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LesFan.com: Official Sponsor of Women’s Week

LesFan.com is a proud sponsor of Women's Week sponsored by the Women Innkeepers of Provincetown. We have a long, rich history of supporting women's week as attendees and by unofficially promoting events first on L-word.com and now on LesFan.com. This year, we have become official … [Continue Reading...]

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Lost Girl – Four Little Words Changed Everything

Lost Girl- Four Little Words Changed Everything Read our Lost Girl Fanfiction By: Somewhataddicted I had planned to do a Dragon Con and Fan Expo recap here, but the news that came out the Monday before the cons rocked the Lost Girl fandom. So now I feel it’s only appropriate to address that here instead. […]

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LesFan Welcomes All Lesbian Writers

LesFan.com now welcomes ALL creative or original writing for lesbian audiences. LesFan has a 10+ year history of being the largest lesbian fanfiction site, and now we open our doors to all writers. We have a terrific network of voracious, engaged readers. We hope to connect these readers with writers of original works. We have […]

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Gotham Introduces Lesbian Character

This past Monday Night, Gotham premiered on Fox with its first episode beginning the narrative of practically every origin story related to Gotham City of DC Comics, most notably young Bruce Wayne, who shall one day grow up to become Batman. Many characters were introduced, but the main focus here isn’t on the young Selina […]