The L-word

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Falling Hard, but Landing Softly (a one-off)

This is my first time, so please let me know if it's worth the read??? A little one-off to get some things off my chest. Hope you enjoy...

The House on Ellis Hill

The House on Ellis Hill - Teenage Tibette cuteness

A little tibette loving and cuteness.

Wet Work

WET WORK: Burning Up

T makes a strategic decision while waiting for Agent Porter to return from meeting Waseem.

Round n Round We Go

Round n Round We Go (Ch.23)

You know when you see the NC-17 rating.

Always the Bestfriend, Never the Girlfriend

Always The Bestfriend, Never The Girlfriend Chapter 14

“Tee, I like that. I do want us to start in a clean slate. I want you to know that I am really in love with you despite of everything that had happened between us before and that last night has just solidified my feelings for you. I want you. I need you. I love you. Now I want us to move to the next level. Will you be my girlfriend?”

The Island

The Island - Love and Loss

Tina is closer to admitting her true feelings but is it too late?



Standing here, in the middle of this hall waiting for all of this to be over! Tired after days and days of investigation, the police had finally given up assuming that it wasn’t a murder! Jenny wasn’t killed but she committed suicide. It was hard at the beginning because we kind of started to lose

A Beautiful Gift

le petite Nicolas

Like it or not Bette has a life that doesn't revolve around Tina, but don't forget that Tina also has a life that doesn't revolve around Bette. They both made bad choices and they are dealing with the consequences of those choices the worst of which is that their trust is broken; maybe beyond repair. The hurt and pain runs too deep to just put a band aide on it and write a happily ever after. Just because I said this wasn't a 'TiBette' story doesn't mean they can't coexist in this world and have a life independent of each other but that is still connected by virtue of the fact that they share a child and are a family.

Lover in the Dark

Lover in the Dark: Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Empire State of Mind

Chapter X - Empire State of Mind - Europe, part 1

Bette departs for Europe, but not before she and Tina agree on a novel way to get Tina pregnant with their second baby. While in the lounge, Bette reconnects with someone she'd gotten closed to, at one point, when she and Tina were broken up. The encounter upsets Diane.

When Hope is Lost...

When Hope is Lost... Homecoming

Bette is doing her best to stay on top of the various events all taking place... The birth of her daughter, being with Tina, taking care of her son experiencing leukemia and reconnecting with her extended family members.

WeHo: Behind the Scenes


( 33. )
Tina and Bette drink wine by the fire and revisit the poignant moments of their relationship. Bette surprises Tina with a gift.

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