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    Winding Road

    Alphaville Studios……

    Tina’s pencil scratches across her notepad, leaving behind a web of squiggles and circles as her mind races. She is barely aware of the meeting around her, too lost in thoughts of her passionate encounter with Bette just a few nights ago.

    Memories of their bodies moving together in perfect rhythm flood her mind, causing a blush to rise in her cheeks. She scribbles down the words ”Too soon?” and underlines them twice. The conference room feels stuffy and distant as she struggles to make sense of her conflicting emotions.

    “…. Tina?” A voice calls.

    Tina’s head snaps up, and her eyes skip around the room. “Yes?” she hesitantly responds.

    “Is that yes a confirmation or….”

    Tina clears her throat as she squirms in her seat. “Uh, sorry I didn’t hear you….”

    “I was asking if you’ve locked down a meeting with our last candidate yet?” John asks.

    “Oh…uh yes, my assistant has been in touch with Kate Arden’s team, and we have a Zoom meeting scheduled for later this week…”

    “Why Zoom? I would think a face-to-face would be better…” John says.

    “Well, her schedule wouldn’t allow an immediate face-to-face, so it’s either a virtual meeting or we wait a month and a half for her to be on the West Coast….”

    John smiles. “Virtual meeting it is then….” He glances at everyone else in the room. “Now on to our next and most important topic…. budget….” he says as he clicks the remote in his hand and points to the presentation projected on the large screen on the wall.

    Tina stares at the movie’s budget breakdown as her mind again drifts back to her growing, not-so-casual feelings for Bette….


    Shane’s Hair Salon….

    Tina is sitting in a plush black chair, her reflection staring back at her in the large mirror. Shane stands behind her with scissors, snipping and combing through her hair with precision. The only sounds are the soft snip-snip of the scissors and the occasional hum of the blow dryer as Tina sits lost in thought.

    After trimming Tina’s ends, Shane tussles her hair and then stands back and looks at her work. “Alright, I think that’s it…what do you think?” she asks.

    Shane waits for a response and then furrows her brows when she sees the far-off look on Tina’s face. “Hey…Tina?”

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      • Hi FiloFax! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it so much.
        I’m sorry the links didn’t work for my other stories. It’s an app, so it’s a little tricky trying to post the link. You can search for Nicole Stephens, and my stories should pop right up. Thank you again!

        Check out “Unintentional Love” on Radish via @radish_fiction

        Check out “Small World” on Radish via @radish_fiction

    1. Oh wow I’m finally all caught up, geez I missed this story and your others.
      I can see the changes to more now time, objects and conversations lol. You modernized…
      But the story and connection is still there.
      Thank you for reposting Browneyes ;) love it.

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