “Our kitchen is more than enough for the catering, and we have more than enough space in the back yard.” Bette assured calmly – or, at least, as calmly as one could possibly be when extending a gracious hand to her ex-wife whose engagement party was around the bend. She could almost hear Tina thinking while the pregnant pause continued.

    “I just… It feels…,” She heard Tina begin, breaking the silence on the other end. “I don’t want you and Angie putting yourself out for something that we could manage on our own.” Despite herself, Bette found the strength to smile, even though she was holding the edge of her desk in a vice like grip as she leaned against it, her eyes cast out the window to the sunshine lit yard. In her chest, she felt far from sunny. But this wasn’t about her. It was far separated from her needs, wants, her own desire…

    “We’re not put out, Tina – We would be happy to, we’re family.” She replied, a warmth reserved for the blond wrapping tightly around each spoken syllable.

    “If you’re sure…” Was the reluctant reply Better received.

    “Positive,” Bette assured once again with confidence as the front door swung open, abrupt and loud. Angie came round the corner with a look on her face that explained the noise. “Angie just got home, I should let you go, we’ll talk more later. Bye Tina.”

    “Bye Bette.”

    It was the last thing she heard Tina say before she locked her phone screen and placed her cellphone screen down on her desk. She didn’t even have a moment to ask her daughter what was wrong before Angelica threw her bags down and planted herself on the arm of the couch. Her dark eyes peering through thick lashes, a fury within them.

    “Carrie told me that you and Mama T are planning their party… At our house… In the back yard.” Her daughter’s pointed tone and clear distaste for the entire situation ringing loudly. Bette bowed her head, taking it in. She took a breath and lifted her gaze, squaring with her reasonably upset teenage daughter.

    “Yes, we’re planning their engagement party, and it’s going to be here, because we’re all one family. It’s better than paying a fucking absurd amount of money to a business who could care less… We need to be united…” The elder Porter explained with a strength of conviction, even while knowing how much it pained them both. Angelica scoffed and shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest as tears welled in her eyes. As much as it hurt knowing how deeply impacted Angelica was, how impacted she, herself, was, there was nothing either of them could do.

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    1. Okay, I do not understand. Bette is not happy about the Tina and Carrie engagement and Angie is definitely not happy but Bette is insisting that they pretend to be happy and give them a party????? They make Tina happy by telling her and representing to her a lie???? Oh, what could possibly go wrong?

      • Hey Martha,

        I know, right? ‘What could possibly go wrong’ is one of my favorite ways to start a tale because so much can! Sometimes that journey is just… A lot of fun to work through.

        Thank you for reading and commenting. Really do appreciate it.

    2. Hey Sloane,

      Good first chapter! I can understand Angie’s anger and sadness about Tina’s engagement. I’m looking forward to reading how Bette explains things to Angie.

      Thanks for this story.

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