The L-word

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The Ringer - Tina Kennard and Bette Porter

Bette and Tina's POVs tell the story of the run up to Jenny's press conference and their thoughts and feelings about their own. A few twists and surprises await them both as the clock ticks toward the show down at Shaolin.

What a way to say I’m Sorry

Actions take place between Episode 10 and Episode 11 of Season 1 after Tina's miscarriage.

An Ode to Summer Chapter 1

Tina and Bette spend a week as staffers at a summer camp for kids in norther Cali.

Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way 29

Shannon meets her match....Bette sees Dan Foxworthy...Alice makes plans

Technology – Text Messages part 2

Thanks again to all the readers Scribe, wkm, Pier_Fair, pinky3001, SassyGran, els73, cellphone48, RobbieRob, lipitora, trecelovinit, Bibi28, and also newcomers Tibettesgal, mamadoc91 and anyone else who probably read but didn't comment, I really appreciate it!

Empire State of Mind

Chapter XXI - Empire State of Mind - 1987

Brooke allows Bette entre' to Phillip's room and access to important papers, as well as a beaten up small leather notebook. Bette later asks Sylvia to help her refine a completely new codex she then develops. Their work triggers Sylvia to resurrect an old case. And their enemies draw first blood.

Always the Bestfriend, Never the Girlfriend

Always The Bestfriend, Never The Girlfriend Too Many Walls

Mika looked Bette in the eyes then back to her lips while Bette raised her eyebrow and leaned back away from the doctor.

The Great Amalgamation

On and Off

Them & us

Lover in the Dark

Lover in the Dark: Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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