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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    Pacing the overly bright corridor, Faith felt the familiar bubble of confinement filling her once more. After serving her time in jail, she was glad to be free to come and go as she pleased but sitting in a hospital waiting for the next big event was starting to remind her of prison.

    Willow had briefly explained the predicament they were facing and how the First was planning on eliminating the entire slayer line. This girl was just another of the casualties of the impending war.

    Turning back to the redhead, Faith narrowed her eyes slightly as a thought dawned on her.

    “Something’s killing girls all over the world, trying to end the slayer line. Thing like that, figure I might get a heads up.”

    Willow dropped her hands to her sides in defeat. If she was honest with herself then she hadn’t really thought to try and contact Faith, so much was going on right on their doorstep that the rogue slayer seemed like a lifetime ago.

    “Faith.” she said slowly, the tiredness evident in her voice.

    Throwing up her hands in dramatic realisation, Faith continued; “Guess it doesn’t really matter as long as you got the true slayer intact!”

    “You were in prison. Figured you were safe there.” Willow lied quickly.

    “Yeah, that’s prison. Safe as a kitten.” Faith replied sarcastically.

    “Sorry, I… don’t know much about the big house. Was it…?” Willow was filled with sadness as Faith turned her view to the operation through the window. “I mean, did something happen in there?”

    “Someone came at me with a nasty looking knife. Didn’t really know why ’til now.” Faith told her bluntly, meeting the redhead’s eyes once again.

    “Oh, Faith, we didn’t…” Willow began in apology.

    “Forget it. It’s cool. I get by.” Faith waved off the sincerity of Willows words as though the comforting tone made her physically uncomfortable. “And blondies back too? That’s gotta be wicked weird!?”

    Willow smiled, realising that Faith had, in her own unique way already put the issue behind her.

    “So, I guess we should try and get hold of Buffy, I mean, I tried calling but she’s not answering her cell.” Willow followed Faiths avoidy, subject-changing lead with ease.

    “Cool, I’ll go check out the cemeteries. More fun than here anyways! And I might get a slaying or two in before the sun rises!” Faith turned briskly on her heels and before Willow had a chance to offer a counter argument, vanished into the warm night.

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