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    “I don’t know Pipes…” Larry sighed, placing a carefully saran wrapped sandwich into a to-go lunch box. “This job sounds cool but, I think once you actually start you’ll think it’s majorly gross.” 

    “Larry, don’t be such a wet blanket.” Piper slid the lunch box across the counter and began to zip it closed, giving it a congratulatory pat on the lid. 

    “I get it. You’re 25, you wanna do something cool and adventurous but…does it have to be this?” He extended his hand to her hip, pulling her closer. She liked the way he always managed to smell like blueberry flavored coffee no matter how early it was in the morning. 

    “Why don’t you just stay home and dance around on TicTac all day like every other blonde white woman in Brooklyn.” Larry nuzzled his chin into the crook of her neck. 

    “I think you mean TikTok.” She corrected him. “And, because I would like to do something for myself and not give the impression that I’m mooching off of you and your hard earned lawyer money…like your parents seem to think.” 

    Piper turned to face him in their embrace and kissed his lips softly. 

    “Besides, extra money is always a good thing.” 

    “Yeah, living people money. Not dead people money.” Larry kissed her again. Piper pulled his arms away from her waist and grabbed her purse off the counter top. 

    Technically it is living people money.” She said. “I’m not taking the money of dead people. I’m making money off of dead people.” 

    Piper slang her purse over her shoulder and grabbed her lunch box. Larry snagged her keys off the counter before she could grab them. 

    “Please just think about my offer.” He made a heavy sigh, looking deeply into her eyes. 

    “Larry.” Piper crossed her arms. “I’m not taking the secretary job at your father’s law office. This isn’t the 1950’s. I’m much more than a mantle piece who sharpens pencils and answers phones all day.” 

    “I know that, Pipes. I do. But, do you really want to do this? You don’t have to take this job picking up dead bodies to prove a point to my parents or your parents or whoever else.” Larry pleaded. 

    “No, I do not have to take this job for any of those reasons.” Piper shook her head slowly. “But, I will not sit around the apartment all day making soaps with Polly when I don’t think she’s actually got her head in the game with the baby on the way. Not to mention, you’ve been working from home three days a week for the past four months and I love you, believe me Larry, I do. But, I cannot spend twenty-four consecutive hours with you more than two times a week. Not because-” 

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