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    You Found Me 146

    Tina takes in a very shaking deep breath and breaks down crying, sliding back down into her seat. Thinking my God what have I done? I have let my damn Kennard  temper take over again and  hurt the one person I never wanted to hurt. Looking at the words on the ring again through her tear filled eyes. How could I have been so stupid, She thought back to the proposal, she told me when she gave it to me she was giving me the one piece that was left, her soul. She was choking on her tears and runny nose by now. Sliding the ring back onto her finger knowing full well she trusted Bette.

    Oh I think I’m going to be sick…She runs to the bushes throwing up all that she had in her, gagging and coughing…Wiping her faces taking another much needed deep breathe because she had been holding it more than she realized. Thinking … God I never knew I could be this jealous over one person before, but I have never been in love like this before. And when Shy had put her hands on her I just saw red…. Car horn blows startling her out of her thoughts. She jumps walking back to her car and into her seat swings the door shut and starts the engine. She leaves the lot only to return and parks where she can see the door.

    Bette had walked back to the bar. Ordered a double whisky and asked them to call her a cab. She looked around the dance floor and see Shy was dancing with a brunette. Thinking I really hope she finds someone that could love her back, because she really was a good person just not the person for me. She drinks her whisky in one swallow and it burned her throat just as bad as seeing Tina’s ring off her finger burnt threw her heart, It was gut wrenching. She wanted to tell them to pour another but knew she had work the next day and it was going to take all she had to get through it.

    Your cabs here…. the bar tender tells her. Thank you she says and walks out with her head down and trying to hold back her tears.

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    1. The importance of dialogue is more than clear in all walks of life, in every aspect. It is essential to know to be straight and aberto..Foi very important to have Tina
      this dialogue with Bette.
      I apologize for being slow to read, it is that I’ve been very busy at work, and when I came out of a time, I am involved in the art of photography, as some
      friends ask me to turn photos deles.Prometo me
      keep updated.
      The complete constellation.
      Bear hug.

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