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    Coffee and Whatever Comes Next

    Blame TheLostFoodie for this one with her prompt to have one of our girls in a coffee shop and a barista that calls her ”Love.”

    It kind of went a bit off course from what I had in mind, but I hope it works just fine. Also, I’ve never been to Australia and probably did horribly with the accent or descriptions, so I apologize to all my Aussie friends in advance.

    All told in Lauren’s POV

    **Bo and Lauren are property of Lost Girl and Prodigy Pictures

    ”Coffee And Whatever Comes Next”

    Day one in a new land, a new home. Only ten in the morning and even though my body couldn’t make heads nor tails of this new time zone, I was too pumped to stay in bed. Jet lag sucked. Eh, I had plenty of time to sleep later. Plus, sleep would be more enjoyable when my bed was delivered.

    I stretched my aching limbs and rolled my neck side to side. The floor was a new experience, but not one I looked forward to repeating tonight. Using the one piece of furniture in the room as an aid, I got to my feet and looked around. Blank, tan walls, one bedroom, one bath and a small kitchen. The place was a far cry from my spacious home back in America, but I never needed all that anyway. This was perfect to start a new life.

    A quick shower and my last donut later, I was ready to hit the town.

    Okay, what to do first? Coffee would be a great start. They better have great coffee in Australia or I would catch the next flight to a new country.

    I stepped out onto the street and took in my surroundings. In many ways Sydney was much like Toronto. The hustle and bustle of a large city, but the vibe was different and the was weather so much better. I slid my sunglasses over my eyes and soaked up the sun. With no where to be and a smile on my face, I started walking.

    I arrived last night to my new loft and the few boxes I had shipped over. I left everything behind on a whim and moved across the globe. Not because of some horrific breakup or tragedy I needed to escape. No, my life had been pretty good so far, or that’s what I kept telling myself. More like pretty boring, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, boring is great for a lot of people, just not me. Not anymore.

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