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    Dance With Me

    So I was hit over the head with inspiration for this story after the 507 Doccubus lab dance and the song ”Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon. It’s just a little one shot that spans several years of this human relationship. Shout out to SamC for the Johnnie Taylor song ”If I Had It To Do Over.”

    Its got a few up’s and down’s-it’s not all fluff, but hang in there. It’s all Doccubus

    **All characters property of Prodigy Pictures and Lost Girl. I own nothing.

    ”Dance With Me”


    Ever wonder if that storied epic love really exists? If there were truly one person out there that connected with you on every level? One that was a perfect fit for the missing piece in your soul? And if you did meet that one person, would there be a thunderclap of recognition? Would your eyes meet across a crowded room and you’d just know? Would you be pulled helplessly toward one another no matter how hard you fought against it? Or would you meet and pass like two ships in the night like so many other couples. Would you need to rely on one person to reach out and take small steps in building a relationship that would turn into the most fulfilling thing you could ever imagine.

    Well let me tell you, that epic love is real. Thunderclap, eyes meeting, helpless gravitation… the whole shebang- it’s real. It happened to me, Bo Dennis, a bar tending party girl without a care in the world. But be warned, that epic love can also end in epic heartache. The ”ripped my heart out with her bare hands” kind of heartache. Or the ”I can’t breath. How will I ever survive” kind. Like any relationship you need trust, communication and understanding. Without that, even the most powerful of soul mates ends up fizzled out, leaving you a shell of the woman you once were.

    My only advice to soul mates out there is perseverance. Well love, you need love, but then it’s perseverance. And the other three things I mentioned. Oh and patience. That should definitely be one, because we all deserve that as we find our way in life. But I digress…

    I’d learned so many things by the age of thirty. Like the fact that no matter how good things were, they could come crumbling down in the blink of an eye. That it was possible the source of your greatest days could be the same as your unforgettable heartbreak. Someone could fill your heart up, yet leave you completely gutted. Second chances do happen. Most importantly, I learned that it takes more than love to make a relationship work, even the kind of crazy love we have. But the good news? I took that lesson and put it to good use.

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