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    I Got It Wrong Sam

    Judy’s voice could be heard across the road as she flitted around the gathering at the funeral.  The coffin barers were waiting patiently as she gathered everyone in order to enter the church behind Jerry took her arm, “Judy come on now we have to go inside, Sam we will follow you.”

    Sam looked stunned, “No you and Judy should go first.”

    “No Sam it was you Cat had chosen to be with you have that right to be with her,” Jerry held tight to Judy, she was looking as if she was about to explode but she kept quiet.

    Sam followed behind the coffin and everyone else followed, from the corner of her eye she saw Ali and Frankie, they were stood at the side of the church.  Once inside she didn’t see anyone she held on to her tears and would not let them fall in such a public place. Jay had asked were her parents were but she told him she had not told them yet as they were away visiting her Aunt in Canada and she did not want them to cut their holiday short.  They were due back at the weekend she would ring them and tell them then.

    The service went without any hitches, Judy was glad about that, Back at the house there was a buffet and a small bar Jerry had insisted they had a room set aside for a small bar area so that people weren’t just helping themselves. Sam saw Frankie across the room. Frankie was avoiding her at all costs, it didn’t bother Sam she was the last person she wanted to see.  Ali came over to her, “Sam I am so sorry I didn’t know Cat only what Frankie has told me but I felt I knew her a little and I was glad I met her.”

    “Thanks Ali,” Sam smiled at her, she felt a little sorry for Ali, having Frankie as a girlfriend most have been like looking after a petulent toddle.

    “We were staying not far from the crash scene at the Hilton, oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to remind you,” Sam could see the genuine horror on her face as she had said this, “I should make sure my brain is in gear before I speak.”

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