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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 4A)

    In the water, swirls of light surround me and move as I do. I feel at home; twisting, turning, flipping. My hair flows around me. I just relax and float somewhere near the bottom. And then… “SPENCER!”

    I look up to see Ash peering in at me. I surface right under her nose and pull her in. Kiss her as we sink. Bring her up for air. Her friends gape at us. Except for Jade, who has a knowing smile that unsettles me. We make out and grope each other in the water until the sun fades away.

    The girls go to the jacuzzi and that gives me an idea. I carry Ash to the elevator and from there to the room but I don’t let her in.

    I fill up the tub with hot water and bubbles, light some candles and put sexy Spanish music on. When I open the door I’m naked. Her jaw drops, and while she’s distracted I pull the ties on her top; pants her and lead her to the bathroom. I get in first and she sits in front of me. I love the feeling of her skin on mine. My center burns with excitement. I put my arms around her and hold her close, breathing her in. I kiss her shoulder, bite her neck, suck her earlobe.

    She pulls my hands from the hot water to her cool breasts. The nipples are hard and I take them between my thumbs and index fingers. I roll and pinch them, squeezing as well. Her moan is quiet but deep. She puts her head back on my shoulder. I feel her breath on my neck, warm and fast. Her lips gently kiss my neck. My center throbs now.  She bites, like a snake that purrs, with venom made of pure arousal. My hand inches down slowly, of it’s own accord, to her center. My fingers rub her clit and move through her folds to tease her hole. A moan crawls into my ear from her head on my shoulder. I close my eyes just wanting to feel her. I breathe her scent in when she bites again. Her hips rock into me, pressing on my center. We stay like this, creating friction, until it’s almost unbearable. I stand up, her in my arms, and make my way to the bed. Falling down on top of her I go right for her neck. She runs her nails up and down my back. A shock goes through me. I slip my leg between hers and press my knee into her heat.

    “Please Spin,” a hoarse whisper.

    “Please what?” I’m short of breath. I know exactly what she means I just want to hear it.

    “Take me,” That’s all I need. I slink down between her legs. Take her into my mouth, push my tongue through her folds. -Good gay god, she tastes so good!- I begin to devour her.

    “OH, Spencer,” She calls down to me. I tease her hole, press the tip of my tongue to it. She arches her back and I return to her clit. I suck on the hard bud like it’s candy. She starts to shudder. -No, not yet!- I push my finger into her hole. She makes a noise between a grunt and a sigh, not sure which. It’s so tight. -Did you lie about being a virgin?- I find her sweet spot and start rubbing it. I don’t think it’s possible but she tightens more. -Good thing she’s drenched otherwise we wouldn’t be getting anywhere.- I keep sucking her clit but I have to hold her hip down. Her breathing is fast and loud. She whines as the liquid heat pours out of her. When she falls back on the bed I clean her up.

    I move to the top of the bed and wrap myself around her. I can tell she’s exhausted.

    “Go to sleep babe,”

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