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Orphan Black Cosima Delphine Fanfiction

Orphan Black – Lesbian Fanfiction

Canada and the UK are getting to see season two of BBC AMERICA’s dramatic conspiracy thriller, Orphan Black. Sarah (Golden Globe® nominee Tatiana Maslany, Parks and Recreation) is in a desperate race to find her missing daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) – a wild pursuit that brings her head-to-head with ruthless pro-clone, Rachel (Maslany). This season also […]

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LesShop is now open!

LesFan has opened up a shop of fun shirts and stuff featuring super cool lesbian and LGBT images and and more. Check out our #Rizzles, #doccubus, and Stef and Lena (The Fosters) shirts, plus LesFan.com logo wear. Visit our shop! Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

doccubus t shirt fanfiction contest

Lost Girl Fanfiction Contest – VOTE!

Our Lost Girl Fanfiction Contest has come to a close! First prize: Lost Girl Season 4  – you can choose the DVD or Instant Video from Amazon. Second prize: A Doccubus t-shirt with the image of Bo and Lauren with the name “Doccubus”. Image coming soon!                   […]


Lost Girl: Fallen Heroes

 Read our Lost Girl Fanfiction and support #doccubus! http://lesfan.com/fan-fiction/fandom/lost-girl/ By: Somewhataddicted This week I’d like to celebrate Lost Girl’s fallen heroes. One of my favorite things about this show is the fact that there is no shortage in brave female warriors of all types from intellectual to street smart to brute strength and skill. Whether they […]