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    When Fate Meets Destiny—Chapter 1

    Chapter 1—Tina’s POV

    Throughout life you hear so much about fate and destiny. Some people think it’s a load of crap and others believe your path is laid out for you and it’s all in your choices on how you choose to carve out that path

    Fate by definition is something that is predetermined by an outside force, while Destiny is determined by the choices and actions taken by an individual.  Sometimes though society rules and morals are like wrenches thrown in to block your way and you spend a lifetime navigating around them.

    I didn’t really think much about Fate or Destiny at all…That was until I met her.  The woman that came out of nowhere and possessed me with her mind, her sweet spirit, elegant charm and rapturous beauty and completely changed my entire life at the age of 17.  I wasn’t looking for it.  I didn’t want it. But I had no choice but to accept it.  She imprinted herself so deep into my heart and soul that there was no erasing her existence.  My mind wanted to but my heart wouldn’t let me. She was unattainable and taboo.  I can’t help but laugh that even now 12 years later I’m still carrying a torch for this woman that would never reciprocate my feelings or desires yet I lived to hope that one day our fates and destinies would collide and intertwine in a way we could be together but life can be cruel, unfair and unforgiving. Fate can step in again putting you on that path that you are trying to avoid as I look at the crowd around me dispersing.  I watch them lower my Mother’s casket into the ground and try to keep myself together.

    I reach into the pocket of my blazer grabbing a tissue and delicately dab under my eyes.  I jump when I feel a hand land on my shoulder and I instantly freeze as the familiar aroma of perfume hits my nostrils.  It’s her.

    “Tina?”. I hear her sultry sounding voice behind me and I’m scared to turn around.  I’m already about to fall to pieces and if I look into those dark alluring eyes I’m going to lose it.  But I have to.  I have to keep these feelings bottled up and act like this woman is just my mother’s best friend and not the unattainable love of my life.

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    1. Interesting, how many various ways you (the creative authors on this site) can create wonderful stories around our 2 precious characters!

      Thank you and keep writing! I’m loving it! Looking forward daily for the next brilliant story!!!

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