Orange is the New Black Trailer #2 – 66 screencaps!

Watch Orange is the New Black Trailer #2 then check out the images clip by clip - don't miss a thing! We culled the BEST screencaps from the video - get ready for Season 2. And be sure to check out our #OITNB Orange is the New Black Fanfiction! Join us and post your fanfic - all ratings allowed. Embed pics … [Continue Reading...]

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Lost Girl: Heroes and Villains

  Lost Girl: Heroes and Villains by somewhataddicted It’s a fact that every story has a hero and every story has a villain. I mean, what kind of story would it be if we didn’t have something to root for, or against; someone to sympathize with, or dream of being? Regardless of the way the story […]


Good New Brittana Fans!

Good news, Brittana fans! We’ve had confirmation that Heather Morris is back for the Glee Season 5 finale! (5×20) Whilst Santana is currently MIA, we are looking forward to seeing her back on our screens in 5×17. So the news that Brittany will be showing up for the finale is just the cherry on the […]

Seahurst's First Chapter

#TLW10 – Seahurst Looks Back

Seahurst is one of the most popular fanfiction writers to have graced L-word.com and now LesFan.com. Her stories will always be popular with those who love romance.  She has been a long time supporter, advisor, mentor, and shoulder to cry on. We thank Seahurst for all her contributions!  We welcome all site members to submit their […]


The Dinah 2014 Celebrates #TLW10

PALM SPRINGS, CA – There are no words to describe the 2014 Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend. Pulling all the stops, the event was not only massive but was also, and most importantly, pure magic. The Dinah 2014 was filled with special moments, unforgettable firsts, and significant milestones.Thousands of women from all over the world […]