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    You Found Me Chapter 154

    Monday came and Sasha was there early ready to learn her new job. She had been waiting at Jane desk. When Jane arrived.. Jane took that as a good sign and showed her where to put her things and where Tina’s office was. Jane had her to set inside till Tina arrived.

    Morning Jane, you have a good weekend?

    Yes Tina I saw my grandbabies She says with a huge smile..

    Aaww that’s great you fill them full of sugar and send them home?

    Something like that…. Listen Tina, your new trainee is setting in your office I Hope you don’t mind?

    No I don’t looking down at her watch because she knew she was early … Wow she’s early

    Yea I know she beat me here.

    Tina smiles.. wish me luck Jane laughs because she knows how much a pill Fran was.

    Tina walks into her office.. Carrying her jacket purse and lunch Bette made her.. Good morning…

    Good morning.. Sasha stands…Tina puts her things away.. Then turns.. Sasha Williams is it? As she stretches out her had to shake..

    Yes, and she takes Tina’s hand…

    Well I’m Tina Kennard, and wow you’re early…Tina chuckles

    Yeah sorry Ms. Kennard just nerves I’ll be closer to time tomorrow. She says nervously

    Please sit. Tina also sits.

    Tina sees she is quite nervous.. Ok let see if we can fix that… First you can call me Tina and I have seen your file Peggy shared it with me Friday. So you went to college for photo journalism?


    And you liked doing it correct?

    Yes very much.

    Good you will be doing some of that here. And you will be the liaison between me and the other departments such as the writing and the Ad department. This is where everything comes together and I will look to you as my right hand…sometimes it gets crazy…we have to stay on schedule and main thing stay focused…I need you to absorb as much information as possible. You will be hitting the ground running.. But Alice, Andy, Jane and I are here to help. Tina sees that Sasha had a note pad and was already jotting things down… And I’m glad to see you have a note pad you have impressed me already. And please don’t get over whelmed, if I need to slow down and repeat something for you, tell me. I want you to get off on the right foot.. Now we have coffee in the own work area so lots of people come in and out I hope that’s not going to be a distraction for you?

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    1. Welcome back! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your daughter and grandson.

      Why did you feel the need to bring drama in your story! Bobbie’s name alone spells drama, she needs another big kick in her ass and i volunteer to do that.!

      I understand that Tina doesn’t want Bette’s help and wants to prove herself but shutting Bette out for the whole weekend that is asking for problems and now with Bobbie lurking, no good.

      Please don’t let the drama grow into more than one chapter, deal? !

      • Sorry bibi28 this Chapter and the next few have been written for a while and so get out your boxing gloves you may need them…What is it with you and Drama? If I don’t have a little (drama) this story would be boring then I would get bored lol… so guess that means deal lol… :)~~

        • Allright, I have my boxing gloves near me and are prepared for the drama. I know a story need some drama and normally I like . But at the moment I have enough drama in my life, and need some drama free reading. So I am a little selfish, but don’t worry I love this story!

          • Bibi28…I promise it won’t hurt…but only if you duck quick and it’s ok to be selfish I can understand stressful life’s I’m just thankful I’m not in one now.I had to take a few years off from writing to get thought mine.

    2. Ok! go to drama because occasionally the
      stories have to give a jolt to avoid falling
      sameness, just can not be too long because my
      heart can suffer. it is best of all when
      It happens reconciliation, accompanied by a good NC: 17.
      I am an admirer of NC 17 you write.
      And hey! well that Tina should have let Bette licking
      sides out of this bottle mel rsrsrsrs
      The complete constellation.
      A bear hug !!

      • “Bette would be happy to just get to lick the side of the honey jar”…lol you caught that thought did you? lol..Drama sex drama sex is that how it goes… lol and thank you I try to make each time different and hot as possible for you who like to drink lots of

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