• “Hey beautiful…We’ll that was officially the longest 6 hours of my life” Carmen wiped her eyes and sat down next to Jess holding her hand “What you doing to be baby, I’m an emotional wreck here…Can you just get […]

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    Taken is based on the 2 movies Liam Nisson was in he will not be on the tv show.

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    This one-off is inspired by the little Charlie’s Angels scene in L word.

    Once upon a time, there were three little lesbians who just hung out at a coffee shop. But I changed all that. And now they work for m […]

  • “Okay so there is an infection spreading through Jess’s body and it’s putting pressure on her heart and causing one of the valves to fail so we need to operate and replace the valve” Callie explain […]

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  • Two sunrises had passed since the altercation between Alice (Alani) and Selene, which left them both questioning each other’s motives. The citizens of Kaicus found pleasure in reminding Alani (Alice) daily her p […]

  • Just after 11am Jess opened her eyes.

    “Hey” Carmen smiled

    “Hey” Jess smiled back

    “How you feeling?”

    “Not that great” Jess smirked

    “I’m sorry” Carmen sat on the edge of the bed “What can I do to hel […]

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  • The next day…

    “So today we are going to take her of the ventilator and move her downstairs” Callie smiled coming in the room

    “Okay, cool” Carmen said half asleep

    “You are exhausted you need to go home and […]

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    There may be some good news on the horizon for you Playing By Heart fans who have been wanting an ending…

  • [Chapter  8]

    “what did I do..” I run my hands through my hair.

    “She asked to move in with you and you told her yes!?” Alice says with a mind blown expression.

    “I couldn’t think straight.” […]

  • “Jess we managed to get Sheryl Crow, Sharon Osbourne, Kylie Minogue, Rod Stewart, and some others to send in those videos in” Kelly explained

    “Wow that’s brilliant” Jess smiled “I have some other’s bei […]

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  • Winter 1953.  Therese has moved in with Carol, after they’d reunited earlier that year, in April.  Therese still works in the New York Times while Carol has been working as a furniture buyer.

    Therese’ pace […]

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    According to the latest issue of The Advocate, TGs are now the new target in the Republican presidential campaign, with both Trump and Cruz blasting away at them as a greater danger than ISIS, North Korea, climate change, and the arrival of the three eyed raven combined. Cruz in particular is characterizing TGs as “predators”. As far as I can…[Read more]

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    her friend text me, asked me what happened because she is depressed and refuse to do anything beyond sleep so i told her in general.

    we were both straight before we met, i dated and slept with men and was attracted to them only.

    she had a boyfriends when we meet, she like me never found any women attracted and nothing happened between us until…[Read more]

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    I get it. Can’t eat; can’t sleep; knocked off of your cat bird seat; suspended in time and space; going round and round in circles, it feels like.
    At one point I read a book about Physics (don’t ask), and there was a line in it that explained everything I was experiencing. Yes, physics, as dispassionate a science as there is out there. Not poetry,…[Read more]

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    Unfortunately, it’s not fixable.
    It is a relic of a computer conversion that scrubbed profanity. We never wanted that to happen and stopped it, but it was too late for some stories.

    Not fixable, damn it.

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