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    When Fate Meets Destiny—Chapter 2

    ***Author’s Note:  Bette’s POV will be recent memories to older memories (reverse chronological) and Tina’s POV will be past memories leading up to recent memories (chronological).  Everything will be explained in between.  Once the history is explained the story will continue solely in present time.  It’s crucial to how I’m trying to navigate the story***

    Chapter 2–Bette’s POV


    I can’t believe my best friend is gone. I’m just completely lost and utterly devastated.  She was my confidant and my go to for advice.  And now as my divorce is almost finalized I can’t even talk to her about it.  I just miss her so fucking much right now.  And the only other person that I can talk to is sitting right next to me.  I had grabbed her hand to hold which was a bold move for me to say the least but I need her right now and this just feels right. She has been such a significant part of my life in ways I never even realized until recently.

    I was completely captivated by Tina from the moment I had met her.  When she saved Maddie’s life I was forever indebted to her.  She was much younger than me of course  but I just wanted to get to know her and I set out to do that but in the process I ended up getting the best friend I ever had in her Mother..

    We had enjoyed living next door to the Kennard’s for years, but when Melissa and I started having problems and we couldn’t quite get back on track, I decided to move my family back to Pennsylvania to try to save my marriage. I didn’t want any distractions and also at the time I wasn’t being honest with myself on what was going on with me.  We tried to make it work but in the end Melissa wanted a divorce.  I remember confiding to Sylvia about it after I went to visit her after her shocking cancer diagnosis.  I didn’t want to talk about my marriage or divorce at that time because  I just wanted to focus my visit on her… But of course we ended up having that conversation and it made me realize what I was denying for all these years and everything made sense

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    1. So Tina is currently 28 and Bette is 44? Its been 11 years since Bette and Melissa moved in next door. Bette’s divorce is nearly finalized. And Sylvia has basically given her blessing to Bette and Tina to have a close and committed relationship. That is pretty amazing. Now, let’s see how this actually develops. I presume that Maddie is now an adult, either in college or in her post college life, so her relationship with her parents will be that of an adult-child rather than a child. It appears that Melissa has moved on emotionally long before they started their divorce proceedings. It has been Maddie and Bette which held things together as long as they did.

      Now that Tina is well beyond her childhood years, the age difference between Bette and Tina will not be a factor. They have spent a lot time apart. I hope they take the time to get to know one another and understand the other’s journey as to where they are now. A committed relationship is more than physical attraction and casual friendship. These two are showing some real possibilities to have a magnificent life together. Let’s see if that happens.

      Thanks for you story and your update.

      • Fully agree with your comment Martha.

        Honest conversation and it’s no surprise Bette didn’t have any clue about Tina’s feelings for her, she can be so blind sometimes.
        Appreciate that Bette said, to give herself wholeheartedly or not at all, but just being a friend to Tina when she can’t give her self to Tina.

        Great story!

    2. I sense a little hesitation on Bette’s part, even though she has somehow received Sylvia’s blessing, there is something… and what about Maddie, it might be difficult for her to accept this situation …

      Good chapter, already waiting to see what’s next for them.

    3. This is so good, thank you for sharing a age gap story. I’m 16 years older than my wife and been together 14 years now and we met on this site. she was one of my readers, best thing that ever happened to me.
      I love the back and forth through time that you are doing. I’m almost caught up.

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