The L-word

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True Love – chapter 3

Bette is hit by a car, severely. Kit and Maxime have a conversation.

Forever and Always

Bette writes out her feelings for Tina

Empire State of Mind

Chapter XXXI - Empire State of Mind - Hawaii

Bette leaves for Hawaii to initiate the first phase of her plan to surface the gold cache. Cam Miller's past catches up with her, which involves Mr. Green. Their fates become unexpectedly entwined, and the stakes rise for all of them as a result.

True Love

Story about the beginning of Bette and Tina.

New York Minute

New York Minute 105&106

Tina and Bette talk to Roger

True Love

Story about the beginning of Bette and Tina.

I Will Not Let You Fall

I Will Not Let You Fall

Chapter 9. Tina, Bette and their happy (not so much) life together.

For These Reasons…

The greatest thing in the world.

Alice & Tasha: Sappho

Alice & Tasha: Sapphos Sirel

Tasha faces her biggest fight yet

The One night Stand

Game Over Part 1

The night of the opening finally arrives.


Ben, Ben, Ben

Bette’s POV I’m so happy to be back at home. I’m lying in bed, it’s been a day since Tina brought me home from the hospital. It is nice to be at home, to hear the kids play and laugh and to lie in bed in Tina’s arms. Ben phoned this morning, he wanted to


Bette and Tina are in the early stages of their relationship, and Alice asks Bette a question she really doesn't want answered.

Season 7 - Touch Tones

#10 Touch Tones: Alice Surmises

Alice takes us back through recent history in a wryly told tale that revisits the highlights of the last several years and is peppered with her puzzling conclusions about Bette and Tina and their chances this time around for success.

LesFan Hospital – The Failed Kidnapping of Pie_Fair

(Completely Fiction)What are true friends for?

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