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    Nobis Pacem – Chapter 5


    Before I realized what I was doing I spun Harley around and wrapped my arms around her waist, pressing against her slightly onto the side of the car with my body. Her right hand had been grasping the handle of the passenger side door before I’d surprised her like this, so my actions had pinned her right arm at an angle against the side of the car. A fleeting thought urging me to step back to allow Harley to let go of the door handle crossed my mind. But my head was spinning, and this was just a fleeting thought. A teensy thing that was no match for this all-consuming ball of fire I was dealing with: so I ignored it.

    I was beyond caring at this point. I needed an outlet for the overwhelming desire for her that had been building all day and that I’d managed to keep bottled up, more or less successfully. But all the wine we’d consumed during dinner, and the cognac I had after, had dulled my sense of propriety. As I’d stared at her lissome figure bend slightly to open the car door, having just carelessly shed her suit jacket, slim skirt rising to expose more of those endless, slim, toned legs atop sexy, come-hither heels, I’d known that my body, literally throbbing with lust by now, had finally taken over my brain. So I gave in to this consuming lust.

    At the very least, my lips needed hers. Desperately.

    So I didn’t step back. Instead I leaned my head forward.

    As I leaned I saw that the momentary surprise that overtook her when I snaked my arms around her dissipated quickly. And in those warm, hazel eyes I saw deep desire flash and meet my own – in that instant it felt like something had ignited in both of us.

    I paused from my lean; her body softened, melted into mine, and her legs parted slightly. I smiled because the combination caused me to naturally tilt forward into her even more. She caressed my face with her free hand before tunneling her fingers through my hair and then pulled my head in, closing the empty space between us quickly.

    I pulled her closer to me by the waist in response, regained a semblance of control over my desire, and leaned into her lips as gently as I could, gauging how much she ached, wondering whether it was as out of control as mine was. I could feel her lips curve into a smile at first, and then felt her pull on my head even more, to gradually deepen our kiss.

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