• Introduction:

    “Elizabeth Porter, get your damned ass out of the bed! How many times do I have to ask you when you and that lazy crew of yours are planning to go sailing again?”


    “Geez Kit, I’m trying t […]

  • Bette lay in her bed looking at her wife.

    “So what would you like to do this weekend?” Bette asked

    “I can do anything I want yes?”

    “Anything you want to do”

    “You have been promising me for nearly 3 […]

  • 8 weeks later…

    “I have never been so glad to get this stupid thing off” Jess smiled

    “Not so fast we still need to x-ray it make sure it’s healed” Callie smiled

    “Oh it has I promise” Jess smiled

    An ho […]

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    Need help finding a story, I accidentally closed the window on my iPhone and cannot reopen it. The L Word, Characters: Tina, Bette, Melvin, Katherine it has at least 30 chapters, and is not a recent fanfic. Basic plot: Bette and Tina enter into a marriage of convenience so their respective parents (Melvin and Katherine) can combine their fortunes.…[Read more]

  • Jess stood in her bedroom looking in the mirror she lifted up her tank top to look at the scar and then put it back down, she could still see the scar. Tina stood watching her daughter.

    “There’s nothing wro […]

  • Somewhere unknown.

    She sits with her finger tips pressed together, looking at the man nicknamed to the world as “Mr. Freeze” standing to her right and grins.

    Fish: They’ve been led right where I need them […]

  • I’m so sorry about your infection; I hope you get better soon. Thank you so much for your friendship and to all the ones here, for me this place feels like a family. One think I know is that I will finish any story that I started, or will start (unless something very bad happens to me); as many of you I feel the bad when you read a wonderful s…[Read more]

  • At the moment I have not read your update.
    I am recovering from an intestinal infection, I am
    gradually recovering.
    I’m sorry for this.
    As far as possible I will update all the stories.

  • It is a joy to know that from today we will be much closer. I will be aware of your news to be able to express with sincere words the great affection I feel for its history, and I know you will write more.
    On behalf of all those who are now your friends and with whom to share the day-to-day, I want to give you the welcome.
    Bear hug !

  • Bette and Melvin

    There was a little pause and then Bette heard a voice she hadn’t heard in centuries.


    “My little princess, is that you?”




    That’s all Bette could say and then […]

  • “Where’s Jess?” Bette asked kissing Tina softly
    “She’s in her studio, she and Carmen had words this morning so she’s not in the best mood” Tina explained
    “Oh dear is everything okay?” Bette asked
    “Yeah, Jess […]

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    It is Saturday Morning and the party has been over for a short time. Carrie is no longer in her Cupid gear. By this point, she is not in much at all aside from the bedsheets covering her Lisa, both exhausted from […]

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  • How do I look? Tina asks as she comes from the bedroom freshly showered and dressed for a night on Bette’s arm during the art show at the center.

    Bette puts the newspaper down and looks at Tina. She motions f […]

  • As the run rose the next morning, they were still kissing as they woke. Kes stopped, blinked her eyes open as the waking world came back to her. She saw it on her wife’s face too, and looked around the newly s […]

  • Bette closed her eyes and let the words she had just read sink a little deeper into her mind.

    The word ‘treasure’ kept rolling around in her head, interspersed with images of pirate chests, sunken galleons and […]

  • As Friday drifts into nightime, the yacht of Lisa Snart, the Golden Glider has received two other visitors. Everyone else on the yacht pauses while realizing all of this is happening. Lisa turns to Eliza Harmon […]

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