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    I Got It Wrong Sam

    Cat opened her laptop and booted it up, Sam was reading, something that was unusual for her but the book about serial killers had somehow dragged her into it.  “You have much left of that to go Sam?” Cat looked over the top of her laptop.  “No just a couple of chapters, did you know Gacie had 33 bodies under the floor of his house?  the smell must have been terrible.” Cat grimaced and said nothing, Sam’s taste in litereature was definatly not hers.  Cat gasped, “What is it?” Sam looked up as Cat’s face showed shock.  “Frankie, she’s back in Scotland, she has set up a studio in Edinburgh, she emailed me to tell me, I thought she was still in LA.”

    “What does she want?” Sam got up from the couch.  “To meet up with me.” Sam felt that familiar surge of anger well up inside her, something she had not felt for a long time now, Frankie had been emailing Cat but it had all been as far as she knew innocent chat about what she was doing in LA.  “Why is she back then?”

    “I don’t know, she says she will be in Glasgow tomorrow for a photo shoot with a team of artists for some magazine article, she’s doing freelance and making a good job of it,” Cat was distracted and Sam saw her beginning to fidget about in her seat a sure sign she was not feeling in control.  “You don’t have to meet her Cat if you don’t want to.”

    “I don’t want to see her but what if she thinks she can come back into my life again like she did last time?”

    “Do you see yourself letting her do that Cat?”  Sam put her arms around her and looked at the email, “look why don’t we go to Rubies as we planned and just see what happens?”

    “Yeah you’re right Frankie’s been out of the way for so long now I don’t really need to worry about her do I, and neither do you Sam, I love you and I don’t want anyone else,” Cat looked up at Sam and Sam leaned down to her and kissed her.

    Dinner is nearly ready, Sam opened the oven and a waft of lamb casserole came across the kitchen, Cat and Sam had abandond their old flats and moved into a spacious city apartment in a revamped workshop above a row of shops.  They both loved the conveinience of it’s location to work and their friends.  Cat’s mobile beeped a text had arrived.  “R U still coming to Rubies 2moro?  Tess was anxious everyone should be there she had been pestering everyone to be there for over a week.  “Tess still in a flap about tomorrow, I wonder why she is so insistant we all go? She text Ed and Jay about 5 times yesterday when I was with her.”

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