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    She Drove Away With My Heart Ch1-15

    Chapter 1: Chapter 1

    First, thank you for the amazing response to my last couple of one shots. Including the collab with TheLostFoodie. I enjoyed writing them. I’m also undecided if I will add a chapter to ”Power of Positive Thinking,” for those who are asking.

    Next, if you’re not on twitter or a registered user on here, why? JK. You can reach me at somewhataddictedfanfic at yahoo dot com. This site doesn’t let you put email or for the reviewer who tried to leave hers, here ya go. Thank you for all the great feedback on my updates. You guys are amazing!

    As for this little story, I kept thinking of doing a fun little Doccubus car lot fic. If I continue it won’t be very angsty and it probably wont be very long, but I hope its enjoyable. Bo and Lo are OOC.

    Having worked in the business for a good number of years, it uses my experiences and some fun stories. I did not research dealers in Vegas or much of the high end brands, so if its inaccurate, I apologize in advance for being lazy.

    Finally, none of this is meant to be offensive. It is a reflection of what I’ve witnessed first hand from the very kind, yet gruff men I have worked with and consider great friends. It’s not much, but if you are easily offended by sexist talk…well, consider yourself warned.

    DISCLAIMER**- I own nothing. Doccubus belongs to Lost Girl and Prodigy Pictures.

    Chapter 1

    Is this what it felt like to have it all?

    Some people wanted to find their one true love. Some wanted their name in lights. Most people wanted money, a nice house, a fancy car or other material things.

    Me? I never needed fame, but I had everything else. Material things by the dozens, a nice home, access to any car I wanted and my one true love…I was on my way to her right now.

    The sun was shining, the top was down and it was another beautiful sunny, Las Vegas morning. So nice that I took the long way to work for a change. Usually I was in a rush. There was money to be made and deals to close. Nothing made me happier than the thrill of the car business. You couldn’t find a time to catch me when I wasn’t either on the phone or on the computer. It didn’t matter if I was home, at work or at the casino. The business came first. It was the reason I had it all. It was what I loved. The thrill, the power of the close. There was nothing like it that I had found yet in my life. It was almost an addiction. One I didn’t want to quit.

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