The L-word

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The Island

The Island - Answers

Some answers but not the most important one. :)

Empire State of Mind

Chapter XII - Empire State of Mind - Gold and Power

"All that glitters is not gold," Shakespeare is supposed to have written. Tycho begins to explain what has gone on in the gold market, and how events there belie that saying. It becomes increasingly clear to Bette there are enormous implications behind the riddle of the numbers she's inherited.

Worth Holding On Too.

Worth Holding On Too Chapter 8


Wet Work

WET WORK: The Deep End

Part One - A bio tech mastermind draws Agent Porter and T out of romantic bliss and into danger as their next mission exposes them to bio-weapons and surprise at the Olympic swimming trials.

A Beautiful Gift

Part 7 - Family Picture

Bette's into her third trimester and the countdown begins. I have no medical knowledge so conversations between Bette and her OBGYN Dr. Perez about the pregnancy are just snippets I researched on the web to try to make it sound authentic but please don't take anything as factual.

Cashmere Vomit


SHANE has a secret. Helena likes please.

Falling Hard, but Landing Softly (a one-off)

This is my first time, so please let me know if it's worth the read??? A little one-off to get some things off my chest. Hope you enjoy...

The House on Ellis Hill

The House on Ellis Hill - Teenage Tibette cuteness

A little tibette loving and cuteness.

Round n Round We Go

Round n Round We Go (Ch.23)

You know when you see the NC-17 rating.

Always the Bestfriend, Never the Girlfriend

Always The Bestfriend, Never The Girlfriend Chapter 14

“Tee, I like that. I do want us to start in a clean slate. I want you to know that I am really in love with you despite of everything that had happened between us before and that last night has just solidified my feelings for you. I want you. I need you. I love you. Now I want us to move to the next level. Will you be my girlfriend?”



Standing here, in the middle of this hall waiting for all of this to be over! Tired after days and days of investigation, the police had finally given up assuming that it wasn’t a murder! Jenny wasn’t killed but she committed suicide. It was hard at the beginning because we kind of started to lose

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