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    Hannah put her finger to her lips. She looked at Cat who was
    beginning to panic, her eyebrows twitching closer together. Both tried to
    control their breathing so that it barely made a sound. The noise from the
    other side of the door was faint, footsteps that brushed the door of their

    The sound of another door closing brought an exhale of
    relief to Hannah as she leant in to continue. Cat pulled back, like a magnet

    “Are you crazy?” she mouthed.

    “What?” the Blonde whispered softly.

    Cat couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t answer the
    question. The truth was, when that door flew open, a wave of guilt flooded her.
    Convinced either Sam or Frankie would be on the other side of the door, she
    felt sick at the thought of either of them catching her ‘at it’ with another

    Yet she was looking into this woman’s eyes, feeling lust.
    All this guilt, pain and confusion melted when she could feel Hannah’s eyes on
    her. Cat caught her breath and let the door taker her weight.

    “I’m in such a messed up place. I can’t bring you into this,
    it’s so f**ked up.” Cat sighed.

    Hannah looked perplexed, sad. She moved away fastening her
    belt and fixing her makeup.

    “I don’t understand. Five minutes ago you were….”

    “I know i know, I’m a mess!” Cat interrupted her.

    The flush went, the women fell silent as the toilet door slammed again. Hannah looked at Cat and pointed to the door handle to let her know the coast was clear. The blonde took her Jack Daniels hipflask from her pocket and gulped deeply. Cat’s indecision putting her in yet another predicament.

    “Can i?” Cat held out her hand in the hope of alcohol.

    She swallowed half the contents and handed it back. The fact
    Hannah hadn’t tried to stop her leaving made her all the more appealing.
    Because she didn’t have her attention, she wanted it. She found her attractive,
    her body wanted her all over again. The more clouded by drink her mind was, the
    more lustful she became.

    “You don’t need to bolt. I’m not gonna go all heavy on you.”

    “It’s not that.” Cat assured.

    She took a deep breath before continuing, “I still have
    feelings for someone else.”

    Hannah smiled at Cat. The brunette looked embarrassed, her
    bottom lip crinkled as she tried to look anywhere but at her.

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