the l word season 1 pilot

The L Word Deconstructed: Episodes 1.01 and 1.02

Read about the "Deconstructed" Series by Kace. Pilot - Episode 101/102 Los Angeles, including Downtown and the Hollywood sign, freeways, the trees.  At least two days appear to pass during the opening sequence.  One shot shows a Best Western, a billboard for Pancho Villa, a Nike billboard, Starbucks Coffee … [Continue Reading...]

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doccubus t shirt fanfiction contest

Lost Girl Fanfiction Contest – VOTE!

Our Lost Girl Fanfiction Contest has come to a close! First prize: Lost Girl Season 4  – you can choose the DVD or Instant Video from Amazon. Second prize: A Doccubus t-shirt with the image of Bo and Lauren with the name “Doccubus”. Image coming soon!                   […]


Lost Girl: Fallen Heroes

 Read our Lost Girl Fanfiction and support #doccubus! By: Somewhataddicted This week I’d like to celebrate Lost Girl’s fallen heroes. One of my favorite things about this show is the fact that there is no shortage in brave female warriors of all types from intellectual to street smart to brute strength and skill. Whether they […]

Out with Dad Fanfiction Contest

OUT WITH DAD Fanfiction Contest with Amazing Prizes

  LesFan is a HUGE fan of OUT WITH DAD. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a fabulous web series about a high school aged girl who is coming to terms with being a lesbian, her relationship with her single father, and her relationship with her friends. Her friends include her best friend turned […]

lesbian fanfiction contests

Lesbian Fanfiction Contests

The contests are OVER. Voting is about to begin! Check each contest page for voting information.     It’s true! is pleased to announce 5 major fanfiction contests for lesbian fanfiction fandoms! Three of these shows start new seasons in June, so we want to re-ignite the imaginations of both writers and readers with […]