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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    Darkness surrounded them, filling the potentials with doubt and fear as they followed Buffy, Faith and Tara through the woods.

    “Why are we tip-toeing around like a bunch of scared girls?” Kennedy asked loudly, making more than a few of the potentials jump noticeably.

    Turning as one fluid unit, the leaders of the group hushed Kennedy in snakelike unison.

    The potential rolled her eyes and peered over the shoulders of the leaders.

    Gesturing to the large building she could barely see through the undergrowth, Kennedy whispered; “Bringers!”

    Her previous run in with the servants of darkness had definitely not been forgotten and she shuddered slightly as a trio of Bringers greeted their brother at the door of the building.

    The potentials all gathered behind them and squinted through the shrubbery.

    “Ok, so here’s the plan..” Buffy began as she turned to the group. “We go in quickly but quietly. No mad screaming, no ‘oh my god, we’re all gonna die’s’ and NO Xena battle cries!” she finished, directing her gaze to Kennedy.

    “Me and B will take point!” Faith took over, “You..” she said, pointing to a huddled group of four potentials, “You follow us, then Blondie and Kennedy and the others after that with Red. Agreed?!”

    The potentials nodded slowly.

    “Looks like its clear!” Tara said, she had been keeping a look out over the building and listening to the conversation at the same time.

    Regaining the role of leader, Buffy took a deep breath and focused her attention on the impending fight.

    “Follow me!” she said, the steely tone in her voice leaving no room for argument as she pushed her way through the wilderness and into the clearing.

    Willow was the last through the door, dust danced in the rays of light and she shivered at the creepiness of the place. She felt the power and evil that filled the place as soon as she stepped in the door.

    She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on a reversal spell for Tara’s binding and yet her mind still seemed blank.

    To her right, something creaked, possibly a floorboard under the weight of a foot.

    “Guys?” she whispered, causing Tara to turn immediately and question her softly with her eyes.

    Willow nodded her head in the direction of the sound and Tara pushed back through the group to Willows side, both women focused entirely on the dark passage that seemed to almost melt into the gloom.

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