The L-word

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The Perfect Marriage

It's all a Blur

Tina and Alicia get closer. Bette and Tasha rebel.

It Takes Two .....Or Four

It Takes Two...Or Four Ch. 2

Alice heads to New York to talk to Bette about Tina

Wet Work

WET WORK: Missing Women #12

Set in present day Libya Agent Porter and T travel by horseback to an ancient oasis to right new and age-old wrongs.

L- Games (Football)

football the L-Word way...or is it really consider football.

Disturbance – The beginning and the end Part 1

More of Tina and Henry past!

Am I In There Somewhere

Am I In There Somewhere Ch. 2

Chapter 2--Bette and Angelica head to Maui

The Island

The Island - The Rescue

Did Bette survive the gunshot? Who will rescue Tina.

The L Space Station

The L Space Station--Docking

Intro--The Angelica docks with the L Space Station

I Will Not Let You Fall

I Will Not Let You Fall

Chapter 5. Tina sneaks away from college and Bette's in action.

Love ... The bridge between our differences

The wayward daughter comes home

Guess who's coming to Los Angeles. Will she be up to her old tricks?

Learning To Love Again

Learning To Love Again-Mutual Attraction

Bette and Tina take a step

L-Games (Wrestling)

2nd Tournament- Dysfunctional Wrestling lol

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