The L-word

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Fée Marraine: A Fairy Tale in Four Parts (1)

Part One: Salagadoola

Am I In There Somewhere

Am I In There Somewhere Ch. 3

A little background on Kenny Marchant

Alice & Tasha: Sappho

Alice & Tasha: Sappho Agape

The final night before Tasha is scheduled to deploy Alice is struggling with the notion of being away from Tasha can Tasha help ease her mind and worries?

The Art of War

Chapter 7 - A woman can be an artist in anything: food, whatever. It depends on how good she is at it. Lilith's art is death. She's about to paint her masterpiece.

An unexpected escape to reclaim her future leaves Bette bereft. So much can change in a small span of time, but she's not willing to give up no matter how dark or painful it becomes. If Tina taught her one thing, it's that you should always try. Will there be anything left once she sees her destiny through?



Bette is taking care of Tina in the hospital and Tina finds a way to return the favor


Bette needs to practice her speech, and what better help than her excited and mischievous wife?

Frozen Beginnings

Frozen Beginnings - Chapter Six


It Takes Two .....Or Four

It Takes Two...Or Four Ch. 3

Angie puts Phase 1 into motion

The Perfect Marriage

It's all a Blur

Tina and Alicia get closer. Bette and Tasha rebel.

Wet Work

WET WORK: Missing Women #12

Set in present day Libya Agent Porter and T travel by horseback to an ancient oasis to right new and age-old wrongs.

L- Games (Football)

football the L-Word way...or is it really consider football.

Disturbance – The beginning and the end Part 1

More of Tina and Henry past!

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