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    In the Woods

    Xena and Gabrielle were sitting at the fireplace. Everything seemed so calm and peaceful.

    Xena was sharpening her sword with a rock she’d found, while Gabrielle was writing a poem about their latest adventures. Xena looked over at Gabrielle. There was this peace over her, which she’d truly loved. She was just so… so… sweet and innocent, and yet she seemed so wise and smart with a lion’s heart beating inside of her. She was so brave and of pure goodness. Something so rare yet so amazing, that Xena had to see more. She had to know more about this girl. And she did. And for everyday she got to know the girl better, it seemed that her feelings for her became stronger and stronger.

    She did not only have an attractive personality, but she was also very beautiful, with her bright, shining, green eyes, clear like a pair of emerald crystals, her long, soft red-golden locks of hair falling perfectly down and framing her flawless face and her round cheeks of youth and her full light pink lips. She couldn’t take her eyes off of those lips. All she wanted was to claim them, to make Gabrielle hers forever, but that could never be. She was certain Gabrielle didn’t feel the same way for her. But did it really matter? Xena knew that their friendship was a blessing from the Gods themselves. She couldn’t risk losing that.

    Sitting there, thinking at the fireplace, Xena realized that she had stopped her clinching movements. Instead, she was now watching carefully as the shadows from the fire played on the bards beautiful features.


    Slowly the bard raised her face to meet piercing blue eyes.

    “What is it?” she quietly asked.

    “It’s getting really late. I was thinking about going to sleep before our trip tomorrow,” she said, yawning in her head already.

    “You go ahead Xena. I’ll just finish this piece first.”

    Gabrielle looked back at her scroll, unchanged.

    “Alright,” Xena said, getting up from where she was sitting. She was hoping that Gabrielle would join her, but it probably would be some time, knowing her friends love for writing. Xena and Gabrielle usually slept by each other at night. It was more comforting and they could lay down watching the stars and talking together almost all night. And when the nights were getting cold, Xena would take the small blonde into her arms and keep her warm.

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