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    Chapter 2

    The rest of my first weekend in Seattle was uneventful, merely skyping with my Dad who unfortunately got held back at base in Washington D.C. and wouldn’t be back home with us, until all the loose ends were tied up at HQ, then he would be moved to his office as a recruitment officer, here in Seattle. But D.C. isn’t Afghanistan, he’s safely inside the confines of the country – unfortunately the same cannot be said for Tim.

    Monday morning came around swiftly and before I knew it I was sitting in first period, completely fading out the dull drone of my Chemistry teacher. Instead I focused most of my attention on amber leaves skimming the surface of the quad in the blustery fall wind. It reminded me of Callie’s hair rustling in the wind. It was strange that I couldn’t get her out of my head, in fact it was borderline creepy, because I was convinced that she was straight and we’d only had a few hours of conversation, that should not entail 2 days of non-stop thinking about this girl. I seriously had to snap out of this shit. Fast.

    My caffeine deprived brain only dimly registered someone occupying the seat next to me but I didn’t look up, it wasn’t like I was going to know who they were, being the new girl and all. Apparently I was wrong. Before I could comprehend what was happening, warm lips were whispering against the flesh of my ear and a new, but familiar silky smooth voice was filtering through every inch of my tired brain and bringing about some sort of avid mental awakening.

    My head snapped around to find a beaming Callie Torres very close to my face, causing my breath to hitch in the back of my throat, my heart thump unceremoniously and my pale dimpled cheeks to flush bright red.

    ”H-H- Hey”. I managed to stammer out. I swear when it came to socially awkward, in high school I would have won first place. At least when I was around Callie.

    ”Hey. You don’t mind if I sit here, right? I mean, we’re friends and, to be honest I don’t really like anyone else in this class.” She was rambling. I found it cute.

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    1. I like this series, and the two girls in particular. is a cute couple together. I only regret not more developed their relationship on the screen (but maybe here) :)
      I like the way you write, I love to see the story on the basis of Arizona’s narrative that you gently link the past with little reference to the present.
      I look forward to the next chapter.

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