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    The hypnotic sound of the photocopier had lulled Cat into a thoughtful trance, she stared blankly at the rain washed street below but saw only her own thoughts.  She was back in the restaurant with Sam, it was their first date after they had decided to try to work things out, a week since she had been to Sam’s flat.  She had wanted to dash straight in to a date the next night but she fought the need and allowed Sam to call the shots.  Sam had rung her the next day and said that she was going to be back in work and wanted to take her out on a date the next weekend as she was off and she could spend the time not worrying about work.  Cat was disappointed to have wait so long but accepted it knowing she had to stay calm and let Sam get used to the idea she could trust Cat again.  They had spoken on the phone every night from that day in fact they had spent so long on the phone one hight Tess had been out done her show and come back and they were still talking.  Sam had arrived on the Friday evening in a taxi with a single red rose. She had taken Cat to a very swish place in the Merchant city part of town then they had gon on to the theatre to see Tess in her show, Sam had wanted to go to show her support when Tess had first got the part but had not felt she could face it.  Cat had seen the show but was just happy to be with Sam, after they went to a small bar and had a couple of drinks, Sam had seen her home kissed her goodbye and took the taxi home herself.

    “Were are you away to?” Jay lay his chin on her shoulder and whispered in her ear, the photcopier finished ages ago.  Cat was pulled back to the present.

    “Oh I’m sorry Jay was just thinking.”  Cat grabbed the bundles of papers from the trays and turned to go back to her desk.

    “Heard anything from Frankie?” Jay placed his papers into the tray and pushed start.

    “She sent me an email last week to say she was well and hoped I was.” Cat did not want to talk about Frankie and walked away from Jay.

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