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    I Got it Wrong Sam

    “So Declan it’s love then?” Lexi and Declan were sitting in the hospital restaurante eating lunch.

    “Completley, I can’t believe it myself but it is my friend,” Declan looked like a puppy, which was completely out of character for him bedcause he usually looked like an alligator on the watch for pray to fall into his reach. The w*** cupboard was now completly redundant and was for stationary only as was it’s proper function, sexray was not even on the radar now, Declan was besotted with David the architect, one of Cat’s colleagues.  It was now six months since Cat had been killed in the accident, Sam was back at work and studying for an exam, Lexi and she went out once a week for a drink but it had not moved on from there, Lexi was desperate for Sam to make a move but she hadn’t so she let it go.

    “Sam, you need to go and interview Wesley Corner, he was a witness to the beating of Jack Forshaw, he won’t come into the station incase he’s seen but he’ll meet you in his sisters house in Rutherglen, bloody strange he wants to meet there but lets see what he has to say.” Sam left the station and drove out to the house on the way she spotted Lexi, she was taking a days annual leave to shop for her holiday in Australia for four weeks over the summer.  Sam could feel a little bit of panic, she was so into Lexi now it was untrue but she just couldn’t make that move forward to being a part of a relationship again.  She had been going around the gay scene picking up women for a few weeks after Cat’s funeral but it was no comfort and the sex was nothing to her, she always asked the women to leave almost as soon as they had finished.  She could not bare any of them to touch her.  She knew in her heart Lexi wanted more but could she be trusted.  Lexi had made no effort to find anyone else since she and Sam had been going out for a few drinks and socialising with the gang.  She had to make some kind of move she knew Lexi wouldn’t out of respect for Cat but now she knew she had fallen for Lexi and it was going to have to be put right before Lexi did get fed up and move on.

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