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    Press Report

    The Washington Post





    Former Senator, Tina Kennard, has become the youngest nomination for the Democrat party. She won by a landslide to start her campaign for the USA Presidency.

    Kennard, who was the Senator for New Hampshire was the unexpected winner. She was the quietest of the candidates. Kennard is social media and media savvy and has got the younger voters on side with her.

    In a speech given after she was nominated as the Democratic nominee she said “We have a long hard fight ahead of us, the currently administration has attacked our rights as women and our rights as human beings. They are trying to control if and when a woman can have an abortion and how women are treated.

    “The current President has made remarks which frankly are insulting and abusive. He and his party have tried to put laws and Bills into place to take us back 100 years instead of moving forward. We are supposed to be in the 21st century, yet this administration makes me think we are living in the early 1900s.”

    Kennard, who is openly homosexual is the first ever gay nomination, polling figures show that she is very popular in New York, New Hampshire, California and Ohio.

    Kennard also said she was ready to take America into the future. “We have a long road ahead of us, a road that I hope will lead us directly to the White House.”

    Kennard is married to Galleries Bette Porter, who is nine years older than 39 year old. The couple, who divide their time between their homes in Concord, New Hampshire and LA, were pictured together celebrating the win.

    The White House had no statement on the winner. However President Michaels. Posted on his social media ‘The Democratic nominee is a white, gay woman who is married to a bi racial Gallery owner, who once had an affair. I think we got this.’



    The Kennard Porter Residence

    2479 Devon Avenue


    New Hampshire

    United States Of America



    Tina rolled onto her back, her arms above her head as she stretched her arms above her head,  the sheets dropping below her naked breasts. Her blonde hair was fanned out on the pillow, she yawned. Before curling back up.

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    1. `Tina as President and Bette as First Lady? Wow….that’s different. They really need to concentrate on climate change and try to save the world. And what a gorgeous couple they would make. Tina certainly would have my vote. Let’s see where you take this. You have my full attention.

    2. Looks like Tina is in for a dirty mud slinging campaign which is the new norm in today’s politics. Can’t wait to see how she and Bette strike back. Looks like Tibette is in for a wild ride. Great story and thank you for all of your wonderful writing👍🏻

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