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    HeartLake – (Chapter: 10 La Tortura)

    The next afternoon Ashley walks casually into Tempe’s office. “Hey!”

    She flops into a chair. “Well, look who decided to show up,”

    “Sorry I dropped off the map. Didn’t really feel like talking,”

    “What did I miss?” Tempe leans forward. Ashley relays sabotaging Maddison and the events of Sunday. Tempe remains silent for a moment.

    “You were the one who got Maddison expelled.”

    “We didn’t think she would get kicked out, just detention or an exorcism or something,” Ashley laughs.

    “You don’t feel sorry.” Tempe crosses her legs.

    “Nah, not really. She had it coming. Half the girls here hated her anyway. I’m the only one who had the cojones to do something about it,” Ashley leans back in the chair.

    “Cojones is an interesting word,” Tempe comments.

    “Yeah,” Ashley intentionally deepens her voice.  

    “So, you and Spencer are together now. That’s good.”

    “Yeah. Hopefully we can make it. I feel like it might end up bad,” Ashley looks out the window.

    “Why do you think that?”

    “Temptation can be dangerous,”


    “Hi,” Spencer rakes her eyes back to the book.

    “Why are you way out here?” Ashley slides down next to her.

    “It’s quiet. I felt like reading,” Ashley sits with her knees up and her skirt slides down.

    “I hate skirts. I feel naked.” She pulls on it disgustedly.

    “You look hot though,” Spence licks her lips.

    “So, what are you reading?”

    “Nothing special,” She takes Ash’s hand.

    “Are you ok?” She turns to face her.

    “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

    “I just wanted to make sure we’re ok, cause we had all that stuff yesterday.”

    “We’re fine. Don’t worry.” Spencer kisses her cheek. Ashley leans her head over onto her shoulder. Spence feels her hot breath on her neck.

    “I feel so wrong,” Ashley mumbles.


    “This skirt.” She tries to cover her legs.

    “What about it?” Spencer closes her book.

    “I just told you. I don’t know.” She snuggles into her.

    “You’re tired.” Spencer holds her against the chill of the breeze coming off the lake.

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