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    Frankie wondered through the streets of Glasgow, concealing
    her brittle state of mind. Smiling at any female who gave her a glance. Her
    hair had grown, her pale face wearing an extra shade of white. Her feet hit the
    slabs with scorn, the rain had soaked the bottom of her jeans which were ripped
    and fraying. She sheltered in an archway as she lit a cigarette.

    As she breathed in, she felt a little better. She looked at
    the puddles that had formed around her feet, people passed her in a rush to get
    home from their working days. She noticed a spanking new Alpha Romeo parked
    across the road, white in colour; hardly inconspicuous. It wasn’t blasting
    music, but loud enough to be heard. Frankie laughed to herself; she herself was
    never the type to blend into the background.

    Cat’s office was only around the corner. Frankie had hoped
    to accidentally on purpose bump into her making her way home. She knew she had
    to set off again if she wanted to get across the road and around the corner in
    time. It had been a few weeks since their altercation outside of Rubies. Cat
    had ignored her texts, avoided any mutual ground. It had crossed Frankie’s mind
    that Sam may be back in Cat’s life. But with it being the Cop who ended things
    originally, she deemed it less likely.

    As she dropped her cigarette butt to the floor, she noticed
    a familiar sight. There Cat was tottering along attempting to avoid clashing
    umbrellas. At first, Frankie’s face gleamed; it always did when she looked at
    Cat. Then she suddenly thought, ‘why is she going this way, she lives the other
    side of town?’

    Before Frankie could make any reasonable explanations, Cat
    stopped by the white car and pulled her umbrella down before getting into the
    passenger seat. Frankie watched on as she tried to work out who was in the
    drivers seat, she knew it wasn’t Sam – the driver was blonde. She assumed it
    was a colleague, perhaps giving her a lift. But as Frankie watched on, the two
    women leant across to kiss each other.

    The soggy blonde felt herself fall backwards, only the wall
    cushioning her. Maybe it really was over.

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