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    Chapter 2

    ”OK pretty girl, dreams about naked women are beckoning. Talk tomorrow?”

    I could hear her sultry chuckle over the receiver, hopefully not dwelling on my slip of the tongue she replied, ”You mean dreams about me, you don’t have to deny it. Talk tomorrow Zona, goodnight, I’ll expect vivid details about those dreams.” I could practically see her winking at me after that sentence.

    ”Oh of course, Calliope. Goodnight.” I fell asleep with a smile on my face as dreams of a sexual, sensuous Latina entered my unadulterated head.


    ”So you and Erica are finished? Completely? None of this, ’we’re not together but I’m still sleeping with her’ crap?” Teddy was in complete interrogation mode, Addison sitting next to her with the same stern expression focused on Calliope. I thought they’d be happier she was eating lunch with us in school again, but I didn’t voice any objection to their questioning. I was afraid they were going to start asking me questions about Calliope’ relationship with Erica, and to be quite honest I wasn’t in the mood to discuss that bitch to any great length. It brought out a jealous streak in myself, I wasn’t aware was even present until meeting Calliope and I didn’t want our friendship to suffer because of her ex.

    ”Yes girls, we’re finished. Over. Done. I haven’t even seen her since, and I don’t want to, I just want to move on but I really don’t want to talk about it anymore right now, though.” She sounded defeated and I discreetly placed my hand on her thigh, under the cafeteria table, and squeezed lightly for reassurance. Talking about the ex that none of her friends like, and how the relationship had failed couldn’t have been easy for her.

    She placed her hand on top of mine and locked our fingers, fiddling with mine, it was beginning to become a nervous habit, when she was distressed she would play with my fingers when we were together – which was most of the time, nowadays. It was extremely cute and I was more than happy to be her ’go to’ when she was upset or nervous or frightened.

    ”OK. Good. We’re glad you’re back with us at lunch.” Addison was grinning like a fool at the news that her best friend would be a regular at the table of misfits that ate lunch together.

    ”Yeah, glad you’re back Cal.” Teddy was beaming too, both girls delighted that Erica was no longer a part of their life or their extended friendship group.

    Everyone broke off into their own conversations, most of the gang automatically adapting to Callie’s arrival after nearly 3 months of school had passed without her at the table. I had the chance to sit back and watch Calliope mingle with her friends, she was utterly gorgeous – my hand still trapped under hers, no longer nervous she was drawing patterns onto my skin with her thumb. It served to relax me, and I eagerly joined in the laughter that reverbed around all the members occupying the group. It was as if Calliope Torres restored a kind of equilibrium to this already unconventional circle of friends, just as she has restored the equilibrium of the world I live in, just by waking up in the morning.



    1. I like this series, and the two girls in particular. is a cute couple together. I only regret not more developed their relationship on the screen (but maybe here) :)
      I like the way you write, I love to see the story on the basis of Arizona’s narrative that you gently link the past with little reference to the present.
      I look forward to the next chapter.

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