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    When Hope is Lost… Homecoming



    The more she kissed her wife the more Bette wanted and desired her… Soon, she moved down Tina’s body with kisses and nibbles until she reached her breasts where she proceeded to make sweet love to them. Tina was in ecstasy with every touch upon her skin with fingers and tongue and then when Bette’s flat tongue touched her aureola with a few swirls, bringing it into erection, she came and came hard.


    Bette continued her onslaught and Tina could do nothing more than moan as she was breathing hard trying to regain some sense of sanity because Bette’s loving techniques kept sending her over the edge.


    Soon, Bette was on the move and continued licking, nibbling and kissing her way down to her lover’s center where she paused for a moment to take in this incredible aroma of her wife. It took her to places in her memories that no other woman could take her to. One hand remained on Tina’s breast caressing it as Bette began her onslaught of her wife’s core with her tongue and kisses.


    Bette kissed the hot, moistened flesh with her lips and then used her tongue to spread the joyful pleasures to other places, passing over her hole many times and soon after plunging into it. Tina’s hips bucked up into the air to meet the rhythm now established in their sexual movements. Bette felt the need to hold down her hips to continue giving her wife what she wanted, an amazing orgasm.


    Next, Bette withdrew her tongue and quickly plunged a finger into Tina’s opening and continued to stimulate her g-spot. Then a second finger was added into the mix as Bette reached up and sensuously caressed her wife’s breast, soon rolling the nipple between her finger and thumb. Her tongue began to swirl away on the clitoris and soon after she sucked it into her mouth.
    Within a short while, Tina flew once again over the edge and lay panting, trying to get her breath back. Her wife had succeeded in giving her a release of unforgettable power, one she wouldn’t forget any time soon. She had ejaculated as she had released and filled Bette’s mouth with her love juices, causing her wife to emit such a pleasurable moan. It felt as though the orgasm had lain in wait, just waiting for Bette to release it and oh, had she! It seemed to last for longer than she could ever remember.

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    1. Wow… I’m so proud of you my friend. You did an excellent job. Please continue as I can’t wait to read more about Ozzie. You’ve covered each aspect of his illness exceptionally well. Once again – well done…!

    2. So happy you decided to come back and finish the story, as I just caught up I must say this is truly amazing! its filled with passion and love what more can you want, for the first time everyone who mean anything to Bette is in her life and getting along…Perfect!

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